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  1. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    So instead of 'fixing' the problem, you want to make it worse by lowering the number of skills to even less than default?
  2. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    Found another problem. Skill reset should be called Game Reset, since that's all it does. I think I'll wait until you deal with the whole Skill Overload problem, as paying 1/2 your gold is bullshit & then to rebuy skills that are expensive as hell. I don't know why you didn't just allow the player to erase skills individually or at least expand the skill slots.
  3. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    YES! It's finally fixed! Thank you.
  4. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    Should I apply it over the v9b fix or should I repatch the basic rom with the unheadered patch then apply v9c fix?
  5. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    No difference
  6. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    Nope! I find it strange for it to not work correctly on BSNES considering how it's the most accurate SNES emulator around.
  7. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    It matches the CRC value you mentioned in your post. Just tested it again, same result as last time.
  8. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    That's what the rom looks like just after downloading it without making any changes to it. I keep the patches in their folder while I move the rom into my main rom directory. Still has that same problem. Nothing I do changes it.
  9. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    It's definitely the USA version & it's completely unpatched (no Fixxxer Deluxe patch)
  10. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    I'm having the same issue with the spell shop: The ROM I patched was unheadered. Then I redownloaded it, copied it, named one (Headered) & the other (Unheadered), used NSRT to add a header to the (Headered) copy, then applied each patch to it's respective ROM. Both still produced the same problem. For the record, the EMU I'm using is BSNES v110. Also, what's with that spells.xls file? I know it's a MS Excel file but is it needed for the game or just a reference list?