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  1. Sup Guys

    Version 9 Is The Final Version Of This Hack. He Confirmed This On Insane Difficulty.
  2. 2 bothering things

    I Don't Know About Amayzee Dayzee Because I've Never Fought Her Because Of How Annoying That Enemy Is. You Get The Dragon Claw After Catching Kyogre,Groudon,And Rayquaza(And Maybe Latias And Latios)
  3. Sup Guys

    Also,Was Galaxy Blast(Mario's 3OK Move)Removed?
  4. Sup Guys

    I Understand!
  5. Sup Guys

    Good To See You Dark! Remember Me?
  6. Version 9 Preview

    The Hype Is Real!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. V9 Beta?

    Okay. Thanks For The Answer! I Guess I Could Play The Other Versions! Thanks!
  8. V9 Beta?

    Does Anyone Have Downloaded Videos Of Doomsday Streaming The V9 Beta? I Want Something To Tide Me Over While V9 Is Still In Development.
  9. Hidden Chests

    If Your Enjoying V8 You'll LOVE V9 That's Coming Out Soon. Doomsday Streamed The Entire Beta/Alpha Of V9. But Sadly,The Videos Expired. It Would Be Cool If Someone Could Somehow Post Those Videos On Youtube...
  10. Potential Bug [SPOILERS]

    You Actually Get A Nimbus Ring! A Special Ring Passed Down For Generations!
  11. Road To Version 9

    A Road Is Where You Play Games Similar To That Version. Like Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age.(It's Already Out But I'm Just Using It As An Exmaple) You Would Play A Certain Number Of FF Games Like 6-11
  12. As The Title Says,I Wanted To Create A Topic About A Road To Version 9 Of Smrpg. It Would Go: Version 6 Version 7.7 Version 7.8b Version 7.9 Version 8(Normal Or Hard) Let Me Know If You Like The Idea!