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  1. Vagrant Story Zenith

    v1.02 is now available on the 1st page. Changes are: Fixed a door exit at Hallowed Hope, Sanctum. Fixed cutscene problems at Limestone Quarry and Great Cathedral. Lich, Lich Lord and Death enemies are less powerful. 2-Handed Break Arts have been rebalanced. Break Arts kill requirements have been reduced.
  2. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Hello, sorry for the late reply. If you're playing the mod, do tell me what you think of the difficulty, especially in later areas. With the roulette removed, the gap between Ashley's stats and the enemies becomes quite considerable as you progress. In the next update I will nerf Guildenstern's 2nd form, as it's just too powerful for a base stats playthrough. Also, if you experience any problems with cutscenes, tell me where it happened and what emulator you are using. Thanks!
  3. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I guess you just got lucky, because he is still able to heal himself. Since you reached Rosencrantz, I assume you got through Snowfly Forest - did you have any issues with the Grissom boss fight? Some people have reported problems with the cutscenes there. Interesting. I will look into that. Yes, I reverted the combination tables. In the case of Spear + Glaive = Scorpion, I might put that back into the next version, along with Wizard Staff + Clergy Rod = Summoner Baton. Sure. I'm still writing the changelog but it will be available soon. Not right now, but it is a possibility in the future. This is a common request so I will try to implement something. Thanks for playing!
  4. Vagrant Story Zenith

    v1.01 is live. This one should be bug-free.
  5. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Not that one, no. On the topic of Prostasia, if a Crusader is equipped with an accessory, casting Prostasia will boost the accessory's stats. In that case it might reduce the damage dealt to him. IIRC the Last Crusader boss at Temple of Kiltia is an example of this. The next patch - v1.01 - will fix the Grissom bug and the enemy Encyclopaedia, which is broken atm. v1.02 will focus on bosses rebalancing. Edit: Now that I think about it, if we put armor on his armor he can protect his protection. Which is good.
  6. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Yes, he has no armor equipped. It makes sense, if you think about it. Like the Dullahan, he's an animated suit of armor, so wearing armor on his armor... well. Unless you do like Xzibit and go "Yo dawg, we put an armor in your armor...", etcetera.
  7. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I've had several reports of that same bug -- it's probably being caused by Grissom's character model. I gave him a different weapon, a Summoner Baton, instead of his original Wizard Staff. Even though it runs fine on my end, at least 3 other people had the game freeze in this boss fight, sometimes before the cutscene, sometimes after it. I'll put a patch out as soon as I can. If it's not too much to ask, can you keep a save file of your game in this area? In the "Forest River" savepoint, before the boss fight. That way you could perhaps test it again when the patch is available.
  8. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to tweak the bosses in the coming updates. Seems that the issues are mainly the high cooldown and weak offense (physical especially). Glad you didn't experience any bugs or crashes.
  9. Vagrant Story Zenith

    So you got through Snowfly Forest without problems?
  10. Vagrant Story Zenith

    No need, just play it however you prefer.
  11. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I see. The Dragon breath was already powerful in the original and now with a low-stats Ashley it must be near-fatal, even with a shield. For the record, are you increasing your stats with Elixirs or are you keeping your base stats of 100 STR/100 INT/100 AGL? Just so I know. Yes, I agree. The cooldown is something that can be easily reduced, although some enemies will always be slower than others. This will definitely be tweaked in the following updates. Glad to hear it. Thanks for the feedback, this is the kind of stuff that will be useful for me later on.
  12. Vagrant Story Zenith

    From the OP: "The difficulty rebalance will be done in later versions, after players provide feedback on how hard or easy is v1.00, and once I have a definite idea of how I'm going to tackle this aspect." Right now, I'm interested in how the removal of the bonus roulette will affect the difficulty, as well as the new mechanic of "if your HP reaches 0, you die" instead of healing yourself back to life with Defense chains. If the early game is still easy, that will be adjusted later. Do tell me how hard or easy the rest of the game feels, because that info will be taken into account when I begin the difficulty rebalance.
  13. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I don't think it would break anything, TBH. I've had reports of the Russian translation being compatible with the now defunct Rebalance mod. So it's worth a try.
  14. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Zenith v1.00 will be released in the next few days. If someone would like to help by playtesting it, drop me a message and I'll provide the link. Edit: version 1.00 is ready. Check the opening post for the download link.
  15. Vagrant Story Zenith To be clear, the version you're playing is the old Rebalance Mod, not Zenith. Zenith can't be found online yet. As you've noticed, some of the boss fights are all but broken. That's one of the reasons I removed the download link. Rebalance was merely my first attempt at hacking the game and I don't recommend playing it. When Zenith is ready later this year I'll make it available in this topic.