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  1. The damage display bug and the mystery item bug seem to be related. I think the subroutine being called at C2/63A9 may be incorrect. c263a9 jsr $a7dd [c2a7dd] A:0700 X:000e Y:0001 S:15e4 D:0000 DB:7e nvmXdIZc V:151 H: 104 F:37 c2a7dd rol $6028,x [7e6036] A:0700 X:000e Y:0001 S:15e2 D:0000 DB:7e nvmXdIZc V:151 H: 144 F:37 c2a7e0 lda $11a3 [7e11a3] A:0700 X:000e Y:0001 S:15e2 D:0000 DB:7e NvmXdIzC V:151 H: 206 F:37
  2. Updated stop code, replaces the original entirely:
  3. New status text code:
  4. Status aura cycling code; this still has a delay between cycles, which is annoying. if anybody can sort that out, it'd be appreciated. aside from that though, it seems to work fine.
  5. Fix for Quartrstaff and Doomstick:
  6. "spell dot" hack. BTB supposedly has the dots drawn in the VWF area. make sure you draw in a space as well, or it'll look crunched.
  7. This is the shop hack. It's a mess, and I think some unnecessary stuff is still in it.
  8. stop immunity - reverses normal application effect with equipment. not thoroughly tested. may be buggy. also old. i made it years ago.
  9. t-edition had to have a custom editor made for it, because literally *nothing* in it works in usME anymore
  10. Hack to allow preview of equipment in shops. Headered Unheadered ASM for synch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vvay7b6k4zdkza/gear_stats_BNW.asm?dl=0
  11. There is an all-in-one either on ff6hacking or slickproductions.org. Not sure of its working state though. The problem with something like that is that so much has changed the disassemblies would only be barely relevent. Meltdown became a massive patchwork mess partially due to that. I also started on it before I understood the concept of building a hack, so I have a lot of things I can't fix now like text assignment and a weird black box on the overworld which I can't fix with any amount of map editing. I'm basically at the point that I can't conscientiously continue to work on it and produce it in the this state. I was also losing motivation due to balance issues, such as dealing with esper stat distribution (which is why I plan to simplify it to something closer to BNW, with two options per esper) and damage formulas being wonky. Other bugs were also frequently popping up as I worked.
  12. I actually plan to release a few once they're cleaned up and made presentable. Natural Magic for the whole party was to be first on the list, but that needs rewritten entirely because it's horribly coded and unoptimized.
  13. Frankly surprised there's still interest in this hack given the amount of time it's remained stagnant. Unfortunately I've discovered irrecoverable bugs, and my development cycle has become such a haphazard mess that I'm likely going to scrap it. I have ideas in mind for a replacement hack, utilizing a lot of the secondary mechanics I'd built for this, but using a different main mechanic (think SaGa). I'll make a thread for it and have this one closed once I have more hammered down. I can say there will be some major changes though. For instance: Elements will be recoded to utilize a % damage variable which can strengthen or weaken a spell's damage. Defense is also being recoded to produce diminishing returns at high numbers. I'm undecided what to do with espers. I may implement a stripped down version of Meltdown's esper system, which I'd kind of been wanting to do anyway.
  14. At first it'll just be a label. We're spitballing bonus perk ideas for down the road.