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Current Known Bugs/Issues

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Copied from the download file just in case anyone playing doesn't read it, but at least sees it here:

Note: As bugs are resolved they will be removed from this list and their fix will be noted in the update notes of the read me translation file in the download.


Current Known Issues/Bugs

- Sometimes when equipping relics they'll be greyed out. This is just a display error; they can still be equipped. This is caused from the Exp. Egg being re-added to the game.


- An issue where sometimes for unknown reasons you'll be unable to equip espers on a character. When selecting the menu, you'll get a "can't do this" sound effect and you're unable to even enter the esper menu. Simply saving and reloading the game seems to fix this.


- Gau can possibly unlock his Rage achievement at 240 Rages instead of 255 if the below happens:

The "Tonberries" rage is that last bit, for 0x8000, but it's completely unusable in the game, so it will never appear on your rage menu. So normally if you have all 255 rages, excluding Tonberries, your rage data will look like: FF FF FF .. FF FF 7F

However, if you have Tonberries and none of the other last 14 Rages, which makes the last two bytes 0x8000 ... well, 0x8000 is equal to or greater than 0x7FFF, so the check passes. Of course, Tonberries + any other of the 14 Rages works too since 0x8C2F or whatever is still higher than 0x7FFF. The list of skippable Rages, as long as you have Tonberries fought as Gau, is Amduscia, Baalzeph, Chronos, Daedalus, DthMachi, Garm, GlasyaLa, GoldBear, InnoSent, Io, MtlHitmn, Necroman, Pineappl, RedMarsh, and Thor.

- Locke's "Sky Pirate" costume is not selectable in EX in the menu with the Moogle. If you wish to have him in this costume, please select it back on the main T-Edition game before porting your data over. This is an error and something Tsushiy will need to fix.

- The achievement for 200,000 steps seems to unlock randomly. We don't know the cause of it. I've had it unlock at the start of the game, others have had it unlock between 80,000 and 180,000 steps. It will unlock normally at 200,000, but if you see it before hand, then you know why.


- Upon returning to the cave from the Ancient Castle, the music will have beeps and boops in it. This is an emulator-related issue. If using MSU, it won't be a problem. We've no idea the cause of it and since Tsushiy doesn't code for anything outside of uosnes, it's not something he'll fix or be able to.


- A small error with Setzer's sprite when riding a Chocobo causes him to display his old sprite's back instead of the current one. This is simply an oversight on Tsushiy's part and he's been alerted about it. In the event it's not fixed, I can fix it, but I'd prefer if he did it.


- ??????'s name at the start of the game (Terra) will display as blank spaces when she levels up (         gained a level) and if she obtains the Elixir from Arvis's clock before you name her. This is just a display issue, ignore it, your game is working fine (when using the lua script).


- The ending event where it shows "Terra as Terra Branford" etc has some graphical errors. This is due to our tampering with the font/adding in English. Stuff will appear blue/green/red but it won't break your game. It's apparently fixable, but we haven't determined the solution yet.


- When playing on actual hardware or bsnes-plus, during certain quests with a timer, when checking the menu said timer will be glitched and not countdown correctly. The cause is known, but how to fix it exactly isn't. (Thanks to Mato and PKProtoplasm for confirming/testing this!)


- Adamantoise's battle script has a slight error where it's missing a "end of script" line and thus its counterattack bleeds into something else. Unknown currently if this affects anything, but noting it nonetheless.


These are just the bugs we've personally found/been alerted to so far. Any others are mentioned in the changes and read me files as per what Tsushiy is aware of. I've alerted him to the above as well, and we're waiting to hear back. In the event he doesn't or can't fix these, we should be able to ourselves, if we can determine the problem.


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