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It's quiet around here.. is there an estimate as to when 2.0 will be finished?

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[10:57 AM] BTB: Just an update... y'all can safely expect development to be stalled for the next little bit, and that's on both fronts - Bropedio and Synchysi. I'm still poking my head in here, but as far as I'm concerned we're about ready to wrap things up. The beta has everything taken care of save for a few minor bugs and I'm calling it on any new features from this point forward.
[10:57 AM] BTB: The current beta is for all intents and purposes what you'll be getting in 2.0, minus some minor changes.
[11:08 AM] BTB: Quckfill - in
[11:08 AM] BTB: Colosseum alternate - out Weapon swap - in if it works
Flee changes - uncertain
Translations - untouched

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