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  1. Mod Information & Translation

    You should really kind of read the readme files and other things included in the download... The books tell you hints on the achievements, which this is gone over in the event.html file. Successful steal/fail/has nothing is explained in the itemdrop.html at the top.
  2. Mod Information & Translation

    It's already patched, just unzip.
  3. Mod Information & Translation

    A new update is up, this one adding an Item Drop/Steal List to the html folder. Refer to the first post here for the download link. This is a custom-made file that is not available in Tsushiy's original download and is English only. Enemy names may NOT be 100% the same as they appear in game, but you should have little trouble figuring them out over all until we finalize everything. Also until we get the steal messages translated, I've included in the file what to look for to determine if you failed, succeeded, or if the enemy has nothing to steal.
  4. Mod Information & Translation

    All of the BNE2 folder files (address locations and changes, etc) have been translated now, as well as the files in the For Producers folder (except 2 that will be translated shortly but aren't super important). This means not only can we locate/find everything in the mod easily, but anyone with coding knowledge can as well. The download has been updated and as it stands, just a couple stray files and the History.html are not fully translated, but will be soon. Our current plan right now is to revamp the menu screen to make it more readable, then begin work on descriptions as well as the Steal dialogue so you can more easily see if you failed/stole/enemy has nothing. On top of this, creating a file for enemy drops and steals to compile that Tsushiy never did, but to help you the player.
  5. This space for rent, will edit as I get time to write out a detailed amount of information for this. Until then, the download for this mod and translation can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u1o65w6f6zva0be/FF6_T-Edition_English.rar/file It is strongly recommended you use the emulator included in the download to play this mod. If not, some of the new songs will sound off or "nails on a chalkboard" in some spots, including just random beeps and boops, very annoying stuff. The emulator is a very specific build and runs like SNES 9x, so don't worry. The game is pre-patched and ready to play for english, but if you wish to play it in japanese, just find a JP ROM and use the Lunar IPS patch to patch over it. You WILL need to do this for EX aka disc 2 for english still, but DO NOT WORRY - your save file will work just fine and transfer back perfectly also! As of 10/25/19, the english version is currently only translated for the menus, item, magic, weapons, etc - NO dialogue or descriptions has been done yet. This is a grueling process, not to mention editing the japanese version is different than english and because the game is so large, FF3USMe will not work with it. Due to also editing the game into english so far, currently item names from treasure boxes and character names in dialogue are garbage names - even if you can read japanese, they won't make sense. To bypass this for now, please constantly sort your inventory and check what you've obtained after each chest. This is tedious but I apologize until we can sort this out. Stealing is the same way, so please check your inventory often. We will be working on descriptions and the like firstly, actual game dialogue dead last. Want a visual guide for the game or live translation of the events? Check my LP below (Japanese version) Want it in partial english? Check my 2nd replay LP of it: Final Fantasy VI: T-Edition and EX This is a japanese mod of the original Final Fantasy VI based off a previous mod called Omega Patch. I personally have little information on exactly what Omega Patch is, but T-Edition is built upon it and then some. What is T-Edition? Firstly, let me be clear that I did not make this mod. The mod creator, Tsushiy, is the one responsible for this. However, I myself, along with a few others (Lazarus_DS and dn) have worked and made this translation possible. Kain Stryder - Did everything in the download you'll see, translating the html files and stuff within dn - Menu and coding work Lazarus_DS - Menu, coding, translating work So what is it, exactly? T-Edition is a massive overhaul to the base game and much, much more. Here's a list of what you'll find: - Over 80+ new side quests including achievement tasks with most being done at the various bars in the towns or from Banon and Arvis later - Several new dungeons, including the GBA ones - Tons of new areas and events - A developer's room, mixed with an achievement room (yes, think PS4/Xbox One stuff), and an art gallery (more on that below) - The esper system has been removed. In its place are a costume system, where upon finishing achievements, side quests and/or story progression, you will unlock costumes in the WoR on the Falcon to swap characters into, changing their stats for better or worse, matching your play style you wish to use them as. Each character has 4 costumes, all based off other Final Fantasy characters they have similarities or things in common with. This will also change their sprites and menu graphics. Leveling up simply makes you stronger now, so don't hold back! - Enemies now can drop 4 items instead of 2 - Difficulty rebalancing - The game for the most part in WoB is vanilla difficulty but upped a little bit. Side content is challenging but not brutal. The difficulty doesn't spike until the WoR when you begin doing the new content and side quests, with some stuff being hard to really hard. Final Kefka is no pushover, do not think you'll breeze through this. - Over 150 songs have been added, which the ability to change a town's music via clicking a song in the Config Menu and then exiting. You can also just listen to the music in there or hear it when it pops up in the game. - Ultimate weapons have been added for each character. These range from good to godly and are side quests to obtain - Gau has been reworked to be able to learn Rages anywhere in the game. Simply have him in party and do the fight and he'll obtain the Rage. Leap has been removed also; he now has a Fight command and can use Claws/Axes. Several of his Rages are extremely good, especially late game. If you disliked him, give him another look here. - New 2nd abilities for characters have been added such as for Celes, Terra, Mog and Relm (that replace Runic, Morph, Dance and Sketch, respectively). Control has been removed from the game. - The damage cap for party and enemies has been risen from 9999 to 32,000 - Almost every character's toolkit has been changed or rebalanced, please read over the html files to see everyone's abilities now. There's too much to write here. For the most part, everyone plays the same except they have a few new toys to play with for the better - To promote some characters, people such as Sabin get more HP but much less MP, so he won't make for a good mage, but some of his Blitzes are magic based, so gearing him in specific costumes can make him a potent melee magic damage attacker - A new game+ feature - Done at the Narshe School, the man behind the counter in the lobby will reboot the game for you, allowing you to keep ANY items, espers, magic, rages etc gained, but key items and such are reset. Treasure and such is reset too, allowing for you to obtain duplicates of things or to just simply restart the game if you royally botched and missed something important - A "disc 2" so to speak. Very late in the game, once a specific side quest chain has been finished, the middle door in the Narshe School will unlock, leading to the developer's room. Inside here is a seperate room with moogles and a save point, explaining to save your game here and then load up EX. EX is "disc 2", where once loaded, you'll be in the room with a new door. Traveling through said door will put you into a Crystal Room where you may select various bosses from past Final Fantasy games to challenge. These offer no rewards besides just "I beat them!", so play only if you wish for a challenge. That said, these bosses are HARD, so go in prepared. When a boss is defeated, saving your game then reloading the save BACK to "disc 1" aka T-Edition 2.9.1 the boss's painting will appear in the gallery room to prove you won - Speaking of the above, also in the Narshe School mentioned earlier are an achievement room to show your progress with specific tasks, as well as tell you requirements. There's also a collection room showing off the various key items and ultimate weapons obtained, as well as what you've won from the Auction House (yes you can win the Imp Robot, Airship etc now, Mr. Rich Dad goofs up). - Many other surprises await you, but please keep in mind that this mod, according to Tsushiy and in his own words, was made for himself. He decided to share it so others may enjoy it, but he goes on to say that if you don't want your memories of Final Fantasy VI ruined or dislike fan stuff and his ideas, please don't play it. This is to say that, some new events expand on the lore of the game and characters and in my opinion, he does it justice, but that's just my opinion, judge for yourself. Overall, just have fun with it. There's so much more to list, it's easier if you just read over the notes and changes within the download or just play and see for yourself. Join us on Discord and pop into the T-Edition channel if you have any questions/comments.
  6. Tone down Dadaluma

    Perhaps try getting good, and check your attitude.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    So far, about to hit chapter 2. Couple things I'm not keen on are no scroll use but I understand it for balance issues. In loving the recruit tp cost reduction and exorcise I think was reduced too. Not super happy with the donnalto and other portrait changes but I'll live. I'll post more ramblings later and when I'm not in my phone trying to post all this. Otherwise I'm loving the balances and changes.
  8. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Instead of replying to your entire post, which a lot of can be attributed to you don't pay attention (Celes and Shadow both get Float, and Shadow is forced upon you for Atma), or just down right looney, BNW is beatable via LLG or whatever challenge really. Feel free to look up my playthrough on Youtube (I haven't had time to finish the last statue and then the finale with Kefka, but LLG everything else is viewable). Here's some examples. Atmaweapon https://www.twitch.tv/videos/120166109 Magimaster https://www.twitch.tv/videos/153069024 Hidon https://www.twitch.tv/videos/146702924
  9. Example of game crash via Quarterstaff.
  10. Kain Strider

  11. Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3