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  1. Entry 28: Goland Coal City Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4.5/10 (Normal Player) 4/10 (2nd Playthough) Plot Gameplay coming soon...........................
  2. Interlude: Review and Analysis of CH2 First of all: Sorry for the lack of updates lately, things are getting rough around here and I got absorbed between those problems. I will try to not leave this place again. Promise (And even if I do, you can expect something big happen). But enough chit-chat: Let us start What's the concept behind CH2? "Removing the training wheels of CH1" By the start of CH2 you must be thinking: "Yeah I get it, monsters are awesome and they are way more competent than humans at the time. But does that mean that we got yet ANOTHER game to break through? The answer? NO, and you might need a chair and popcorn because this wild ride just got on the road: Not only you have to face brand new challenges like Goug 1 and Lionel gate 1, your options were stepped up by miles and catch up it's in order to keep things going (Remember your nice and useful monsters back at CH1? They have evolve into shiny new veterans who have SIXTEEN whole skills to choose from). Ramza also gets to unlock new jobs and synergy those along your monster family it's a must to succeed in this world One of the complains most people share it's that monsters are basically more versatile that humans and the why it's clearly visible: 2/3 of the monsters have a healing/revive move and unlike humans, they have either the stats or innates to make them worth a damn without some serious dedication equipment-wise in Ramza's case. This one have a reason at the very least: If we look closely to vanilla, most "options" were either useless or outright eclipsed by high tier stuff like hamedo/abbadon, so I cannot complain about Speaking of humans....... "I want to guarantee they're capable of doing something when player has control over them" Algus and Delita weren't a novelty of CH1 that disappear as soon you hit CH2: In an awesome move from Emmy, she decides to break the mold (heh) and noe guests units are now playable all across the way and they can potentially save you out several times when you are in need (mostly because now you can control them, thus avoid silly stuff like Delita hitting something and getting nuke by flare star). Mind you, they never replace your main roster but they can provide a new meat shield or another damage dealer at least (Also, the fact they no longer fill a slot in the team roster is very appreciated: You will get it when you're half an hour sitting in front of your screen, trying to decide who should be kick out in order to receive a shiny new monster) Since the player has more options, what do you expect from them when it comes to deal with a story battle? "I don't expect them to know all the exploits inside the game. I do expect them however to get a hold of monsters movesets/innates, what said abilities does and how the enemy interact with them" For me, the word that describes the entirety of CH2 it's "Experiment": You can blaze through like a mad man and be in front of endgame in less than a week or so or go inside a bar and do some sidequests/trials. You can completely change your whole team and craft new strategies or just stick with your old buddies and still be able to do some neat stuff. Hell, you can even ignore the job tree and deal with whatever class you have or take your time and unlock every single class out there and you still be able to clear this game with little to no issue (You will be forced to repeat battles yeah, but it would a small amout if you care to pay attention and think what you need to succeed) Of course, you can completely ignore all this rant, just recreate what me or Augestein's lp does or even more painful, save-state your way inside and battle and be done with it, but that would bring the question: Why bother playing in the first place? This is a TACTICAL game and some brain are needed now and then. "Zodiac bosses appear alone" SO, you prepared your team go inside to face Queklain in a epic battle............just to get intermediately overwhelm by his sheer power and intelligence. Unlike other enemies, Zodiac bosses are basically a glimpse of the player's own tactics and one must be careful because there's no real way to shut them down. A good example: Queklain can use Bio and nuke the shit out of you, and you decided to silence him. The battle's over? He will intermediately switch to his far more dangerous move that can confuse 100% of the time and with no charge time. Most of the time, you're the one in disadvantage just because he can potentially end your run rather cleverly and you not only have to worry about surviving but also doing some damage in order to get pass him. But ohh boy when you defeat it: You fell at the top of your game and wants more.......Emmy I gave you a thumb up just because how funny a rather difficult boss can be when things are done right by both the player and the AI. I wish SOMEONE would take some notes about this (glares at 1.3) 4.4/10 (First timer) 3.7/10 (Normal Player) 3.2/10 (2nd Playthough) Ch 2 Average: 3.8
  3. I just had a mind fart with curse And no commentary because of the lack of microphone. I maybe do something about it later down the line if things goes smooth
  4. Long time no see, guys. Got some news: -My internet sucks and I think we all know that by this point, so I will have some troubles assembly these updates for the time being - On the other side,I will upload a shit-ton of entries when possible until I solve this With that explain, let me put this and see you guys on Monday Entry 27: Queklain Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4/10 (Normal Player) 4/10 (2nd Playthough) Edit: I'm posting some images and comments of this boss later down the road
  5. The real problem with mantra is...........You won't have Sabin at max hp all time and you need a healer to make sure mantra has something going on in the first place (And yes it's free, but no because you can miss the input or do chakra by mistake) Hybrid Sabin it's all about fists to the face and AoE MP charges so if that's not your style, you might prefer Vigor Sabin for more flashing moves and better DPS but with the drawback of severe allergy to magic (And really, who don't like seeing a guy suplexing a frigging train?!?!?)
  6. 72 it's the magic number for stamina: You can reliably sustain lvl 2/2.5 spells like Break,Storm and Bio or heavy hitters like Quake, Dark and Quartz using Chakra without issues and heal 630 Hp per Mantra (Or you know, use Cure 2 since Mantra it's not worth using in the first place) at lvl 30 . Reaching that number needs at minimum 10 Stray and 10 stamina points from equipment. When that happens, You can stack like crazy vigor+ equipment and be a decent evade tank that does actual damage (You can stack as far as 80 vigor while having 60 speed with just only 10 Golem) Edit: Take note I'm just using 20 EL, otherwise Sabin can just shrug it since 5 terrato solve pretty much that
  7. Sabin not because I'm the one who introduced Hybrid Sabin in the first place, but because: - Solid bases all round: The guy can do pretty well all across WoB and decent enough until Kefka's Tower - Dual-wield killing machine: Claws are the most efficient way to deal good physical + elemental damage and you can mix them to get various debuffs/stats - Blitz: He can set statuses while dealing damage reliably (especially now that you can add slow via suplex) - Dodgy Tank: He's not supposed to absorb several hits but rather take one or two and avoid the rest like a champ And finally: -He's a well designed character: I always crack with his jokes, get sad when his cut-scenes with his bro are on the loose and he's actually one of the few people in the world that it's actively doing something more that watch as the world crumble around him
  8. Entry 26: Lionel Gate 2 Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4.5/10 (Normal Player) 4/10 (2nd Playthough)
  9. Entry 25: Golgorand's Execution Site Rankings: 7/10 (First timer) 6/10 (Normal Player) 5.5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  10. I should really stop taking my sweet time with this Entry 24: Barius Valley Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4/10 (Normal Player) 4/10 (2nd Playthough)
  11. Sorry for being out of commission for a while. Entry 23: Wargilis Port City Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4/10 (Normal Player) 2/10 (2nd Playthough)
  12. Entry 22: Goug 2 Rankings: 3/10 (First timer) 2.5/10 (Normal Player) 2/10 (2nd Playthough)
  13. Entry 21: Random Battle #06 (Taiju), Goug 1 Rankings: 6/10 (First timer) 5/10 (Normal Player) 5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  14. Entry 20: Random Battle #05 (Baatezu), Zigolis Swamp Rankings: 4/10 (First timer) 3.5/10 (Normal Player) 3/10 (2nd Playthough)
  15. Entry 19: Lionel Gate 1 Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4..5/10 (Normal Player) 4/10 (2nd Playthough)
  16. Entry 18: Random Battle #04 (Ghost), Barius Hills Rankings: 4.5/10 (First timer) 4/10 (Normal Player) 3.5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  17. Entry 17: Zaland Fort City 2 Rankings: 4/10 (First timer) 3.5/10 (Normal Player) 2.5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  18. Entry 16: Random Battle #03 (Behemoth), Zaland Fort City Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4/10 (Normal Player) 2.5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  19. Entry 15: Zirekile Falls Rankings: 4/10 (First timer) 3.5/10 (Normal Player) 3/10 (2nd Playthough)
  20. Entry 14: Araguay Woods Rankings: 1.5/10 (First timer) 1/10 (Normal Player) 0.5/10 (2nd Playthough)
  21. Let's get into business, shall we? Entry 13: Dorter 2 Rankings: 2/10 (First timer) 1.5/10 (Normal Player) 1.2/10 (2nd Playthough)
  22. Interlude: Review and Analysis of CH1 Heya everyone, I'm here to input my thoughts and impressions of what it is to me the wildest and well-craft mod on the Final Fantasy mod in this forum (Before you ask: BNW doesn't count because I made clear the fact that at this point, BNW it's the oficial FFVI release and vanilla/advance versions are just some kind of watered down version of it) Let's start with some words from the very creator of this mod: "The idea I had with the creation of this mod was because the two things that every mod out there doesn't do so well is monsters and bosses" Since the start of FFT modding waaaaay back at 2005, the one objective every person who set aim to change this humble gem of the psx was the same: Enhance all the mechanics and fix bugs/glitches/problems with the original game to make the experience more enjoyable. Several mods and patches were made across the years (FFT Tournament and 1.3 being the most prominent out there), but on June 6th of 2015, the first female modder ever since the foundations of ID share a modified FFT mod with the name "Monster Tactics", shaking the foundations of the common knowledge about FFT modding in general. "A mod about monsters?" "That's so crazy" "It must be a joke or something" But it wasn't: As the days passes and new versions become available, the mod was seen as less of a joke and more as an stand-alone game: 1.3 was on hot wheels until mid 2016, but Monster Tactics keep growing into the mod that I would come back every three months or so to have some fun (and even if that wasn't a good enough reason, a really good updates schedule from Emmy will always make sure to lure you into play to try out those new changes) Now with the real juice of the game: "If you had only a word to describe you mod, what would be?" "Chocolate" MT does make sure to establish himself as a standalone mod out there: New and completely reliable monsters, revamped jobs and brand new maps ensure that the experience you will get of it will completely differ from any other mod out there. The only problem with playing this mod it's the fact that at first everyone will expect a FFT experience and that's just a wrong assumption: Monster Tactics can be grabbed, put into stream, and could perfectly pass as some kind of weird cousin of FFT. Going into the gameplay (the part I'm pretty sure attracts the 80% of players out there) I must say...............It's good enough: Monsters having differents reactions/innates/Inmunities/weakness between families make sure that you always have a favorite setup to play with while the game tries his best to not punish you for playing one way or another (something I always complain about 1.3). My only call-out would be that sometimes monsters seems a little too much overpowered since they can basically do almost everything while have nice perks that makes them more appealing that even most of human jobs in the regular game. Putting my lens on CH1, I can clearly discern his concept: It's a tutorial to get accustom to this crazy alternate reality to the old and classic game from 1997, which works fine to me because I ended up this chapter fighting a flying one eyed monster that was my former companion (my HUMAN companion now that we're at it). The story while in general unchanged, does make sure to establish the monster as the primary moving force in the world of Ivalice: They can live in cities, have works like us, hell they even hold important charges and that's quite bizarre yet awesome since I can already tell by experience that an chocobo that can attack, run and think by himself it's a huge asset to an army for example. Going back into the gameplay, new skills means new situations to deal with, and MT doesn't come short to show how easily can change the dynamic per battle: In one you can see yourself tanking all the hits and avoid splinting up your party members since that would otherwise being destroyed and impossible to revive and being forced into a loop of revive units until death comes eventually, and the next you can find yourself running like a mad dog to kill all the enemies to avoid unpleasant situation that can rend the encounter imposible to beat. With this premise explained, here it is the averages from all kind of players about CH1 difficulty: 2.3/10 (First timer) 1.4/10 (Normal Player) 1/10 (2nd Playthough) Ch 1 Average: 2.1 Something to make crystal clear: Even thought several playthoughts can shatter the game's difficulty, a good/patient new player can achieve the same results as me, and the same can be said about veterans getting stuck on some parts because of how the RNG works at times, so I can't get mad at the game getting unfair at times (althought half of them were my fault, but details). Since this is a tutorial, you will get what you expect: battles with a clear objective and ways to procede on it, a pretty balanced party to get accustomed, a lot of patterns and AI quirks to learn for the future and finally, a real challenge from the game. My only complaint would be that at times it's fells......slow, but that's something superficial since I will eat my words as soon CH2 becomes a thing. Without anything else to say, I bid my farewell for now: This is my first time doing this so I kinda expecting several errors here and there so make me aware of them if you can. Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you guys are enjoying this and if you have any suggestions please let me know of them. EDIT: CH2 starts at monday
  23. Entry 12 - Random Battle #02 (Dragon), Algus Rankings: 2.5/10 (First timer) 2/10 (Normal Player) 1.7/10 (2nd Playthough)
  24. Entry 11 - Wiegraf Rankings: 0.7/10 (First timer) 0.5/10 (Normal Player) 0.3/10 (2nd Playthough)
  25. Entry 10 - Random Battle #01 (Pudding), Miluda II Rankings: 1/10 (First timer) 0.8/10 (Normal Player) 0.5/10 (2nd Playthough)