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  1. As a rule of thumb, if a formation includes a non-rageable enemy (Antares) it's not leapable. There are some formations that are only leapable enemies that can't be leaped. With leap anywhere it might be worth making those formations leapable... I don't think any scripted fight can be leaped in.
  2. RC6 - Battle blackscreens on load, music plays still. Replicated by @seibaby
  3. RC5: Mt Koltz, Terra had Knight Cape on and had clear. Edgar had Spear. Edgar covered an attack targeting Terra. Just replicated, Terra w/clear and Locke covered (with knight capes on both)
  4. Updated for V2, fixing a boss-breaking overflow error and tweaking status timers.
  5. I made it harder for anyone that felt like "I want to play BNW... but different" Less fun for most, yes.
  6. Dragon's Den is the greatest dungeon of all time.
  7. Download and patch directly onto your BNW ROM. After TENS OF MINUTES of work I'm ready to release my modification to Brave New World. This is deliberately designed to be harder in a "FF3usME stat hack" style. @seibaby helped a bunch. Changelog below: V1: ATB formula changed so that enemy ATB fills twice as quickly. Esper Levels that grant HP now grant half the HP Warp and Warp Whistle made 33.33x more expensive. V2: Lowered ATB multipliers for slow/normal/haste by 5 each due to an overflow error causing hasted enemies to have very few turns Made the timer for status ticks constant, so that they are no longer affected by other status effects like Slow, Haste, Sleep, and Stop
  8. The games only went a couple weeks. There wasn't much in the way of interest. That being said, if interest starts up again I'm more than into playing.
  9. Well really, you can rush to the finish with just a single party anyway. It's just risky.
  10. "See, just put your tentacles up because you were born this way kupo"
  11. You still can block the entrances with two characters. The change to two parties is because 7 party members isn't really enough to make 3 solid, reliable, and fun teams.
  12. Not directly. However, you can get a good amount of Lores from Gau's rages, which are listed in the printme.
  13. It almost sounds like it might be an interesting idea for an entire "community mod" to be worked on. Find a level editor that is relatively user friendly and assign people "level numbers" in that, then let them make a single level of a platformer. An organizer would them run through each level then organize them all into a game. (Lunar Magic comes to mind)
  14. The Water Rondo is indeed still miss-able.