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Bishop (finally) plays Monster Tactics

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So after having a PPF sitting on my hard drive literally for years I finally decided to give this a whirl.  (I downloaded the most recent version first though.)  A friend recently sent me a Steam code for "Stardew Valley."  When I found myself seriously considering whether to play a Harvest Moon clone, I knew it was time to find a good mod, and fast!

Initial reaction: Oh my goodness, there is so much going on.  I just charged in blindly and selected things from menus until everyone was dead.  It worked, but wow, there sure were a lot of things to select from those menus.

The second battle confirmed this.  As opposed to vanilla FFT where one has access to two classes with about three unlocked abilities apiece, here one has a starting party of, what, seven classes to choose from?  Each with four moves or so.  That's a lot up front!  I found it quite overwhelming.

Given my recent track record, I will probably pick this up once in a while every few months or so.  But despite that, I'm glad that I after all this time I've finally played a little Monster Tactics!

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