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So, You Want to Make a Mod

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Congratulations! You are about to purchase a one way ticket to the adoration of 12 million nerds, money beyond your wildest dreams, and more groupie sex than you can handle.

But, just know a few things.

I'm sure you have a grand artistic vision. I had mine. Realize that vision is about to be shit on. My initial vision looks nothing like what I have, and I'm only a little over halfway done. There are 4 distinct parts of modding.

The dreaming and planning stage. This is the fun part. This is when you get to imagine all the cool shit you will be making. This part is great. You can feel the creativity oozing out of your pores. But this can't last for long. It leads into

The "making the shit you have to work with WORK, god dammit" stage. This is where you fuck around, trying to get eveything you want into your mod. Oh, that enemy only has 4 attacks, but you you want him to have five? Well, then Einstein, put on you thinking cap and find out where the fuck that last ability is coming from. This leads into

The Busywork part. This part sucks. the first two are fun in their own way, but this part just sucks. Editing numbers and text. Whoopty fucking doo.

The "Holy shit this is so fucking cool i can't believe it" stage, This is when you finish a major goal. Whatever it is, you finish that part, and so so excited. Becuase that part has been giving you hell. And now, it's over. Well, at least until V2...

These stages are not chronological. Maybe they are, for you, if you are the "everything must be in place" type of person. But for the random person, you will go through these stages often. Everyday I do some modding, I hit the first 3. 

Modding is a lot of work. Like, Jesus, I could have painted all 4 of my unpainted miniature armies in the amount of time I've spent on my mod. And, it's maybe halfway done. This isn't something you are going to crank out in a week. It's something that will take you months, if not years, to finish.

And then, in the end, it probably sucks.

Does that bother you? Why?

If it bothers you because you want, ahem, "the adoration of 12 million nerds, money beyond your wildest dreams, and more groupie sex than you can handle," then you didn't want to do a mod, you wanted the recognition a great mod brings (btw, the groupie sex was a lie), then you are a fucking idiot. Great works are made from passion. If you want to make something cool, it has to be becasue you want to make something cool, not because you want a bunch of assholes think you are hot shit.

If it bothers you because you want to make something great for yourself and your internet nerd friends, or just because you had a vision and fuck it, you are gonna do something awesome, then you will be like "how did I fuck up? let me fix that real quick."

If you are in that last group... when are you releasing your mod? Can i get a beta? You better not hold out on me, you son of a bitch :cheers:

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I think it would be pertinent to expand on what is considered a "good" beta. By that I mean "How much of the game should I have done before I release something to the public?" 

There are a couple of ways to go about this but I think the rule of thumb is that have as much of the game done as possible. People want to play a finished product so if you only have 1/3 of the game done you will likely get a lot less hits.  That doesn't mean you can't release a public beta, but in my experience it might be better to seek out some beta testers and release a non-public version to them to test.

That being said I would love to hear others chime in on this.

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