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  1. Best place to grind xp in WoB?

    Nvm I figured it out - the pirate cave.
  2. I want to grind up for the FC and to try to kill the super bosses in Rogue City. I'm assuming Solace Cavern has the best xp since it's the most recent dungeon before the FC. However, if there is a better spot to grind, I would greatly appreciate a tip! Thanks!
  3. this is absolutely amazing. Thank you!
  4. I check the forum twice a day for the 2.0 release and i can't take it anymore. Is there any way I could get a link to the current beta?
  5. new game plus (no level cap) mode?

    Awesome! I hope that it gets implemented one day. In the mean time, thank you for all the work you continue to do with this mod!
  6. Hello! I played this mod wayyyy back in version 1.3 (i think, can't quite remember) when it was hosted on insane difficulty. I am very excited to try v 1.9. I noticed that there is a v 1.10 in production which I am very excited to try out as well. I have a suggestion: Have any of the developers considered a new game plus type mode? Not a new game plus exactly, but basically a separate patch that is identical to current BNW patch, except that the level cap and esper point cap is removed. I think that would be fun, something that could be unlocked with the unlockme password. Thoughts?