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Setzer Gabbiani: The Angel & The Gambler

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Setzer Gabbiani
The Angel & The Gambler


Vigor: 36 / Magic: 30 Speed: 30 / Stamina: 24

HP: 60 / MP: 0   BatPwr: 24 / Def: 36 / M.Def: 24 / Evade: 12 / M.Evade: 12


Weapons: Casino Weapons, Knives

Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards
Head: Helmets, Hats
Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Vests

SKILLS (Slots)

Solitaire (3 diamonds) - Magic damage to all foes; sets Blind
Trifecta (3 chocobos) - Magic damage to all non-floating foes; sets Sap
Blackjack (3 airships) - Magic damage to all foes; ignores defense
Roulette (3 bars) - summons a random esper
Jackpot (3 7's) - revives all fallen allies & restores HP to live ones; Magic determines amount of HP restored
Go Fish (losing spin) - restores HP to entire party (Magic)
GP Toss (replaces Slots) - throw GP at one or multiple foes (Stamina); ignores defense, damage is reduced for each additional target


Shoat - Magic+2  ---------------  48 MP: sets Stone on all foes
Seraph - HP+30/MP+15  ---  80 MP: sets Rerise on party
Starlet - Stamina+2  --------  80 MP: restores party's HP to max & lifts *all* bad statuses


Sap Magic
Poison Magic

Cure 2 Magic
Cure 3 Magic
Regen Stamina
RegenX Stamina

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Look at that pale skin & bleached hair. He's been living on the airship for too long.


  • Very tanky; Good HP esper, heavy armor
  • Primary Healer, has Rerise
  • Very good AoE with Slots (Blackjack, Chocobop) and Shoat summon
  • Good Offense thru unique Daryl's Soul relic; Endgame Fixed Dice is amazing


  • Slow
  • Slots require practice/skill to use
  • No Party Buffs (besides Rerise)
  • Few Debuffs not tied into Slots
  • Doesn't learn Life

Like Locke, a simple yet effective character, defined by his top tier healing capabilities. In contrast to Locke's speed, Life, and knife/sword use, Setzer prefers heavy armor, Rerise, and AoE spam. Though his single-target offense can still be rather good.



Standard Setzer, built with magic and HP/MP espers. Solid bulky healer with great magic AoE, a multi-target Petrify summon, multi-target Stop Slots, and potential for good physical offense thru equipping the proper weapons with Daryl's Soul. Build up his HP before magic; Slots is strong enough early on, and Setzer becomes nigh invincible tank once his HP is built up. A very strong character throughout the game.

One alternative is to build raw HP/MP. Blackjack AoE will suffer and his healing won't be quite as effective, but everything else works. In fact, it works even better because of your stupidly high HP & MP. Known affectionately as The Bank. The Bank can grab a handful of stamina levels if you're feeling cute.


Stamina Setzer, with some HP/MP as well. Main boast is very high & consistent single-target damage with GP Toss, as well as an increased chance to cover the party from physical attacks. Genji armor + Hero Ring recommended. (Use Red Cap if you don't care for Covering the party). Also boasts solid healing from RegenX. Just don't overuse RegenX as your main heal, as it's a more expensive heal on the Setzer build with less MP. (iow, use Cure 3 if Regen status ain't needed. Use Cure 2 for spot healing).


  • Shoat, Chocobop, and Blackjack are all amazing, and you should use them.
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Updated for 2.0

Not much on the surface here - just a new option for Sap (and AoE Poison) through his magic and higher MP costs for Shoat and Seraph. The big changes for Setzer in 2.0 are improvements to his weapons, namely the Tarot (now slightly stronger than an Avenger vs. undead bosses) and Viper Darts (now use MP for critical hits instead of being an insta-kill weapon)

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