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Are there currently any speedruns or speedrunners on version 9?

Are there any moderators set up for this version yet?

I know for v.8 there was, easy mode/speed run mode, a hardmode, and (I believe) a content mode as well. Does this [v.9] have anything like that available and if so, are multi-segmented runs acceptable? Can I use a specific emulator?

Is there a 100% format?




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40 minutes ago, chronoquairium said:

Nope, haven't had speedruns made yet. I thought about that but first we'd need a route, which nobody's really come up with.

I'm going to begin developing a route today.

This will be hell on earth difficulty level.

Which mode is which difficulty? 

Which would be ideal for speedrunning? I prefer the harder one, but man... this version is hella hard!

27 minutes ago, Doomsday31415 said:


There currently aren't any speedruns for v9.  They would need to be a single segment, with video for the entire run.

phoo... this will be REALLY HARD. Considering the geno swap glitch is gone

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Been playing since v3. darkkefka, you are amazing.


Would love to see a speedrun of this game, if there is any hope of it still alive out there (though I cannot blame you if you give up on running v9 as I can barely get through a casual playthrough :D

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