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  1. There's no downloads for SMRPG-A here following what happened on ID, so I figured I'd post my download of the Version 9 beta here. https://www.mediafire.com/file/537vyntw077d3wl/Mario 9 Beta - Copy.zip To keep with the rules of NG+, I have removed the .sfc rom file, the file now only contains the .ips patch and the emulators included with the original download. Now, I should say, this is the Version 9 BETA. It's not complete, and there are a ton of bugs and glitches within it. And a couple things are uncompletable. I don't have the exact full list of what is, but I'm sure someone else might. If they could post it, that would be a major help. Notes to Doomsday and DarkKefka: If you want me to delete this post for whatever reason, send me a message either here or on Discord and I'll do it. I'm only posting this here because there were no other version downloads here due to the issues that happened on ID.