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  1. Vagrant Story Zenith

    hahahaha So do u want Prostasia to be more effective on the Dark Crusader? I think it's a good idea, cause it doesn't make sense to use Prostasia just to upgrade ur weapon. Anyway I noticed that the topic on Gamefaqs is more alive, i think i will switch there up: when u can check the on gamefaqs, i think i found another bug up2: Never mind, it was caused by the save state
  2. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Hahahaha ok that's what I though, but to be sure i asked cause it could be a bug 🤣 Is the Dark Crusader able to use Herakles too?
  3. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So I tried again, and again blackscreen, gonna wait for the patch, eventually if i wanna skip that point i need to go with the vanilla version and re-add the patch after that cutscene. Anyway Idk if this is normal, my damage against the Abdomen of the Dark Crusader was 26, he used Prostasia on him, and my Damage was still 26. Prostasia should upgrade all the equipment, that mean's that the Dark Crusader is "naked"? Shouldn't my attack be reduced?
  4. Vagrant Story Zenith

    No problem, I will keep the save file.
  5. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So I think that the magical attacks are almost perfect. Phisycal attacks need a huge upgrade, and yes, cooldown too. Anyway when i beat Grissom and the Crusader, the game stopped working, blackscreen (as soon as the cutscene started). But it could be an isolated case, so i will try to beat Grissom again and let u know. As soon as u will update the mod i will test it Ps. The amount of Vera Roots and Vera bulbs is perfect. But the amount of Cure roots and Cure bulbs that u have is massive, considering that u have 100 Mp and the heal spell costs just 5mp
  6. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So the crab was easy, no trouble at all, prostasia, degenerate and hitting his claws is enough, his attacks are decent but not very dangerous. Earth Dragon is weak too, Acid breath oneshotted me a couple times, but i think it's normal cause i'm not upgrading my equipment and my stat, anyway is not a real problem cause like the other dragons, u just need to go under his neck to avoid his spells, still his physical attacks are useless. Grissmon and Dark Crusader, well the only problem is Grisso's eletric attack, but it doesn't oneshot so u just need to heal urself and kill him first and then the crusade after (easy) Basically in the snowly forest, minions are more dangerous than bosses lol So i'm not a great player, but after u learn the combos and how to use the spells properly, the game is really easy. Edit2: I think i will wait until the update of the mod to restart my run, cause in my opinion whoever finished the vanilla game won't have any problems finishing it with the mod if the difficulty is not rebalanced. Hope that what i've so far helps. Maybe i'll reach the Iron Maiden just to see how hard it is Earth Dragon
  7. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So I just beat the Ogre (Boss), really easy using prostasia and degenerate, his attack damage is around 60 so it's just a matter of time in terms of killing him (i'm playing without a shield, no stat upgrade and leather equipment). He used just physical attacks so it's not really dangerous, I remember it was a bit more fun in the rebalance mod. He basically has the weakness of almost all the enemies on this game, high cooldown and not a very high damage considering he is a boss. The Fire Elemental with Pyro Guard and degenerate was a good challenge, he was about to kill me cause of his strong spell but draining his mp and healing urself is enough to beat him. Duane was really weak, pretty useless boss, not challenging. I remember the battle with him in the rebalance mod and it was really good, he killed me 4 or 5 times (I'm not really good with the defense abilities) The Wyvern was like the Dragon, but more reistent to my attacks, so if it doesn't attack u with the magical attack ur pretty safe. Orcs and Orcs leader are decent enemies, annoying enough lol
  8. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I think the "almost oneshots" are good in the game, I dont feel that im in danger often, especially against physical enemies since it is unlikely they will kill you, except with critical shots. Personally, I didnt really feel the need to use the "defence ability" in the vanilla game, so I hope that i will have to learn them to finish the game. Anyway I used 3 elixirs, now i have 102 str\100 int\103 agi and 255 hp, I think I'm not gonna use any other elixirs, but if u think it's good i will restart the game without using it at all. I saved after i killed the dragon, i will play a bit more later.
  9. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So I reached the first Dragon, i beat him pretty easily, but he almost killed me with his first magic attack, which is fine, cause if u go under his neck, he's not gonna use it anymore. I noticed in general that the enemy's (boss and minions) physical attacks are really weak (so far), except for the critical attack (the only way to risk dying) but the chance of an enemy critical attack is low too. In my opinion the cooldown attack for most of the enemies is too high compared to Ashley, it makes sense if it's a zombie, cause they're usually slow, but a Lizardman should be pretty quick. I can do several actions (plus combos) before being attacked too. Anyway this is just the first part of the game, after the Dragon, things are gonna be harder, I'll let u know. P.s. I really like that Attack spells and break arts are now useful, plus the removal of the cloud when an enemy attacks.
  10. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Hi! I started my run today, i was wondering, the difficult in early game is not different compared to the vanilla? There's almost no damage cause by the wolves (around 7\8). I beat Dullahan pretty quick, he didn't had the chance to hit me. DullahanD Dullahan
  11. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I remember i played the rebalance mod with the italian translation and it was fine, of course the new weapon and ability would not be translated, but it's ok. So maybe i'll add first the translation and after the zenith. Thank u for the info <3
  12. Vagrant Story Zenith

    It's better to not add the italian translation mod right?
  13. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Hi everyone I'm really really excited to play this mod, when it will come out i'll try to share it as much as i can in the italian gaming website, cause it's a waste that just a few amount of people are going to know and enjoy it! Wish you the best! @the_E_y_Es_o_0
  14. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Hi, news about this mod? I really want to play again Vagrant Story, but at the same difficult isn't exciting anymore and I love this game