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Super Mario RPG: Armegeddon is a difficulty and content mod for Super Mario RPG. It rebalances the entire game and adds a lot more post-game content, such as more FF bosses, two boss rushes, and even some special guests!

This hack assumes you're VERY familiar with the original game. The game starts off relatively simple, but after Moleville the difficulty picks up. Looking for a difficult Mario RPG hack? This is it!

Patches should only be applied to the legally obtained 1999 US version of the ROM. Compatible with SNES9x 1.53+.

What's New in Version v9.0   See changelog


Adds a plethora of new mechanics, including double turns and auto-life!

Changes many internal formulae and rebalances/reimagines all the fights.

Adds a few new bosses in Mushroom Kingdom.

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Version 5 here is just version 6, who knows what version 5 was like... I know version 5 is version 6 because looking in Lazy Shell I can't see a difference.

Version 6 is considered to be 6.1 because there was an update to version 6. Same goes for version 4, which is 4.9. I know version 6 is version 6 because the text is ugly, there's a missable Jinx fight that is not The Master and the ultimate boss is DK himself.

I know which version 7.0 is! It's the very last release of version 7 before more FF bosses started to get added, which can be considered 7.1.3. There isn't a definitive name for this version other than one I've seen as a title for a YouTube video where it was titled "version 7 2 Third Fix.

Version 7.7 is indeed 7.7, however, the patch in the downloads section will not work as intended due to file size being wonky. Here's a link to a fixed patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0wv9pyzh9wiyrxw/SMRPG_ARMAGEDDON_v7.7.ips/file I know version 7.7 is version 7.7 because both Neo Shinryu and Terra is in there. 

Version 7.8 was beta because of new changes and features. There was never a full release of 7.8 until... I know version 7.8 is version 7.8 because I know that a full release wouldn't have goombas and sky troopas give OP items.

Version 7.9 which should be 7.8 but because some things were modified (like Terra's battle script) it was named 7.9. I know version 7.9 is version 7.9 because Terra is 9.9999999999% impossible.

I'm almost positive that there were no new FF bosses in version 8 that wasn't in 7.9. I know version 8 is version 8. Not if it's hard mode or easy mode though.

Version 9 is the second best version. No comment on this one.



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