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  1. Final Dungeon Setups?

    I really like how balanced all three teams are. The only alteration I would make, because I always build Celes as a tank healer, is swapping out Celes for either Cyan or Locke. Terra does so much damage that that first team feels extremely stacked by comparison to the other two based off element damage coverage and Sabin's support with Chakra keeps things going better for Locke's low MP pool. It goes a little against the formula above and doubles up on the Life2 that you mentioned, but I always had trouble with Locke staying alive in my games. Maybe I didn't provide him the right gear for his set up, but he'd spend a lot of the time face down in the dirt instead of healing, even if he had the sage stone on. Maybe I'll start a fresh run in 1.9 and see if built him up wrong or was leaving him in the front row
  2. I appreciate the update and look forward to when it is released!
  3. I've been following this since back on Insanely Difficult and boy, I can't wait for this update. I know it's tough to put a date, but do you have a hopeful ETA for release?
  4. 1.9 Release Bug Reporting Thread

    I didn't see this bug reported, but if a character is under the imp status and uses a phoenix down on a character, the character is revived with zero HP. They're not under the zombie status, they can be healed above zero, and they can be killed as if they have HP. A bit of an oddity because imp cuts everything you do in half, including items.
  5. Avalon and Cure

    Yes! That's right. I went beyond there, but it's worth restarting for. I'm burning so much money on Pizzas that I'm unable to afford anything else. Thanks!
  6. I recall there being a way to get cure for Avalon during the train sequence, but I can't recall how. I haven't played since 1.6 so my memory is very fuzzy on this. Has it been removed?
  7. Well count me excited.
    The original copy of Final Fantasy VI, to me, is broken. Once you've gained ultima, you don't need to think about your next actions. This fixes that, and takes the game to a whole new level. Unlike the original, where each character becomes a carbon copy of each other due to magic being unrestricted, this fixes that to a new level. The original game saw Vigor, Stamina, and Speed be marginally useful, while Magic was basically the only stat that truly mattered. Each stat has value and purpose now to allow for characters to be built in specific ways. Do you want to turn Sabin into a Regen tank that heals other characters? Maybe you want Locke to be your healer, so you pump his MP to new heights due to the Esper Level system. Esper levels replace the "equip this esper and gain x bonus" that made gaining levels before espers feel like you were missing an opportunity to make your characters more powerful. This does away with tha completely by utilizing a second leveling system, called EL, or "Esper Level." Each character maxes their Esper level at 25, and each character can draw strength from the Espers they can equip. This means that characters like Shadow can only beef up his speed and vigor, while Sabin is focused on Vigor, Stamina, and HP. It also does away with needing to learn magic to 100%, which speeds up the time you would spend grinding to learn the spells that each character has access to by creating a bank of spell points that you gain by defeating enemies. Even with these changes, the game doesn't lose or gain any difficulty. It completely changes the way you think of the game and each character has value in a way that's unique to them. Relm learns some of the most powerful magics, while Setzer learns the best healing spells. This changes how you build each character and subsequently, how you build each party. Making these adjustments it feel like a completely different game that doesn't distract or take away from the main story. It makes playing the original feel, incomplete by comparison.
  8. Beta Testing Inquiry

    I'd definitely be on board with testing out.
  9. Stuck at floating continent

    So, I'll help investigate this one. I used hard saves the whole way and save states but I got to FC in one playthrough. I will attempt another run from the start of the game and see if that duplicates the issue. I'll see if any steps, such as the party I take or the equipment I got makes a difference.
  10. Stuck at floating continent

    I'll see if I can grab a screenshot of where he's stuck and then post it here before I continue onward. I have to beat omega again, so it'll probably take me a little while to see if a new save will fix the issue. Thanks for the tips so far. EDIT: Huzzah! I was able to successfully go past that event. I can continue now!
  11. Stuck at floating continent

    This is a fresh save with a fresh rom with a brand new playthrough. I'm going to try to rename a different rom and load the hard save, which means I have to refight omega That's the only other thing I havne't tried.
  12. Stuck at floating continent

    I've loaded from both a hard save and a save state, without any luck. Should I wait for an update, or should I try a different emulator? Also, I don't think it's a bad rom. I've tried other roms but they still have the same issue. I don't know if my items would effect the event itself (i doubt it) but I can provide you my equipment list if you'd like. I'm just trying to find a common thread here.
  13. Hey! I decided to do another playthrough of the game, but this time I get stuck at the floating continent. Directly after the events that take place that cause Kefka to move the statues, my game will not load. I've tried different roms, thinking it might be that but I haven't been able to get it to work. It doesn't freeze, but it just decided to stop loading the animation for him to move the statues. I'm currently using ZSNES as my emulator. Any ideas what the issue is?