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  1. It's kinda hushy, but if you're doing everything in the game you will come across it.
  2. I don't know any reason behind most of these types of changes, and I doubt I'll get a reply, but I am damn curious to hear your thoughts on why you made any of these changes.
  3. Noticed the Buzzard Fighter formation on the way to Zozo looks like it's off center to the right when you side attack them. As well, i'm not sure if Quickfill is the culprit but it seems like a character will accrue some more ATB when initially hit with a successful stop before actually stopping the bar completely. http://www.twitch.tv/fathlo23/v/436972013?sr=a&t=7503s Celes gets countered in this fight, gets stopped, and you can see her get about a sixth of her bar back before it actually seems to set in.
  4. I'll just use this one post and edit it for things I've found throughout the RCs from now on in regards to edits, bugs, and so forth.
  5. I was thinking mostly the AI behaviours not being where you wanted them, as you relied on how we felt instead. Hopefully this helps tone down issues like this with 1.10, as sometimes I wondered of maybe we were getting too tuned in numbers without the AI. Guess we're going to need to see some numbers from your game via screencap, get an idea of your levels and see if there indeed is an anomaly, videoplushie.
  6. This is what happens when you don't test your own game for 6 versions. Edit: That is more to say that it's on us for not helping point this out sooner.
  7. Hey, I don't mind jokes like that, I chuckled seeing it. Oh, and don't call me Shirley.
  8. Honest opinion please

    For truly documented and well versed tutorials, or in detail looks at mechanics under the hood? Nothing too much like that aside from a promo video as far as I'm concerned. I'd argue that each game is its own domain. RotDS is a true to heart fan game that pulls in lots of outside content to revamp the system with new and creative concepts, such as Eiko's Summon command. It's story is rather different, and often fun, while still preserving a core story element: Kefka fucks the world up, you fuck him up in return, and Kefka's rise to power prior. Brave New World is, as stated somewhere in the readme I'm sure, is much more a game that just reworks core concepts, using no visual assets outside of the game, to present to you a better and refined version of the game that has its share of developer quirkiness. It focuses on the original story and characters while peppering, sometimes judged often as overloading, in old and modern pop culture references, something akin to what the original producer/developer wanted to do, but couldn't. Both games come radically different under the hood. I believe RotDS is an expanded ROM with loads of reworks and new ideas, while BNW has managed to this day to keep all its rework within the realm of the original cartridge space. Short of entirely rewriting the code, it currently won't escape its future of exploding at the seams. Not sure what more to say though. The community here has, already, tonnes of documentation via the readme, printme, rage spreadsheet, unlockme, character planner, and the game editor UsME, there isn't much that isn't hidden at this point. There are even lengthy character discussions that have plenty of information on loadouts on all the characters for probably every situation in the game. So, plenty of information, just nothing on video. I'd say give the game a whirl and go from there.
  9. Miasmir is onto something. You should come hop into the NG+ Discord, bet a bunch of us would love to help poke at it with you. Now that it's been mentioned, yeah a more serious story tone would be great and I'm totally in on that like flies on crap.
  10. I have nothing I could functionally use to make any counter points to all of yours, so I would best think this is good to be locked. Thank you for providing your thoughts on it, I would say I was rushed (personally) to make the change after hearing a single complaint, so I can definitely say it was perhaps too much too fast without enough backing. I can discuss with Funnyman on Discord my lack of Zozo-IMTRF later so as to not keep this thread going. (I thought Life was at least available to someone from the Zozo espers)
  11. Yeah. If anyone does want to talk about it, I guess it can be left open. (BTB shot it out the saddle).
  12. After some discussion in the Discord, I think it would be apt to put it here for further opinion. Before now, Phoenix Downs were healing 1/16 of a character's total life. In the beginning of the game, this is basically trash. However, come late game, it became obvious that it was a good amount of HP compared to what using Life would be. For such a cheap, but useful, item to remain cheap in the early game but no longer effect becoming a cheap alternative to Life in the late game, it was dropped to 1 HP, life got a boost to healing [250+0...250 (based on Magic)] (I think). Now the thought behind just making it 1 is because it's not useful in the beginning sections of the game so why bother with anything more? It usually doesn't heal anything worthwhile as you have so little life in the beginning. So, why not let it do something useful while leaving it competitive against Life, but ultimately costly? As follows, and remember I'm using 65 HP when I refer to Phoenix Downs.: 65 HP would be roughly enough to cover a large pool of HP in the earliest game before Edgar, helps recover you with a three person party who can throw a phoenix down followed by a dried meat and recover all or almost most of your HP. Once yo get Sabin, you now have the option to work with two dried meats instead of one, keeping up with an increased cost but sturdier recovery option (265 max with 3 consumables) This also benefits the scenarios (pretty well actually) as sometimes 65 HP is enough to let Hell Angel smack Celes and still let Locke get a heal in. Helps in the basement as well, let's either take a hit and get a heal in. Sabin+Shadow can get away with Phoenix Down and a Dried Meat until Cyan were you can more safely, but without Shadow for a moment you have two sturdy characters that 65 should let them take a hit. Once you have Gau, you have the safe Phoenix Down and Dried Meat to get 165 HP back, letting Gau probably stand up more often than fall down. Someone failed Standing Class. For Kefka at Narshe, you can build two full parties, so now you can use two Dried Meats with the Phoenix Down for a good recovery, or just one Dried Meat for an decent recovery. By the time you're heading to Zozo, you're already fairly sturdy, can get Red Bulls, so you have the option of 65 HP plus two Dried Meats, a Dried Meat and a Red Bull, or two Red Bulls to give a fair range of recovery for your team. And then you get magic and can now have a more powerful but not so much so that 265 (Phoenix Down + 2x Dried Meat, or perhaps a Red Bull for turn efficiency) isn't also a good option for those without life. Life continues to be a good option, but at the cost of one turn and 12 MP for [250+0...250 (based on Magic)], as opposed to two turns (Phoenix Down + Dried Meat/Red Bull) for 165/265 HP, or three turns (Phoenix Down + (Dried Meat x2/Dried Meat + Red Bull/Red Bull x2)) for 265/365/465 HP. I think the turn and consumable trade off makes it comparable to Life without overshadowing the fact it only takes 12 MP and a single turn. That is what I propose for the Phoeni Down. It'll be a huge help in the World of Balance this way, while letting Life keep its glory of being fast, big recovery. I mean hell, you can augment it with a Dried Meat, Red Bull, or even a cure for 4 MP and get more HP with a follow up recovery. So Life still outdoes the Phoenix Down overall, but this let's be a sturdy option into the late game.
  13. All physical attacks that rely on any sort of accuracy Miss in RC9. Magic works just fine. Relm has life though. So that works. So does the Ultros fight, despite that. Also, Strago's Lore's do not toggle on/off depending on if he has the MP or not. (He has less than 24 MP for Aqua Rake, but allows it to be used). According to Satarack, it is a Vanilla bug from when MP drops below the needed MP threshold from using an MP Crit weapon.
  14. Confirmed it myself on my own set of rom/patch, so it's definitely a thing. Cancel previous comment about encounter stuff, I was mixing shit up.