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Questions on the mod

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I can't find in the documentation what the super happy funtimes patch does?

How much damage does Duran’s Turn Undead upgrade do?

What does Kevin's berserker wolf form do?

Does Hawk's upgraded Half Vanish do additional damage to bosses or does it still have the same damage cap the regular version has? 

Is death spell viable for all bosses, or do they eventually get up to level 99?

I also ran into some crashes in the snow area. I was using the 25% exp armor, as well the enemy level & exp up ring to cut down on the amount of grinding that you have to do. I took the equipment off, restarted from a save file, not save state and was able to get out of the snow area without it crashing. Now sure if one of these items causes the crashes?

Good job on the balance of the 6 characters. Seems like almost all parties work now. Instead of a melee being way overpowered. 

I tried the overpowered party of Kevin, Hawk and Lise from Vanilla and it didn’t performed very well in this mod. Even with using buffs and debuffs the damage they were doing wasn’t that great. Are all melee parties not viable in this mod? Using Jutsus and summons to clear room works much better, and bosses take a while to take down.

Also is it worth putting points into strength for most characters as most characters seem to do better with their use different stat to calculate attack weapons?



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Turn Undead damage scale with Duran's LV, INT and PIE so if you want the best out of it you should invest in INT and PIE.

Hawk's Half Vanish still has the same damage cap (400 on Luna's day 320 otherwise), the upgrade just makes the damage fix, it's worth it considering the damage are guatanteed regardless of stats and buff/debuff.

Melee damage has been nerf compare to vanilla, however keep in mind that regular melee doesn't stop the action unlike LV2/3 tech or spells, and do multiple hits so in the end can end up doing around equal are slighty more damage. Also there's a lot of way to increase damage from melee buff, debuff, Criticals, counter, saber and even some gears, so while melee is definitly not the best option like it was in Vanilla it is still viable.

Regarding if strength is worth it or not it's all depend of what you want to do with the character, keep in mind that equipment offer various effects using stat swap weapon prevent you for getting these. For instance if I take Duran's as a Duelist I want to take advantage of his LV3 Tech cause it has a bonus damage, in that case I will not use stat swap weapons but instead use the weapons that fill the tech bar faster or his Final weapon that gives a huge boost to his LV3 tech, in that scenario it's definitly worth investing in strength for higher damage, or if you run a crit build then you might want to invest in both Luck and Strength for better damage and crit, and take the weapon with highest crit rate and damage or weapon that can inflict statuts effect (since the odds depend of luck) just to give some exemple.

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"super happy funtimes patch" - oh come on that name is super obvious!
by default enemies can be randomly silently replaced when the map loads by enemies of similar strength.
e.g. Goblin may become a Poron.
that patch adds bosses to the pool

berserker wolf form - more attack, less defense

death spell - yes the final boss is 99, but so should you be

you shouldn't see physical vs magic in the sense which is stronger, you are better off with both.
some enemies are almost immune to physical, others will rip you a new one when touched by magic.

also Lv1 tech counters prevent bosses from getting to their revenge attacks as soon, so in that sense physical is safer.

btw. STR gives a few extra HP and more damage on "strong" attacks no matter what stat the weapon is based on

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