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I've been dealing with a lot of computer issues recently, with BSODs at the worst happening multiple times a day. After swapping out hardware and trying various solutions to rectify it I'm still suffering from BSODs (every few days usually, though it seems to be getting worse). With that in mind I'll be running a week-long fundraiser on my Twitch channel to try to help pay for a replacement. I plan on using the following schedule, aiming for a noon PST start each day:
Dec 26: Pokemon Crystal Randofuser (Donate to swap a Pokemon with one in a box)
Dec 27: Crusader Kings 2 (Chat picks event outcomes, Donate to name a child)
Dec 28: SNES Donator Choice (Donate and I'll play a SNES game of your choice)
Dec 29: Final Fantasy 5 (Donate to change a character's job at any time)
Dec 30: Link to the Past Randomizer (Bidwar during days leading up over Link's Sprite)

Donation Goals:

$50 - Bonus Mega Pony Single Stream
$100 - Stardew Valley MP Stream
$250 - Return to Mega Man 3
$500 - Return to Spyro the Dragon
$750 - Return to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
$1000 - Bonus (based on availability) Chat Participation Streams once a week
$1500 - Buy a Capture Card (enabling PS4 games on future polls)
$2000 - Buy a Switch using my own funds down the line (enabling Switch games on future polls)

Donations will be done via bits on my stream (for those that prefer bits or watch ads) and via Streamlabs, Even if you can't donate I would appreciate anyone coming by and helping to enjoy the shenanigans :)

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As viewable here my stream earlier was a very interesting one. Donators were able to choose any SNES game to play and I ended up playing an interesting variety. This helped me break the $100 mark of funds raised and I'm incredibly happy that people were willing to support me. Here's a list, in order, of what I was subjected to

  • Mega Man X3
  • Uniracers
  • Super Star Wars
  • The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
  • Mohawk & Headphone Jack
  • Zombies Ate My Nighbors
  • Scooby-Doo Mystery
  • Super Bonk
  • Soul Blazer
  • WCW Super Brawl Wrestling
  • Populous
  • American Gladiators
  • Super Pinball - Behind the Mast
  • Super Mario All-Stars

It was a very interesting day and my last 2 days have the potential to be quite exciting as well, with a FF5 run where I don't control what job each character has (donations do) then my first Link to the Past Randomizer. I hope to see any of you there.

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In my experience BSODs are usually faulty RAM. Doesn't help that Samsung is practically running a cartel on RAM, so the prices are ridiculous. Have you tried running a diagnostic on your RAM in the BIOS?

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