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EL reset bug

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Hey guys. I found an odd (but very unimportant) bug concerning EL resets. If you go to ultros for your second reset without the required GP, but try to reset your ELs anyway, the reset will fail (which is expected) but you lose a lot of GP and get a message saying you got the Alexandr magicite.


Youtube video (unlisted): 


A few things to add:

  • It seems this bug can't happen on your first reset, because it consumes roughly 60000 gp and won't work if you try with less than that.
  • Despite the message, you don't actually get the Alexandr magicite.
  • I have tested resetting with the required GP amount and it works just fine, so this bug isn't really anything of concern, even if a bit weird


Edited by Dufaux
Tested a few things with the bug

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