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  1. @Deschain @thzfunnymzn and anyone else: Any chance you 2 could fill us in on what levels you have been completing stuff at?
  2. Should work just fine, just do typical proper patching procedure and patch NHT onto a clean BNW and you should be good. (hell, patching it onto a V3 patched ROM should also be fine but idk)
  3. After getting feedback and discussion about solutions, I've put out a V4 of NHT. The objective of this version is to ensure that the player always has a tool to handle pincer/back attacks and to always have the means to get out of combat with randoms (Warp Whistles) because running in NHT is pointless.
  4. Only on the Veldt if you already encountered one of the leapable Raven formations. Also you don't need to ask your question in multiple posts.
  5. What else does he have equipped? HP bonuses don't stack so he probably already has one equipped (just checked that Phoenix equip works on my Rom)
  6. Sounds like a patching issue. Did you patch making sure to patch a clean, unmodified FF3 US rom and patching BNW on it according to headered/non-headered issues. Also, if you're playing Clean New World make sure you're patching that on top of your properly patched BNW rom, so your rom would go from FF3 > Brave New World > Clean New World. Also, what did you do to get a level 20 blitz before fighting Vargas?
  7. It's worth noting that BNW hasn't really been all that tested with the MSU-1 patch. The in-game hooks thing is a known issue (with SD2SNES, I don't think we've had anyone play and report anything with Super NT yet)
  8. In Game hooks are used to do thinks like soft-reset button combos in game. They're known to interfere with some games, like BNW. They're a feature to SD2SNES so you'll want to look around in the options of the cart to disable them. I've been told that there's a system menu before you load a game that'd let you disable them.
  9. There's a large amount of "It Depends" with those stats. It's very dependent on what the character's doing, their equipment, their opponent, whether they'll hit the damage cap, etc. Pumping speed as someone's primary stat is typically best for healer/support characters, as they aren't as reliant on vigor/magic for being good at what they do. In addition, characters like Gau don't even have a vigor/magic option and it's 100% viable to just put every EL he has into speed. This doesn't work quite like an MMO where you just "raise stat to <x> for softcap then raise a different stat"
  10. EDIT: Pretty much everything I said was wrong, disregard.
  11. X-Zone procs from Doomstick seem to possess the "revives undead" property. Had an undead enemy come back from the dead from a proc. In addition a not... dead... undead 'died' and came back as if it was hit with Doom EDIT: Also dog block animations sometimes play for random characters blocking. None of them have procced reprisal yet so it appears to be purely visual. EDIT2: Lastly, the equipment screen is behaving very oddly, not properly displaying stat changes in an inconsistent way (not only when using Y to swap between relics and non-relics). I think I've only seen it in relics so far.