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  1. The suspense is killing me

    I joined the discord and I couldn't find a pinned link in any of the channels. Do I still need to request a tester role?
  2. Been playing with the struggle boards, and I think the tradeoff of how much is locked off if you go for an early quickening is a bit extreme (as it's very difficult to beat the mimic boss without either tons of grinding or using at least a couple quickenings). My suggestion would be to only lock the extras on the struggle boards behind two quickenings rather than three, for at least Vaan/Fran/Balthier. (I grinded about 80 potions to use in lieu of cures and it's still a difficult fight). Also, the 10% heal on first aid feels a little low even for what it does, as at 4x speed it still takes 20-30 seconds to top off. I'd suggest doing somewhere between 15-20% on the heal, which would let it be potentially useful in fights on occasion (as right now all it really does is take the place of hp regen outside of battle).
  3. I have an alternate suggestion, though I'm not sure it's possible to code easily. Make it a blend of the ff1 + ff8 system. Let there be a certain cap on how many stores of each spell a person can have, and let those spells be replenished after battle. They would either be restored outside of battle or with resting, either would be fine. If the cap is low enough this still allows for there to be a purpose to using the draw ability in battle. (I'm imagining either the ff1 9 max cap or perhaps even 5 if spells are restored outside of battle). The caps could increase either linked to level (ie lvl at <10 only able to store 1-2 lvl 1 spells, lvl <20 2-3 lvl 1, 1-2 lvl 2, etc.) or linked to drawing certain spells (ie drawing thundara grants a cast of thundara and an extra cast of thunder). The spell bonuses would obviously be adjusted to be proportional. This may require disabling the trading magic function to make any sense. I'm somewhat unfamiliar with how ff8 handles spell consumption, but it would add a bit of strategy if using one of your only spells reduced the associated stat drastically.
  4. I don't think I've seem anyone mention how fundamentally irritating the draw system is in the first place. Functionally there's very little difference between having 1-3 copies of a spell vs 99 outside of stats, but they are basically the only equipment in the game so every random battle early on you sit and spam "draw fire" for like 3-4 minutes straight. That system is awful, and makes it one of the grindiest ffs if you want to get max of every spell. It also makes the power curve very weird since 3 fire does very little, but 99 far too much. I'd suggest making the limit for spells much lower (like 10) and preventing them from being consumed on cast. Would make balancing a lot easier. If you want to get really weird you could try locking spells to specific characters to give some more individuality.
  5. I've search all over the web and I can't find anywhere where someone says where you go to respec your EL, but I see references to doing so everywhere. Where do you go to respec ELs?