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  1. I'll post the same picture I did back on ID: (I'm the one standing.)
  2. Hi all. Bishop here. Bishop is an old family name (we arrived in the colony of Connecticut in 1689), I am not actually a bishop. I am, however, actually a Catholic priest. (I may give thorough answers to your questions about religion; or I may ignore them if I am coming here to escape the fact that I am an introvert tasked with guiding people through all the most emotionally fraught moments of their lives. Depends on my mood.) I rarely visit chat but like to catch up on the forum regularly. I once organized a 1.3 "draft" that created six rather fun challenge runs, but I might be better known for breaking BNW.
  3. (Hmm, 13 days, is this a necropost? Sorry not sorry.) Loved Jot5; will hopefully play the re-release some day. Welcome to our humble home!
  4. Back on Insane Difficulty we had a "class draft" challenge. I never finished my run but I had a lot of fun for as far as I could get without any revival abilities!
  5. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to it!
  6. I haven't played this mod yet (how many years have to pass before I can no longer say "yet"?) but I just wanted to say: awesome stuff, ronlyn, thanks for the commentary!