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  1. IIRC, it cancels when a spell is cast on Ashley. That hasn't changed. It heals like 5x faster, though. @SquaresoftThe cheap tactics are being addressed. I agree they were a problem in the original. Here's the link to the development playlist.
  2. Hello everyone. Found this site via, so I thought I'd post here as well. I'm in the process of making a Vagrant Story mod that rebalances both skills and enemies, for an improved experience of the game. Original thread: These are the main features: - Break Arts rebalanced These will be Ashley's top moves. Their damage has been greatly increased, along with their HP cost. Dagger BAs are powerful, Sword/Axe/Mace's are really powerful, and Great Sword/Great Axe/Great Mace's are spectacularly powerful. I'm making this one of the selling points of the 2-Handed weapons in general, to encourage their use. - Magic rebalanced Spell cost has been greatly reduced, so even with the measly 50MP that you start with you'll be able to throw spells left and right. Also, the "bang for your buck" aspect has been improved. Warlock spells are the most benefited in this regard -- for instance, Thunderburst lv.3 now deals greater damage than lv.2, lv.4 outperforms lv.3, etc. Moreover, some particular issues were fixed, such as Analyze's hitrate, the healing speed of Surging Balm, the effect of Poison, etc. - Equipment revised 2-Handed weapons have better stats, with much greater STR and a small increase to INT. Wizard gear (Robe, Hat, etc) will have better affinity parameters than other armor. A few of the weapon grips were boosted; some with additional gem slots, some with increased B/E/P values. - Drop rates revised Enemies drop their gear a lot more often. You will rarely not get something from a fight, with sometimes multiple rewards being offered. Getting the Holy Win and Rhompaias will be more about defeating the enemies who carry them, than just killing them many times over. The general idea is to do away with the repetitiveness of "farming" equipment. - Enemies rebalanced Bosses and regular enemies pose a greater challenge. Not only their stats, but their AI is being changed in some cases. Sydney will actually be useful in battle. Rosencrantz will give you nightmares. Annoying enemies will be made less annoying (Crimson Blades will no longer cast Herakles, etc). As a bonus, in some places you will get different encounters depending on your current HP (not just in IMB2). This mechanic was in the original VS, and I'm using it to sneak in some surprises. If you want to face more dangerous foes, keep your HP low. - Iron Maiden revised IMB1, B2 and B3 will be the hardest areas in the game. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Currently, I am done with the skill rebalance (magic, chain abilities, break arts) and I'm halfway done with the enemy rebalance. There is a demo available that plays up to and including the Snowfly Forest area. Link: Apply it with Ppf-o-matic, which you can get here: Example of MP cost reduction: Some chain abilities have been tweaked: Surging Balm spell, with faster healing speed: Trinity Pulse, a staff Break Art. Here it deals Area-of-Effect damage like the warlock spells: Ignis Wheel, a heavy mace Break Art. It can hit twice or just once, with varying damage, because of the new hitrate formula. There are other break arts that function like this as well: "Quicken" spell has been implemented. It replaces the Eureka spell: Example play (story spoilers):