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  1. This change would destroy vigor builds on any character that has access to a decent proccing weapon. A big issue there is that it's basically 'double dipping' on magic for your damage on proc weapons. Not only do they proc more, they proc stronger. A few times I've proposed having Stam affect proc chance in some way, in order to increase synergy between the stats. The Vector elemental blades are fine, they serve a purpose for nearly half the game (sometimes a bit longer in niche situations). Lastly, this would basically make it so that weapons that proc are useless for procs early game and overpowered late game.
  2. FF3US enemy sprites were replaced with the JP ones! THIS ISN'T WHAT I GREW UP WITH
  3. Something that could be touched on regarding Sabin. Something that is indirectly responsible for Stam Sabin basically falling off... The access to healing that a player gets grows faster than the need for it does. Even with 0 EL investment and no Mag boosting gear a level 25 character can toss around low 4-digit AoE Cure3s. It doesn't matter how high spell power Mantra is, it can't compete with that under the design of not hitting Sabin. Similarly, Harvester/Sun Bath are able to nearly entirely heal the entire party at literally no cost. This makes it so that investing in stamina for the healing side of things is fairly pointless because you end up playing in a world where everyone is getting topped off by almost anything you toss out. Combine this with the plethora of MP regen sources the player gets via items alone (a good amount of elixirs and ethers along with purchasable tinctures) makes Mantra only really viable if you build the entire party around Sabin just standing there and spamming Mantra. In addition, it's more than easy enough to get enough MP via +50% MP relics, MP ELs, cost reduction, or simply being self sufficient later on to the point where a player can easily just toss out the biggest stuff (short of X-Magic Locke) constantly... It's less that Mantra/Chakra are weak and more that all the other options work at least as well without dedicating a character to mostly only be able to use those. RegenX is not worth building a character stam for because all the characters that get RegenX also get Cure3, which is twice the power (when cast AoE). Harvester/Sun Bath are free and with just stam gear (and Blizz orb) and no ELs a level 25 Gau will heal for around 475 HP (about 70% of the HP of a character without HP ELs or boosting gear) with Harvester, double that for Sun Bath. These are being done at Super Gau Speed as well, so he's not unlikely to (potentially) get 2 of these off between enemy attacks. And that's not even accounting for Harvester's use as AoE Remedy. The only stats that can matter enough for EL investment for healing is +MP (just so you don't run out at the wrong time) or +Speed (Faster turn = faster recovery). I think this may be the heart of the issue. Why build someone for healing? Stam Sabin is pretty much for healing as his offensive capabilities aren't that great and his ability to take hits 'and' cover/counter isn't really that good compared to your bulkier characters.
  4. Steal is working as intended, yes. It works with mug as well.
  5. The range for stats on gear is -7 to +7, Don't have an argument one way or the other on the rest of this, but it's a current code limit. Also, HasteX will eat Shadow's MP pool, so suddenly you're spending 2 turns to chug a tincture at times. And a shadow that dies even relatively frequently ends up losing a lot of time rebuffing. Lastly, Just because Shadow and Gau can reapply Haste easily via HasteX (despite it still not being optimal) there's 2 other people that can wear Mirage Vest. 20 Mblock is pretty significant. I would easily take Mirage Vest on a non physical attacking Shadow (e.g. support Shadow) After repeated edits, You can build a Shadow with over +25% HP and MP, over 100 speed, full status immunity, and one evasion at 94 and the other at 104 (depending on esper equip). This makes his evasion to where he can only get his 19% by one attack type and 27% on the other (rounding up). Just some food for thought here.
  6. Purely lack of interaction. Any personal jabs I do that are intentional are more obvious, usually.
  7. I consider this an official endorsement V5 output, while re-reading @thzfunnymzn playthrough I saw he had reported ELs claiming they gave more HP than they do.
  8. It's less that "Dark is only there for X-Magic" and more "His spell list assumes X-Magic". This is helped a bit by his Lores serving as his more powerful 'single cast' spells. If it was possible to have some spells that don't work with X-Magic (in a way that the player easily understands instead of just having spells grayed out or missing at random) then something like that would be feasible.
  9. Unfortunately we don't have a single unified area. There's an "add-ons" section that BNW has but BTB hasn't put any patches there yet. The encounter patch was only put up for testing and there are many reports that it's likely not working as intended, so use at your own caution. Outside of that stuff the most significant 'optional patches' are things like Nowea Hard Type or various sprite alterations/minor things that are not recommended for a new player.
  10. Regarding Genji Armor, I don't have any strong opinion one way or the other. A single Raze is better than a single Dark, yes. However, Strago's magic menu is balanced around the use of Sage Stone for X-Magic. As is, X-Dark is Strago's best single target damage spell (before weaknesses and such).
  11. As far as "intended vs oversight" goes, every single time I've asked about it, it was something intended. Obviously I can't speak for the devs in that regard with this. As far as warp goes, I don't see why that can't be done (assuming it's not too difficult to implement) in the next minor version.
  12. Yeah that's pretty bad.
  13. You should be able to just patch it on top of BNW without any issue (matching headered/non-headered just the same). Just know that it doesn't appear to be working entirely correctly, so your mileage may vary. Saving/killing Cid isn't hard, probably not any more so than vanilla. Encounter rate, as mentioned above, is being worked on to try ensuring that you'll get a minimum number of steps between encounters. I won't argue one way or the other on the script, but the most 'emo' line Celes says (according to a script dump someone posted on gamefaqs for the ios version) is: Celes: Power only breeds war... It's something we'd all be better without. This is right before she stabs Kefka. I didn't find the SNES vanilla script with 3 seconds of googling. Personally I'm not bothered by FC Celes, apparently she was extra emo in earlier versions.
  14. Poke around Narshe any time during WoB after gaining the airship.
  15. Typically the dev team tries to make it that saves from versions with similar numbering are comparable. e.g. any 1.9 save should work just fine in any of the 1.9 versions but 1.8 saves won't work properly in 1.9