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I have been playing around with FF3usme on BNW 1.9.0, mainly because as great as this game is, the spell level naming (i.e fire 2 over Fira etc) is something that gets to me. BTB and Synchisi have explained to me the reasons and I'm cool with it. I thought I'd just have a mess around and see what this 'hacking' lark is all about:-) aka I'm a noob.

While I was messing around, My inquisitiveness got the better of me and I started renaming all sorts of things.

One of the main things was Blitz names.

pummel - rage fist

suplex - pile drive

aurabolt - shinkuhado

and bum rust - ragindemon

(loves me some sf alpha)

Along with the cafe - pub patch and the randombattles v3 patch I saved my rom. dumped it on my snes mini and started to play.


All seemed fine until my battle with vargas when I couldn't get pummel/rage fist to work and consequently died. (hopefully it was me being stupid and entering ><> instead of <><).

All I want to know is by renaming all this stuff, have I bricked my rom?

I'm probably way outta my depth messing around with such an extensive hack as BNW, and from now on I'll probably just play what is released.

I have created an IPS patch if anyone is interested in having a look and helping me out.


EDIT: well dont worry about it. I'm just a lexdisic f#@kwit. I tried it again and did the inputs real slow like and it worked fine. Guess I was going ><> after all. Sorry for wasting all of your time.

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Because I'm an idiot.

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You probably haven't bricked your ROM, but if you did, congratulations on taking the first step on the path of the modder. Now start clean and break some more stuff! :)

Just FYI, the random encounter patch v3 is broken and doesn't work. I'll be updating the thread soon with v4 which should work as intended.




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I'm not crazy.

It did it again.

After seibaby released the new random encounter patch, I applied it along with my changes, and the bug came back.

I wasn't able to pummel Vargas.

But a simple power cylce on the snes mini and a restart and I was able to do it and proceed.


At least I know that i'm not a complete idiot and know my left from my right.O.o

Edit: I also added the Final Fantasy VI title screen hack from Yazoo on romhacking.net. Just to see what would happen, it appeared to work and I haven't noticed anything to bad yet, aside from the above.

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New info.

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