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  1. smrpg:a

    If Your Enjoying V8 You'll LOVE V9 That's Coming Out Soon. Doomsday Streamed The Entire Beta/Alpha Of V9. But Sadly,The Videos Expired. It Would Be Cool If Someone Could Somehow Post Those Videos On Youtube...
  2. smrpg:a

    You Actually Get A Nimbus Ring! A Special Ring Passed Down For Generations!
  3. smrpg:a

    A Road Is Where You Play Games Similar To That Version. Like Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age.(It's Already Out But I'm Just Using It As An Exmaple) You Would Play A Certain Number Of FF Games Like 6-11
  4. As The Title Says,I Wanted To Create A Topic About A Road To Version 9 Of Smrpg. It Would Go: Version 6 Version 7.7 Version 7.8b Version 7.9 Version 8(Normal Or Hard) Let Me Know If You Like The Idea!