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  1. So I started on this mod of Zelda 2 that looked very promising initially. increased overall difficulty (of course),custom Dash Spell, some nice humor littered about (npc asks for 100 golden skulltulas, then says j/k), starting area feels almost perfect. backtracking into first temple is a nice touch. all that being said, I have hit a brick wall. Although the starting area feels near perfect and original(ish) the farther Ive gotten into the game, the more and more filler has become the main theme. now Im missing a key and cannot proceed (keys CAN be found in overworld but its HUGE compared to original.) Curious if anyone else has tried this out. my attempt at it
  2. Any possibility of a section for mods/hacks not made from here? Nothing major, but perhaps a minor subsection for discussion? Playing through a Zelda 2 hack by an Ice Penguin fellow that started out very promising and tries some unique things (custom spell) (though later sections have left much to be desired)
  3. Downloads now available for guests

    This will help attract new members and fresh blood to revitalize the scene
  4. Change Log?

    a more detailed explanation would be beneficial
  5. Mega Man X: NEW Hard Type - News Topic

    Is a new SOFT type variant also in the works? Though I played through the original HARD type, I think including an option for letting newbies get their feet wet first would help attract fresh blood. BTW greatly enjoyed Hard Type 2.2.2 (with the exception of the Spider boss and the very last sigma portions)
  6. Salutations

    Tommy Wiseau is so odd
  7. Just throwing an idea out there. A gripe I always had with the old site is that attempting to find threads on a certain version were often at best a mixed bag, and at worst near unusable. (at least when searching for known bugs) To ensure better organization I suggest only the latest 2 versions be allowed in the main portion (if theres enough demand for it maybe dedicate a separate section for older versions) This would expedite information requests/bug reports/etc
  8. Salutations

    Hello all, I'm Mark. I am a lurker from the old site (a subscriber in chat told me about the new site) Darkkefkas Super Mario RPG Armageddon Mod was what brought me to the old site ages ago & has proven to be a interesting experience for myself, my friend Manny, & my youtube channel. Hoping this new forum infuses new life into the scene. (for anyone interested)