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  1. I'm thinking about picking 1.3 for re-balance while staying faithful to 1.3 design concept. Which version would you guys recommend?
  2. If I can have text script from DrBretto or kyozo22, I can correct them. I tried to import ISO but couldn't patch it back. New seems to have prolong fight idea. I may consider patching instead too.
  3. I used to try modding FFT 1.3 before and I admit I was too young to realize its mechanics and design philosophy back on those days. Those changes and ideas I pushed back then seem to be silly and stupid now when I know more about game mechanics after modding for a while. After modding Valeria project for years and made quite a stable improvements as true to vanilla re-balance, I hope I could contribute to improve FFT 1.3 WOTL project. Last update was beta 5 since 2013 and no update since and there were some inconsistencies that can be improved. I won't touch original mechanics DrBretto set and won't change the vision more than re-balance of certain abilities to be more manageable. My goal is to make the game being more tolerable to RNG and allow more possible strategies. I've uploaded my first video demonstrating some changes I applied to tutorial battle below. My intention right now is to make no changes to job stats which may affect strategies and difficulty, no changes to status infliction flag, range, MP cost, and speed of abilities. I intend to adjust parameters to scale better through the game and make RNG and some abilities less broken with some nerfs and buffs a little. The reason why 1.3 is hard and can be too punishing is some abilities being too effective making some battles too punishing. Re-balancing 1.3 can make the game less punishing and open more possibilities to try more strategies. Since I won't change core mechanics and job stats or even item, its soul of 1.3 shouldn't be tampered significantly.
  4. FFT: WOTL Valeria 1.5.2 - Pillars of Magicks re-balance Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy FFT Valeria 1.5 update. There's a lot of changes that help us reacher to the ideal of every job and abilities are useful without game breaking balance. However, it seems balancing spells is yet to be completed. In my 1.5 run, I noticed a few things that needed to be addressed which are. 1. I never see Blind/Silence status infliction applied to my units. My best bet is Thief swinging Blind Knife/Mage Masher to inflict one but I haven't seen that yet from few story battles I can have 2. Summoner uses only basic spells because Titan has too long CT to cast on my units 3. Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja spells are useless because it takes longer CT and MP cost for no effective gain to use over basic spells 4. Summon > Black/White Magicks in terms of HP damage/recovery and Toad/Death spell won't be enough to cover it Moogle and Faerie can heal pretty well and Summon has good enough damage and high level summon can outclass black magicks signficantly. The main reason I use White Magicks is for party buff and revive now. Some people also addressed issues about increased CT in WOTL's summon so I think this will be a good opportunitiy to re-balance magicks again for these four main jobs. [White Mage] Cure spells will have radius and vertical expanding on every tier for wider range of use. Curaga with 3 radius and Curaja with 4 radius that won't heal enemies will be very useful. In compensation of expanding radius on -ga and -ja tier, healing factor was changed from 30/40/60/100 to 25/35/50/100 and hit rate was changed from 255/240/220/200 to 200/220/240/255. I also changed Protect/Shell to have CT 4 with hit rate 180 and Protectja/Shellja to have CT 2 with hit rate 240 making -ja tier buff becoming more useful. Holy won't have chance to inflict Silence status anymore. Since permanent Reraise is no longer available, I decided to revamp revive mechanics to decrease MP cost of Raise, CT of Arise and buff hit rate/CT Reraise to be more useful fitting 1000JP to learn. [Black Mage] As Black Magicks already have spells like Toad and Death with strong status infliction, I decided to revamp spells in 4-tier Black Magicks with chance to inflict status and range as below. -Radius and Vertical will keep expanding on every tier like improved Cure spells -All 4-tier spells will have chance to inflict status (Fire - Blind, Thunder - Silence, Blizzard - Stop) -Specific boosts for Thunder (less CT) and Blizzard (more damage) will be removed This way, ja spell will hit at closer level to Leviathan with the same radius and vertical and have the same MP cost. Summon won't hit allies and have longer CT but Black magicks has chance to inflict status and have shorter CT. Since story battles has a few black mages too, you'll come across one of them casting spell to inflict Blind/Silence/Stop status more often making Echo Herb/Eye Drops being more useful to have. Since status infliction won't have high chance to trigger, there shouldn't be difficulty spike with these changes. Flare will cost 50MP and has 46 damage factor for effective re-balance too. [Time Mage] Haste/Slow to have CT 4 with hit rate 180 and Hasteja/Slowja to have CT 2 with hit rate 240 making -ja tier buff becoming more cost effective like changes I applied to White Magicks. Gravity/Graviga sems to perform fine so I'll leave as is for now. Meteor however was weaken a lot from PSX version with 60 damage factor so I'll buff this one up a bit to 45. [Summoner] PSX version has basic summon at CT 4, Titan at CT 5, and even Bahamut will have CT 10 only which make Summon a lot slower to use without Swiftness in WOTL. I thought it was finely balanced personally but some people who played PSX version before may find it too slow to use so I decided to decrease CT of most Summon abilities with some adjustments. I actually started from Summon re-balance first then apply re-balance to other spells later to make sure 4 main magicks are strong enough without losing to others. 1.5.2 -Added chance to inflict Stop status with 4-tier Blizzard abilities from Black Magicks -Added chance to inflict Blind status with 4-tier Fire abilities from Black Magicks -Added chance to inflict Silence status with 4-tier Thunder abilities from Black Magicks -Changed 4-tier CT scaling of Thunder abilities to 3/4/6/8 -Changed 4-tier damage scaling of Blizzard abilities to 14/17/23/32 -Changed 4-tier range scaling of Cure/Fire/Thunder/Blizzard abilities to 0-0/1-1/2-2/3-3 -Changed Cure spells healing factor ratio (30/40/60/100 -> 25/35/50/100) and hit rate (255/240/220/200 -> 200/220/240/255) -Changed Poison Strike/Oily Strike status infliction to be chance based -Changed Potions' price to 100/350/1000 in consideration with Auto-Potion being back instead of nerfing restored HP amount -Changed Protect/Shell/Haste/Slow to have hit rate 180 and CT 4 -Changed Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja to have CT 2 -Changed Raise ability to have hit rate decreased (200 -> 180) and MP cost decreased (10 -> 8) -Decreased CT of Bahamut ability (15 -> 13) -Decreased CT of Carbuncle ability (5 -> 4) -Decreased CT of Faerie ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased CT of Ifrit ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased CT of Leviathan ability (14 -> 10) -Decreased CT of Salamander ability (12 -> 10) and increased damage factor (34 -> 36) -Decreased CT of Shiva ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased CT of Titan ability (10 -> 8) and decreased damage factor (28 -> 27) -Decreased CT of Odin ability (13 -> 10) and increased damage factor (34 -> 36) -Decreased CT of Zodiark ability (17 -> 15) -Decreased MP cost of Golem ability (40 -> 36) -Decreased MP cost of Quiescence ability (16 -> 8) -Decreased MP cost of Sylph ability (26 -> 24) -Decreased damage factor of Flare ability (48 -> 46), removed chance to inflict Blind status, and decreased MP cost (60 -> 50) -Decreased damage factor of Shiva ability (22 -> 20) -Decreased hit rate of Arise ability (180 -> 160) -Decreased hit rate of Revive ability (70 -> 65) -Decreased price of Remedy (350 -> 250) -Increased damage factor of Meteor ability (40 -> 45) and decrease CT (16 -> 15) -Increased hit rate of Reraise ability (160 -> 200) and decreased CT (7 -> 6) -Removed chance to inflict Silence status with Holy ability With introduction of more status infliction on Black Magicks and Auto-Potion becoming top rated reaction for beginners, I decided to increase price of potions to 100/350/1000 and decrease price of Remedy (350 -> 250). Auto Potion might seem useful to have but each trigger will cost you more especially if you don't grind much and want to save up money for Tynar Rogue. It's better to focus more on not taking hit and make effective turn. FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.2 (PSP USA) - FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.2 (PSP EUR) - Now I've finished chapter 2 and I'm in preprations with errands and poaching for good weapons for chapter 3. If you have any suggestion after trying 1.5.2 update, please let me know.
  5. FFT: WOTL - Valeria 1.5 "Ivalice Reborn" It's been a while since last release of Final Fantasy Tactics Valeria Mod. I realized there was tons of bugs and inbalance to be resolved so I spent a long time fixing bugs and made massive adjustments through months of testing. After coming back to Final Fantasy Tactics again, I tested playing the game from ground up time and time again to make sure every story fights will proceed without inconsistencies. I thought I'd mod this game for the sake of no grind run at first. But I ended up doing a complete vanilla re-balance patch with adjustments based on Tactics Ogre and Tactics series released thereafter. The goal of this mod is to breath new life to Vanilla gameplay with new mechanics and gameplay design. This Valeria mod will make the game more enjoyable without imposing difficulty. I recommend to enjoy Valeria mod without excessive grinding. You can reliably beat boss battles with lower level though it maybe more challenging without cheesy tactics due to removal of some broken abilities. >=== Reworked mechanics ===< In this Valeria mod, I adjusted some battle machanics based on experience with Tactics Ogre and re-balance some items and equipment to be more useful and interesting. If you're familiar with Tactics Ogre gameplay, you'll find this battle mechanics working in similar manner with some new fresh ideas while staying faithful to vanilla design. [Re-balance healing mechanics] Cure's healing formula should be 10/20/30/40 but they increased healing factor on Cure to 14 due to unreliability of faith based healing. However, it's far from optimal and need high MA and faith to make it effective. Since all other HP restoration abilities are percentage based, I decided to change healing formula into faith-based percentage based at 30/40/60/100% with chance to add Regen status bonus. Aside from percentage healing and regen status added, Cure spell will heal a single target and Curaja will heal with wider effect range similar to black magic's spells too. In other words, you'll get more reliable Cure spells without MA in consideration with shorten charge time from 4/5/7/10 to 2/3/5/7 to make it more usable comparing to other healing methods. Potions will also be adjusted for more balanced gameplay in consideration. Potion will cost a bit more at 80, Hi-Potion will heal 60 HP, and X-Potion will restore 120 HP with price decreased down to 500. Other healing abilities are also nerfed a bit such as Chakra and Murasame but Summon will receive 20% boost on healing. [Introduce proper status infliction mechanics] In original gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics, you'll hardly see enemies using status infliction because they need JP to learn and they barely use good ones. Most of the time attacking does better job since chance to inflict status is on smaller side. We saw how some mods tried to make status infliction becoming more active and it was painful to play. Status infliction changed from contributing factor into core winning factor and many modders avoided such approach to make the game more enjoyable. In Valeria, status infliction will be used more often. Some basic abilities has status infliction and they're useful without breaking game balance or most of them aren't at annoying level. We have Mystic and Orator as magical status infliction but we don't have any job doing physical status infliction at all. In Valeria mod, some physical jobs will also have abilities about status infliction with one that won't annoy player too much. I also considered Blind and Silence status for Archer too but they are permanent status with weapon range which will make the game too painful to play without status recovery setup. We all know that pain from difficulty mod. Aside from adding status infliction on physical jobs, I also added status infliction on some magical abilities as below. Some abilities are least desirable to use due to low success rate and require zodiac compatibility and faith to make so I also raised success rate of these abilities a bit more. With success rate increased, I hope you'll consider giving those abilities more chance to try in your gameplay. [Re-balance speed multiplier] Default mage jobs are way too fast, as fast as Squire and Knight and White mage is even faster. Black mage sometimes kills enemies before they even act. By reducing speed multiplier to 90-95, they will act after other jobs making game more balanced. Only White Mage, Orator and Bard will have the same speed as malee jobs. I won't decrease stats on some enemy's jobs so it won't decrease difficulty in gameplay. I also decreased Speed Growth on Thief and Ninja so it won't have broken speed in late game fights. Thief and Ninja will have swapped speed multiplifer for re-balance purposes. They're still faster units but not way too fast. [Re-balance PA/MA Growth for generic jobs] Most physical jobs has high PA Growth from 40-48 for basic jobs but generic jobs don't have MA Growth except Mime. So I increased MA Growth for Magic oriented jobs based on half of PA Growth decreased from base 50. Since maximum MA bonus stats are decreased and some spells are nerfed, higher MA Growth should compensate well. I also increased PA Growth on Black Mage/Time Mage/Summoner by 5 for re-balance purposes. For physical jobs with PA growth, they'll have MA Growth decreased by half of PA Growth gained from base 50 except some hybrid jobs that won't suffer MA/PA Growth penalty. [Remove Brave/Faith manipulation] Some abilities can be too powerful or useless with brave/faith manipulation. So I changed most brave/faith manipulation abilities to PA/MA manipulation instead. Mystic and Orator's abilities are adjusted to PA/MA manipulation for different uses. This also applies to enemies' abilities. Beowulf's Chicken will temporary inflict Chicken status without lowering Brave so it will work until enemy's turn. I also removed Brave manipulation from Ramza and Reis' abilities too leaving only stats boosting. Bravery Boost and Faith Boost reaction abilities are also removed from Bard/Dancer. [Remove abilities that break the game balance] Despite having Brave/Faith manipulation removed from the game, some abilities are still too powerful to use. Here's the list removed abilities for re-balance purposes. Most of them are reaction and movement abilities that I can't adjust to make it more balanced. Offensive support abilities are also removed so the game won't tilt toward offensive side too much with decreased over all HP. It's a hard decision to remove so many abilities I often use but it also made me realized how much more viable other abilities can shine after removing obvious ones out. [Unlock useful jobs for special characters] Most special characters join with basic jobs unlocked making them subpar most generic you own before they join. So I changed unlocked jobs to be more appropriate to story progression better. Mustadio: Geomancer(3) - So he can advance to dual wielding gun sooner Agrias: Dragoon(3) - Making Iaido Agrias easier to grind and can get Dragonheart too Luso: Summoner(6) - Making use of Summon will help a lot like Golem Rapha: Black Mage(8) - Help Marach become a Dark Knight easier Marach: Knight(8) - Become a Dark Knight faster Beowulf: Mystic(8) - Mystic Arts is already good but can have higher level Balthier: Monk(8) - Martial Arts is already good but can have higher level Reis: Samurai(1) - For Equip Katana and Iaido becoming more viable without grinding Orlandeau: Arcanist(1) - He holds Zodiac stone so let's give him some Lucavi spells bonus Cloud: Time Mage(8) - Swiftness will help his meme-tier limit becoming more viable Meliadoul: Ninja(1) - Dual Wield/Reflexes and higher speed growth job is welcomed to have I've been thinking about changing this for a long before starting version 1.4 development but I wasn't sure that it will match will with story progression and character development. Now I'm certain this will work out for the best after trying generic run. [Re-balance stats of weapon equipment] After playing for a while with re-balance mod, I made numerous adjustments to weapons so it'll scale better with gameplay. Some items are better and some are nerfed a bit for re-balance purposes. Knife equipment will be more useful with extra 10% evasion added and it can work better with Parry skill. I also added 5% to Staff/Rod/Crossbow/Ninja Blade too. This will make Parry much more useful to have. Crossbow and Bow will have weapon power scaling over time better according to chapter progression to compensate Aim making Archer becoming more powerful. Bow's range is increased from 5 to 6 too. Axe has randomized damage with unreliable attack power so I added chance to inflict slow status on all axe equipment to improve its usefulness. Using Weapon Strike won't trigger slow status so it's a good trade off. Gun doesn't seem to scale pretty well in WOTL release with Balthier's gun doing 144 damage and Stoneshooter doing 256 damage. So I adjusted gun to be more balanced with Dual Wield in consideration. Polearm has standard weapon power similar to sword but it has 2 range with 1.5x damage boost on Jump attack so I decreased weapon power down by 1 except Obelisk and Holy Lance. Flail provides terrible damage so I changed Flail damage formula to WP^2 so it can provide better damage. Ninja blade is meant to be next tier of knife upgrade for Ninja. Due to the nature of dual wield, its output is too high comparing to sword so I decreased weapon power by 1 for some ninja blades. Knight's Sword is the most powerful weapon in single player game so dual wield will make break the balance. I removed Dual Wield support for Knight's Sword and add Holy element attribute. [Re-balance HP/Evasion Rate of equipment] Weapon Guard has low block rate but shields and cloaks has crazy high block rate during chapter 3-4. Aegis Shield giving 50% magic evasion rate is too powerful with 30% cloak and Reflexes. Physical evasion can goes up to 40% stacking with 10-30% evasion from class meaning equipping shield will hit really hard and Concentration will be needed to make sure you'll land a hit. However, most seasoned players will ended up using non-evadable attacks with attack bonus instead and the idea of adding Concentration to render evasion useless benefits player more than AI. As a result, this re-balance will decrease evasion rate cap down to more reasonable level as below. Weapon: 60 -> 35 (40 for Defender and Dancer's Cloth) Shield: 40 -> 30 (40 for non-buyable shields) Cloak: 40 -> 25 (30 for Invisibility Cloak) Magic evasion: 50 -> 25 You probably won't notice significant changes during chapter 1 you won't get to see less than 70% success rate very often as much as before. Enemies will have Parry more frequently too. Helmet and Heavy Armor may give more bonus HP in early chapters but bonus HP advantage later fall behind in late game with about the same amount of HP bonus rendering heavy armor useless. In this re-balance, I'll setup HP bonus cap on buyable equipment as below. Hat: 100 -> 50 Clothing: 100 -> 70 (80 for Rubber Suit) Robe: 75 -> 60 (70/50 for Lordly Robe) Sounds like a massive cap but fear not. Most items scale a lot around chapter 3 so you won't lose a lot of HP bonus until very late. Let's compare stats boosting items here for details. Headband + Power Garb Vanilla: 56 + 70 = 126 Re-Balance: 36 + 55 = 81 Loss: 45 Close Helmet + Golden Armor = 70 + 70 = 140 Celebrant's Miter + Wizard's Robe Vanilla: 64 + 30 = 94 Re-Balance: 40 + 30 = 70 Loss: 24 This way mage units won't suffer much from HP bonus reduction and this will give more reason for Equip Heavy Armor to shine because it's going to give you 220 HP bonus over 80-120 HP from Hat and Clothing. Since bonus HP is decreased a lot, I also removed offensive support abilities out from the game so player can't taking advantage of offensive tactics against enemies with lowered HP. [Toughened bosses in important fights] Some bosses can be exploited with status ailments to make battle easier. That's fine but Lucavi bosses shouldn't be affected by negative status like Slow/Immobilize/Disable. Many fights are easier thanks to Slow ability so you have more time to prepare before getting nuked by bosses. In Valeria mod, those bosses are immune to those status now. I also buffed up some bosses to be harder to defeat but there's also extra merits as well. Gaffgarion: Added Safeguard so you can't steal/break his weapon now but you'll get Blood Sword as War Trophy after defeating him Argath: Added Arcane Defense and wield Chaos Blade now but you can also get Chaos Blade from treasure hunt Elmdore: Changed Brawler to Concentration but you can get Masamune as War Trophy after defeating him Dycedarg: Added Safeguard so you can't steal/break his weapon now but you'll get Defender as War Trophy after defeating his Lucavi form Aliste: Added Arcane Strength so his Iaido will hit harder but you can also steal his equipment and get Genji Glove as War Trophy instead of Genji Armor Bremont: Added Defense Boost to his Dark Dragon form but you can also get Lordly Robe as War Trophy after defeating him As this isn't a difficulty mod, I'll buff Argath and Elmdore's defense for story battles and buff Aliste and Bremont's offense for optional battles. You can control units you already recruited as a guest too. >=== Reworked jobs ===< I find many jobs being unbalanced for better or worse especially for Archer with uselessly long Aim and Arithmetician being too over powered with math abuse. Magicians are as fast as malee units and White Mage is even faster. It was very hard for beginners to land magic spells on enemies without making mistakes because you need to plan and predict everyone's move ahead. So I decided to revamp some parts of jobs that need some works with some changes and enhancenents while staying vanilla but more fun to play with proper mechanics. [Specialize jobs with innate abilities] Back then when I was playing Wild Arms XF, I found each class being so useful with its unique abilities and you can learn that skill to use on other classes. Chemist with Throw Items is awesome and I wish more jobs can be like that too. But this game can't add many skills freely so you're stuck with only one each making some abilities seem less useful than others and often ignored. Some jobs are utilized for getting abilities and move on. The hard part is choosing the right abilities that makes job more interesting to play without breaking the balance between your units and enemies. Enemies will gain benefits too making gameplay even more interesting. Some abilities can be learned without JP cost which will allow enemies taking advantage of those abilities more frequently rather than player using those abilities alone. Reaction: Parry/Regenerate Movement: Treasure Hunter These will also increase enemy's evasion rate and surviability after taking damage. If they walk on treasure tile, they have high chance to steal your loot too. [Re-balance Squire jobs] Original Squire abilities are a bit too useless to be used with other jobs in after the first chapter. I decided to re-balance a few abilities in Squire job as below. I also removed PA Growth restriction and decreased MA Multiplifer a little. Squire job will become more useful through later chapters in this way. [Re-balance UberSquire jobs] Ramza's Squire job is uber strong and always like that since the beginning of the game. So I locked PA and MA to be the same value as generic Squire in chapter 1. This applied to Delita and Argath too. After chapter 1, Ramza's Squire job will gradually become stronger over the time based on Delita's scale as a reference. These changes will also apply on Delita and Argath as guest units too. Ramza's job name will be changed over time as "Squire -> Mercenary -> Heretic". In his final upgrade, he'll have some stats increased comparing to original as below. I believe this will balance out the game play experience better and also give more realistic challenges using starting Squire job without damage boost and get stronger over time. [Revamp Chemist Items abilities] Chemist in Valeria mod will have innate Treasure Hunter and Equip Gun support ability so you don't have to go all the way to Orator just to get Equip Gun for other jobs. Gold Needle and Maiden's Kiss are least like be used items in FFT and superceded by Remedy. So I changed them to Protective Charm and Maiden's Blessing for providing Protect and Shell improving Chemist usefulness. Now your Chemist can provide buffs to a single unit immediately which makes Items being more handy to have. I also removed PA Growth restriction and buff MA Multiplier a little so you can keep using Chemist without Growth penalty. [Revamp Archer Aim abilities] People often complain how bad archer is as they can't utilize higher than 3 so most will get some decent abilities and move on. Now archer is back, stronger than before and be more useful enough not break the game. Aim will be changed to Precision having the following new abilities with status infliction based on later Tactics series. Original Aim is moved into Machinist's skill set with Aim re-scaling up to +7 with 10 CT. Some new spells are shared with monster abilities and Machinist/Sky Pirate job. Machinist will take hybrid Knight/Archer setup with Rend stats as a bonus. I won't add Rend equipment as it'll work too well against Thief Cap. I also improve Crossbow and bow's weapon damage scaling according to chapter progression so archer will hit harder with stronger weapons now. You can also use Equip Crossbow with other jobs to do more damage too. [Re-balance White/Black Mage abilities] As I explained before about changes in healing mechanics on White Mage, I also made some other adjustments to make these jobs performing better in this re-balance too. Since Regen will be applied on Cure and Regenerate, ability Regen will not be useful anymore so I changed it to Meditate similar to Tactics Ogre restoring MA*4 with CT 5. I also nerfed Holy spell since some people use it to OHKO some battles. Now it has damage factor decreased (50 -> 34), CT decreased (6 -> 5), and MP cost decreased (56 -> 30). Holy will hit a bit weaker than Unholy Darkness but have less CT and MP cost to be more efficient. Celebrant's Miter and Luminous Robe will also strengthen Holy too. Fire/Blizzard/Thunder spells are also upgraded with better scaling for different uses. First tier spell will hit single target and effect area keeps expanding after upgrading to higher tier. Fire will have damage scaling changed from 14/18/24/32 to 14/17/23/32 which will have -ra/-ga tier little weaker. However, they can be casted faster with CT decreased from 4/5/7/10 to 3/4/6/8 so you can land more powerful spell more frequently. Blizzard will deal more damage slightly with damage scaling at 15/19/26/36 and Thunder will have CT decreased by 1 having the same CT scaling as Cure spells at 2/3/5/7. Since only Fire has Oil effect to double damage, I hope adding bonus to Ice/Thunder spells will balane things out a bit. These changes will also be applied to Summons too so please check in job's details. [Re-balance Monk's Martial Art abilities] Some Monk's abilities are overpower and much more preferable than spells due to instant cast time and its effectiveness. So I added CT and adjust some abilities as below. This way Monk's abilities will still be useful but won't conveniently render white magic spells useless. I also adjusted Doom Fist to be more situational to use in different ways too. [Rebuild Arithmetician as Arcanist] The original Arithmetician is too OP and abusive with other jobs. Looking into its original state, it has terrible stats so most this job can't function by itself. I decided to rebuild this job anew with lost magic from Lucavi demons and they can learn from story battles as blue mage. However, they still lack some interesting innate to add for their puny stats. So I decided to rebuild this job based on Arcanist job in Tactics A2 version with poweful monster abilities. In this case, I use Lucavi spells which can be learned on hit with 100% or learn through 1200 JP. I replaced broken abilities with lost magic from from Lucavi demons. Meltdown/Tornado/Quake can also be learned with 1,200 JP cost or learn on hit. Arcanist comes with both Defense Boost Arcane Defense as innate abilities but have MA Multiplier slightly lower than Black Mage. [Re-balance Bard/Dancer] Default Bard/Dancer has a lot of disappointments like very low HP/MP and crappy evasion. It's like they're trying to tell you to not use these jobs more than support units. So, in order to make these jobs actually useful as fighters, I compared stats to other jobs and try to find optimal niche it can fill in like having strongest physical attack in mage jobs and magical attack on malee jobs. I boosted HP to only around Ninja and Summoner level with small Evasion boost so they won't break the game balance of other jobs. MP is adjusted with little higher than Mystic for Bard and Samurai for Dancer. But that's not all, I changed success rate of some songs and dance too. I boost effective songs and dance a bit to 60-70% and keep broken abilites down to 35-40% so it should be fine and more useful. They also have additional equippable weapon such as Gun for Bard and Ninja Blade for Dancer. Both jobs can also equip Robe too which I think it should be within balanced area. [Re-balance Mime job] Original Mime has a bit too abyssal growth to for growing very strong after a few level ups. I reduced growth rate from monster level down to human level with increased multiplier to compensate as below. Mime's growth rate is still exceptional comparing to other jobs with big PA/MA Multiplier to compensate for lowered growth rate and no equipment. [Re-balance Sword skills] Holy Knights are known to have over powered physical move. They're non-evadable, hard hitting with status infliction and no CT at all. The worst part is Orlandeau has them all. In this Valeria mod, I adjusted Sword skills to be usable for both player and enemies without breaking game balance as below. This way player can't freely spam Hallowed Bolt, Divine Ruination, and Crush abilities freely. I also decrease attack power a little. Judgement Blade is ranged and multi-hit so no damage bonus. [Re-balance Dark Knight job] Original Dark Knight job is ridiculously strong with 140 PA Multiplier. Since it takes massive grinding on high PA Growth jobs, its physical damage output ended up being ridiculously high. So, I removed level 8 jobs requirements making Dark Knight job becoming much easier to unlock. This way it won't have high massive PA Growth to booth and I also adjust stats as below with Vehemence innate ability. Do not let 100 PA Multiplifer fool you. With Vehemence boosting 1.5x damage for both PA and MA, it's even higher than original 140. You can also stack with other support abilities to improve defense side too. [Re-balance Onion Knight job] Onion Knight is designed to be meme tier job since you need to master all other jobs for Onion Knight to have decent stats but still be subpar comparing to other jobs due to abilities restriction and can only level up is eating bacon from Pig. So, I decided to rework on Onion Knight with same growth rate for both before and after mastering all other jobs and set all stats Multiplier to 100 and boost to 120 after mastered. 100 Multiplier may sound a bit too powerful with all equipment support but he can't level up normally and has no access to abilities so it's a good trade off from my testing run. Speaking about abilities, it's a shame that he can't use anything but attack so I decided to give him some special abilities that can be learned without JP cost and use as below. Since he can't gain EXP/JP or assign any ability, I also added remaining slots with abilities from monster which can be useful but not too broken in story battle too. Oh. Onion can equip everything right but he can't make use of any weapon properly so I decided to change his innate abilities from buffing to abilities related to equipment as below. May sound a bit too powerful to have Dual Wield or Doublehand innately but it won't hit unexpectedly hard with 100 Multiplier. Maybe this job can be great to use after mastered. >=== Job leveling re-balance ===< In this Valeria mod, level requirements for basic jobs are decreased by 1 similar to PSX version. This will allow player advancing to new jobs faster building up JP points for important abilities on time. I also changed job progression path to be more friendly to no grind run and re-arrange job unlocking system to be more proper in my own understanding. [Re-arrange job progression] Why does Dragoon job requiring Thief job to be unlocked. Is it just me that Dragoon job is like Knight-varient? Why does Mystic unlock Orator not Time Mage when the job itself resembles Taoist who reads the star? And Time Mage job unlocks Summoner that talks with espers instead of Orator that can talk with Beast and specialize in Speechcraft, not to mention both jobs are superior to Orator in terms of magic. Time Mage needs massive JP to master so it should be on the same level as Summoner and makes more sense for Mystic job to advance to Time Mage that can call forth Meteor from stars. Dragoon: Knight(2) -> Monk(3) Geomancer: Archer(2) -> Thief(3) Time Mage: White Magic(2) -> Mystic(3) Summoner: Black Magic(2) -> Orator(3) Since Monk can unlock Dragoon job directly, you can also proceed to Samurai and Ninja with linear job progression path as below. Samurai: Knight(3) -> Monk(4) -> Dragoon(3) - No more Archer(3) -> Thief(4) requirements just to unlock Dragoon Ninja: Archer(3) -> Thief(4) -> Geomancer(3) - No more Knight(3) -> Monk(4) requirements just to unlock Geomancer This way, you can unlock Samurai and Ninja job naturally without putting extra effort as it should be. You can gain access to jobs around the time you get their items without excessive grinding required. I also changed Dark Knight job's requirements to killing 20 enemies with Knight and Black Mage mastered only. Reaching level 8 jobs for Dragoon, Geomancer, Samurai, and Ninja is not possible without massive grinding. The reason why Dark Knight is so powerful is due to massive grinding on high PA Growth jobs up to level 8 combined with 140 PA Multiplier. He's ridicolously strong thanks to high base PA. I also re-balanced Dark Knight too. [Jobs' requirements summary] >=== Items re-balance ===< I found some items working differently from Tactics Ogre or some being way too unbalanced crippling main jobs too much so I made some changes to make items being more useful to some jobs. Items re-balance Weapon's stats re-balance Job equipment re-balance Weapon stats re-balance Shield evasion re-balance Hat's bonus re-balance Hair Adornment's bonus re-balance Clothing's bonus re-balance Robe's bonus re-balance Accessory's bonus re-balance >=== Jobs and abilities re-balance ===< I find switching to new jobs and have unusable main abilities unacceptable so having some skills that can learn immediately will help a lot. So I'll make basic abilities for each job usable and decrease JP cost for some abilities. I won't change stats more than necessary like other mods as it might break the original game balance. Some jobs may have significant adjustments but won't go beyond original role to keep vanilla feel. My changes won't affect game mechanics too much. It's still faithful to original design, just to make sure that it doesn't go overboard. I also add JP Boost with no JP cost required so everyone can learn and equip JP Boost to level their jobs even faster. Since changes and improvements are too long to be listed in this main thread now, please download full valeria update from this link below for more details about Valeria Job System. >=== Changelog ===< 1.5.1 1.5 >=== Download ===< My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics. FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5 (PSP USA) FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5 (PSP EUR) I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again.
  6. Valeria 1.5.1 is out now with cure spells fixed. I forget that formula used in cure spells requires status infliction so I'll put Regen status back now. I'll also make Archer's Venom Strike and Oily Strike to have 100% status infliction too. These changes are made before releasing on X'Mas and it seems I made some mistakes there. I also have something left to be done too which is Time Mage skill set and reworked Arcanist abilities. Now Time Magicks will be more powerful from 0.25-0.5x damage to 0.35-0.65x damage. I also fixed missing information about added effect status too. 1.5.1 -Added missing effect information on reworked skills -Changed Venom Strike/Oily Strike to have 100% status infliction again -Changed Tornado ability to always inflict Slow status on hit but will not affect unit with Slow status immunity -Decreased hit rate of Gravity ability (190 -> 180) and increased damage factor (25 -> 35) -Fixed Cure/Cura/Curaga spells not working because status infliction is required so Regen status was added back -Increased damage factor of Graviga ability (50 -> 65) and reverted effect area back to 1 -Increased damage factor of Poison ability (12 -> 20) -Increased hit rate of Haste/Slow ability (180 -> 200) FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.1 (PSP USA) - FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.1 (PSP EUR) - Tornado may not deal much damage but at least it's stronger than original Gravity and can Slow enemies too which can be very useful in some situation.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. Today I'd like to give me present to FFT fans with Valeria 1.5 update. After the long development for version 1.5 update, it's finally done with completed re-balance in every spot. [Chapter 1 true re-balance] First of all, I'd like to introduce the proper gameplay in chapter 1. Ramza, Delita and Argath will not receive bonus HP/PA/MA boost anymore. Delita will still have little HP boost and Argath will also have evasion boost though. This will make them no different from other generic squire with little boost. They can't tank or deal harder damage anymore so please plan your game accordingly and you'll do fine. I highly recommend everyone to start over with Veleria 1.5 to experience the new gameplay changes making whole new experience while still being faithful to vanilla mechanics. [Ramza the Heretic] Ramza has stats progression will now affect his HP/MP/Evasion too for better improvements over time. Ramza will become gradually stronger over the time. Squire HP Multiplier: 100 HP Growth: 11 MP Multiplier: 85 MP Growth: 13 PA Growth: 50 PA Multiplier: 90 MA Growth: 48 MA Multiplier: 80 C-Ev%: 5 Mercenary HP Multiplier: 110 HP Growth: 10 MP Multiplier: 95 MP Growth: 12 PA Growth: 48 PA Multiplier: 100 MA Growth: 46 MA Multiplier: 90 C-Ev%: 10 Heretic HP Multiplier: 120 HP Growth: 10 MP Multiplier: 105 MP Growth: 11 PA Growth: 45 PA Multiplier: 110 MA Growth: 45 MA Multiplier: 100 C-Ev%: 15 Ramza's job name will be changed over time as "Squire -> Mercenary -> Heretic". In his final upgrade, he'll have some stats increased comparing to original as below. HP Growth: 11 -> 10 PA Growth: 50 -> 45 MA Growth: 48 -> 45 C-Ev%: 10 -> 15 His PA/MA Growth are adjusted to be more balanced with some bonus to compensate for starting the game as true ordinary Squire as well. [Item re-balance] A lot of weapons are re-balanced to scale better over time such as Bow with 1-4 bonus weapon power instead of fixed 2 and Katana getting extra weapon power with Brave factor in consideration. Ninja's throwing Shuriken will be stronger with 2 bonus weapon power with price adjusted to make Throw skill set being more useful than chipping some damage. Knight's Sword has Holy attribute as a counterpart of Fell Sword now. Equip status of Knight's Sword will be re-distributed to proper placement for re-balanced purposes. Block rate limit is decreased down to 35 (40 for Defender and Dancer's Cloth) with some information corrected. For other item re-balance updates, please check full changelog for details. [Overhual job re-balance] During my 1.4 gameplay, I found some jobs performing something better or worse than others so I applied re-balance in finer details like HP/MP along with other changes for each job as below. Squire To make Squire deserving to be used as a main job more, I increased PA Growth a bit though previous patch is fine. I also decreased MP a bit for physical oriented job. Chemist I increased MA/MP growth a bit so this job can provide better magic support as a main with little boost on MP too. Knight I increased his HP growth a bit so he can do tanking job better and decrease MP growth and multiplier to limit magic's efficiency a bit. Archer Archer is now faster with bonus speed but not as fast as Thief. I also increased HP/MP growth a bit too which make Archer a more desirable job to use especially with magic support role. Status infliction on Venom Strike/Oily Strike will be chance based now and increased ticks for Poison status. Barrage is changed to Lightning Strike based on A2 reference and Burial will crystalize Undead instead of stone. White Mage Cure spells has healing factor changed to 30/40/60/100 and only Curaja will add Regen status so only with increased ticks. Cura won't be enough anymore. I also reduced CT of Protectja/Shallja to be more useful. Wall ability seems to be a bit powerful even with short ticks so I decreased its hit rate down but also decreased CT too. HP growth is also decreased a bit in consideration of passive Defense Boost. Black Mage CT of 4-tier spells are decreased to 3/4/6/8 making spells launching faster (2/3/5/7 for Thunder spells) and damage scaling is changed to 14/17/23/32 for re-balance purposes (15/19/26/36 for Blizzard spells). Although its magic offensive spells are nerfed a bit but Blizzard spells are strong enough. I also increased PA/MA growth to lower the loss of grinding spells to use with physical jobs. Monk Since Monk doesn't have Hat equipment and PA Multiplier is decreased, I increased HP Growth/Multiplier a bit to make up losing offense. I also increased PA growth and decreased MA growth a bit too. Thief This job is already good enough so no re-balance is actually applied on this job. Maybe decreasing block rate of Main Gauche is worth mentioning here. Mystic Mystic will have 4 move now as the only 4 move mage with MA growth increased and PA growth decreased. Corruption/Fervor/Induration abilities will have hit rate increased a bit too. Orator You can now learn Auto-Potion again in Valeria though it'll be harder to learn on Orator with increased JP. I increased MA/MP growth a lot and nerf PA growth to compensate it too. Dragoon Dragoon is still too powerful so I decreased HP multiplier and PA growth a bit but I also increased Speed and MA growth with bonus evasion as original Dragoon now. I need to nerf Dragoon more because Polearm and Jump are very strong and I increased weapon power of some late game weapon a bit too (Not Javalin II which is already very strong). Geomancer Since equipment with MA boosting makes Geomancer skills a bit powerful in some situation, I decided to decrease MA multiplier a little more. Time Mage MA growth and multiplier are increased a lot with PA growth decreased a bit making Time Mage more powerful unit to have. Meteor will be slightly weaker based on lower CT value. Hasteja/Slowja will cast faster and Graviga has hit rate increased but won't slow unit anymore. Summoner A lot of skill set re-balance. I increased hit rate of Carbuncle/Sylph abilities. I also decreased CT of Salamander/Sylph abilities too. Leviathan will have CT increased a bit. Ramuh and Odin has damage factor decreased for re-balance with similiar tier abilities and Titan will be significantly stronger now. I also increased MA growth a lot on this job. Samurai I increased MA Multiplier and MP Growth a bit for better Samurai as a main. As Katana weapons are buffed, I nerfed a few early Iaido offensive abilities to compensate it too. Since there's a few abilities adjusted so I recommend you to read full changelog. For now, Kiyomori and Masamune will apply random status instead of all status. Ninja Vanish is back now with 20 ticks meaning you can't keep hiding forever. Aside from Dancer move, Regen status can be useful with high speed vanish unit. I also increased Shuriken and Bomb damage with 2 bonus weapon power so throw will be stronger now with more gil to spend for. Arcanist Since most abilities are very powerful, I decreased its MA Multiplier a bit and nerf Migardsormr and Nanoflare for re-balance purposes. However, I increased MA growth to be highest among generic jobs. Holy/Flare/Meteor/Bahamut abilities are removed from skill set but Meltdown/Tornado/Quake can be learned instead with some changes. Please read full changelog for details. Bard There's no re-balance applied to this job yet. Dancer There's no re-balance applied to this job except her Cloth having block rate decreased by 10. Mime I decreased HP and PA growth a bit and increased other stats to make Mime being useful without extensive grinding required. Though Mime can't assign any ability at all but you can gain JP and learn its innate Concentration ability which is banned in Valeria for a while now. Onion Knight Onion Knight is revamped from meme job into something decent with 100 HP/MP/Speed/PA/MA multiplier and boost to 120 when mastered. It comes with Reequip/Dual Wield/Doublehand/Parry as a weapon master too. But that's not all, Onion Knight finally has Huntcraft skill set borrowed from Game Hunter with monster abilities you can learn on hit and some useful and unique abilities. Please read full changelog for details. These changes are observed from my previous 1.4 gameplay so most of them should perform well but let me know if you have suggestion about job re-balance. [Special character re-balance] As I revamped Ramza from UberSquire to proper job progression, I also modified other special characters too. They also have better jobs unlocked on recruit too. Ladd He will join with Chemist level 6 unlocked so you can make good use of items from him. Alicia She will join with Thief level 4 unlocked so you can start working on stealing if you don't have one already. Levian She will join with Monk level 4 unlocked so you can start working on Samurai path sooner if you don't have one already. Mustadio Although gun won't reply on PA but increasing PA for cases of using Bow should be fine and he will join with Geomancer level 3 unlocked (faster access to Ninja). Agrias Since her speed issue can be resolved with Tynar Rogue, I reverted speed growth and increased PA growth a bit instead. She will join with Dragoon level 3 unlocked (faster access to Samurai). Luso I changed his skill set to Mettle (Ramza's CH4) and he will join with Summoner level 4 unlocked so he can learn Golem with other useful abilities. Rapha I changed damage scaling of her Sky Mantra abilities to 12/14/16/18/10/24 and she will join with Black Mage level 8 unlocked to help her brother mastering Dark Knight sooner. Marach I changed damage scaling of his Nether Mantra abilities to 36/42/48/54/30/72 and he will jion with Knight level 8 unlocked to become Dark Knight sooner. Orlandeau Since he has zodiac stone with decent magic stats, he will join with Arcanist level 1 unlocked for faster access to all kinds of main magicks. Meliadoul I reverted her move back to 4 and increased her MP growth a bit more. Crush armor and weapon will have CT lowered too. She will join with Ninja level 1 unlocked to grind some speed and abilities. Beowulf He's already good with Mystic job unlocked but wouldn't hurt to unlock level 8 on recruit. Reis She will join with Samurai level 1 unlocked so you can learn to equip sword or katana sooner along with Iaido. Balthier He's also good with Martial Arts support so he will join with Monk level 8 unlocked Cloud He will join at party level with with Time Mage level 8 unlocked to combo with Meteor based limit break abilities. [Safeguard on important bosses] In some particularly fights I recorded, important enemies with good set of equipment ended up having to steal making unneeded mess in gameplay. So, I decided to make some changes in important fights for specific bosses as below. Gaffgarion: Have Safeguard equipped and he will drop Blood Sword after you defeat him for the last time. He also has Chant ability added to heal his allies adding depth to his character more. Elmdore: Have Concentration equipped with innate Safeguard. He may seem harder with Concentration but you can get Masamune drop from defeating Zalera so make best effort to defeat him fast. Dycedarg: Have Safeguard equipped but you can get Defender drop from defeating Adremmelech though you may already have one from Meliadoul fight. You can get Genji set from Aliste later so not being able to steal from Elmdore shouldn't hurt much. Getting Genji set from Elmdore will also break the game balance too. Phew. That's a lot of updates to write about and there's still a few not mentioned yet. You can read completed changelog below for details. 1.5 -Added Chant ability to Gaffgarion (Ch.2) and Argath (Ch.4) -Added Huntcraft skill set with Ice Breath/Fire Breath/Thunder Breath/Charm/Celestial Stasis/Choco Esuna/Choco Cure/Goblin Punch/Self-Destruct/Ink/Bewitching Gaze/Doom/Guardian Nymph/Shell Nymph/Almagest/Dark Whisper to Onion Knight job -Changed Cure spells healing factor ratio (35/50/65/100 -> 30/40/60/100) and only Curaja will have Regen effect -Changed Barrage's ability name to Lightning Strike -Changed Bewitching Gaze to inflict Silence status with (50+MA)% success rate and have 2 linear range -Changed Bow's weapon power scaling from 2 bonus weapon power to 1-4 bonus weapon power based on chapter -Changed Cloud to join at party's level -Changed CT of 4-tier Fire/Blizzard spells to 3/4/6/8 -Changed CT of 4-tier Thunder spells to 2/3/5/7 -Changed damage scaling of 4-tier Blizzard spells to 15/19/26/36 -Changed damage scaling of 4-tier Fire/Thunder spells to 14/17/23/32 -Changed damage scaling of Nether Mantra abilities to 36/42/48/54/30/72 -Changed damage scaling of Sky Mantra abilities to 12/14/16/18/10/24 -Changed Excalibur's equip status removed and decreased weapon power (21 -> 20) -Changed Game Hunter's skill set from Huntcraft to Mettle (Ramza CH4) -Changed HP/MP Multiplier on Delita/Argath to be on Squire level in chapter 1 -Changed job unlocked on special character units except Balthier and Beowulf -Changed Kiyomori to add random Protect/Shell status -Changed Masamune to add random Regen/Haste status -Changed Meltdown/Tornado/Quake to be learnable abilities with 1,200 JP cost -Changed Meltdown to target self only and have chance to inflict Disable status -Changed Mime's job unlocking requirements to unlocking all jobs except Dark Knight -Changed Nagrarok with weapon power increased (1 -> 8) and decreased block rate (50 -> 35) -Changed Ninja's throwing bomb with weapon power increased by 2 and price increasd (50/300/1000 -> 100/500/1000) -Changed Ninja's throwing shuriken with weapon power increased by 2 and price increasd (250 -> 400) -Changed Onion Knight's HP Growth to 10 -Changed Onion Knight's MP Growth to 10 -Changed Onion Knight's Speed Growth to 90 -Changed Onion Knight's PA Growth to 40 -Changed Onion Knight's MA Growth to 40 -Changed Onion Knight's HP/MP/Speed/PA/MA Multiplier to 100 (120 when mastered) -Changed Onion Knight's job unlocking requirements to Squire(4), Chemist(4) -Changed Osafune to damage (30+MA)% of MP with faith based hit rate 200% -Changed Quake to target self only with non-faith magic damage at 24 damage factor and have chance to inflict Immobilize status -Changed Ramza's UberSquire stats progression to affect HP/MP Multiplier, HP/MP Growth, and Evasion too -Changed Ramza's UberSquire name from only Squire to "Squire -> Mercenary -> Heretic" -Changed Ragnarok's equip status (Shell -> Haste) -Changed Seal Evil to Burial which crystalizes Undead unit with success rate decreased (70 -> 65) and use evasion in calculation -Changed status infliction of Venom Strike/Oily Strike to chance based -Changed Tornado to target self only with 35% HP damage with 160 faith-based hit rate and have chance to inflict Slow status -Decreased block rate of Cloth weapons (50 -> 40) -Decreased block rate of Defender (50 -> 40) and add equip Shell status -Decreased block rate of Main Gauche (50 -> 35) -Decreased CT of crush abilities (2 for Helm, 3 for Accessory, 4 for Armor, and 5 for Weapon) -Decreased CT of Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja abilities (7 -> 5) -Decreased CT of Salamander ability (13 -> 12) -Decreased damage factor of Ama-no-Murakumo ability (14 -> 13) -Decreased damage factor of Ashura ability (8 -> 7) -Decreased damage factor of Kotetsu ability (12 -> 10) and has Dark element attribute added -Decreased damage factor of Migardsormr ability (20 -> 18) -Decreased damage factor of Nanoflare ability (8 -> 7) -Decreased damage factor of Odin ability (38 -> 34) -Decreased damage factor of Meteor ability (42 -> 40) -Decreased damage factor of Ramuh ability (22 -> 20) -Decreased Gastrophetes' weapon power (10 -> 9) -Decreased hit rate of Wall ability (200 -> 160) and decrease CT (5 -> 4) -Decreased HP Growth on Mime job (6 -> 7) -Decreased HP Growth on White Mage job (10 -> 11) -Decreased HP Multiplier on Dragoon job (110 -> 100) -Decreased MA Growth on Monk job (51 -> 52) -Decreased MA Multiplier on Arcanist job (135 -> 125) -Decreased MA Multiplier on Geomancer job (100 -> 95) -Decreased MP Growth on Knight job (15 -> 16) -Decreased MP Multiplier on Squire job (75 -> 70) -Decreased MP Multiplier on Knight job (80 -> 60) -Decreased PA Growth on Dragoon job (40 -> 45) -Decreased PA Growth on Mime job (35 -> 38) -Decreased PA Growth on Orator job (50 -> 60) -Decreased Speed Growth on Holy Knight job (98 -> 100) -Fixed Headband's description with bonus PA increased (1 -> 2) -Fixed Salve's description Slow status removal changed to Oil -Fixed Tailwind's description to add Quick status -Fixed Wizard's Robe's description with bonus MA decreased (2 -> 1) -Increased bonus HP of Cachusha/Barette (10 -> 30) -Increased bonus MP of Black Robe (30 -> 40) -Increased CT of Leviathan ability (13 -> 14) -Increased damage factor of Chirijiraden ability (20 -> 21) -Increased damage factor of Titan ability (24 -> 28) -Increased healing factor of Choco Cure ability (3 -> 4) -Increased hit rate of Corruption ability (100 -> 120) -Increased hit rate of Carbuncle ability (150 -> 160) -Increased hit rate of Fervor ability (120 -> 140) -Increased hit rate of Graviga ability (120 -> 140) and remove chance to inflict Slow status -Increased hit rate of Guardian Nymph ability (45 -> 65), effect area (1 -> 2), vertical (0 -> 3), and don't hit enemies -Increased hit rate of Induration ability (120 -> 130) -Increased hit rate of Shell Nymph ability (45 -> 65), effect area (1 -> 2), vertical (0 -> 3), and don't hit enemies -Increased hit rate of Sylph ability (150 -> 170) and decrease CT (7 -> 5) -Increased HP Growth on Archer job (11 -> 10) -Increased HP Growth on Knight job (10 -> 9) -Increased HP Growth on Monk job (9 -> 8) -Increased HP Multiplier on Mime job (140 -> 150) -Increased HP Multiplier on Monk job (135 -> 140) -Increased Javelin II's weapon power (18 -> 20) -Increased Katana's weapon power scaling with brave formula in consideration -Increased MA Growth on Arcanist job (46 -> 40) -Increased MA Growth on Black Mage job (48 -> 47) -Increased MA Growth on Chemist job (50 -> 48) -Increased MA Growth on Dragoon job (55 -> 52) -Increased MA Growth on Mime job (40 -> 38) -Increased MA Growth on Mystic job (48 -> 47) -Increased MA Growth on Orator job (48 -> 45) -Increased MA Growth on Summoner Mage job (47 -> 42) -Increased MA Growth on Time Mage job (47 -> 45) -Increased MA Multiplier on Mime job (115 -> 150) -Increased MA Multiplier on Samurai job (95 -> 100) -Increased MA Multiplier on Time Mage job (125 -> 135) -Increased MP Growth on Archer job (15 -> 14) -Increased MP Growth on Chemist job (16 -> 14) -Increased MP Growth on Divine Knight job (15 -> 12) -Increased MP Growth on Mime job (30 -> 12) -Increased MP Growth on Orator job (18 -> 12) -Increased MP Growth on Samurai job (14 -> 13) -Increased MP Multiplier on Archer job (65 -> 70) -Increased MP Multiplier on Chemist job (75 -> 80) -Increased MP Multiplier on Mime job (50 -> 80) -Increased PA Growth on Black Mage job (60 -> 55) -Increased PA Growth on Holy Knight job (48 -> 45) -Increased PA Growth on Machinist job (50 -> 45) -Increased PA Growth on Monk job (48 -> 45) -Increased PA Growth on Mystic job (60 -> 55) -Increased PA Growth on Squire job (50 -> 48) -Increased PA Growth on Time Mage job (65 -> 60) -Increased PA Multiplier on Mime job (120 -> 140) -Increased Move on Mystic job (3 -> 4) -Increased number of ticks duration for Poison/Regen status (36 -> 48) -Increased Speed Growth on Dragoon job (100 -> 95) -Increased Speed Multiplier on Archer job (100 -> 110) -Moved Auto-Potion back to Orator job -Moved Concentration back to Mime job -Moved Vanish back to Ninja job with status duration added for 20 ticks -Removed bonus +1 MA from Luminous Robe -Removed Dual Wield from Knight's Sword description -Removed Holy/Flare/Meteor/Bahamut abilities from Arcanist's skill set -Reverted Dark element attribute on Kotetsu weapon and its ability -Reverted Evasion on Dragoon job -Reverted MP cost scaling of Fire/Ice/Thunder spells including summon -Reverted Move on Divine Knight job -Reverted PA Growth on Arcanist job -Reverted weapon power reduction on Obelisk and Holy Lance -Toughened up Dycedarg with Safeguard but you can get Defender as War Trophy after defeating his Lucavi form -Toughened up Elmdore with Concentration and Safeguard but you can get Masamune as War Trophy after defeating him -Toughened up Gaffgarion with Safeguard but you can get Blood Sword as War Trophy after defeating him Download My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics. FFT WotL - Valeria 1.5 (PSP USA): FFT WotL - Valeria 1.5 (PSP EUR): For full release information, please check this link below. I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again.
  8. I'm glad to hear you like Valeria mod. This mod includes slowdown fix so you need to apply on clean ISO without slowdown patch.
  9. FFT: WOTL Valeria 1.4.3 is out with some fixes and adjustments After finishing chapter 3, I realized some changes I made before are a bit too powerful so I nerfed those abilities down a bit. Leg Shot/Arm Shot are too reliable with over 70% hit rate so adding evasion into calculation will balance things out. I thought adding 2 PA with Steel is fine for range 1 but adding Steel twice with strong weapons and dual wield deals too strong damage. Wall status on high speed unit last like 2 turns and sometimes up to 3-4 with Adrenaline Rush so I reduced status duration down a bit. 1.4.3 -Changed success rate of Assassin's abilities to use evasion in calculation -Changed success rate of Leg Shot/Arm Shot abilities to use evasion in calculation -Decreased bonus PA on Steel ability (2 -> 1) -Decreased status duration of Wall (16 -> 12) -Fixed Kiyomori to add Protect/Shell status properly instead of Wall You can read full information about this mod from here. If you ever have hard time playing Valeria mod since broken abilities are removed, you can watch my no grind run videos here. It's easy enough to win the battle without grinding. >=== Download ===< My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics. FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4.3 (PSP USA) - FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4.3 (PSP EUR) - I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again.
  10. FFT: WOTL Valeria 1.4.2 is out glitches fix and re-balance on Ramza's abilities After playing chapter 2 for a while, I realized something was off and some people reported about endless move Quick glitch that I forget to remove casting on self. So I fixed that glitch and re-analyze Ramza's job again. Ramza starts from ordinary Squire so I believe allowing him to wield Axe is reasonable enough. Every generic's squire can do except Ramza and he didn't receive any buff like other knights too. As I checked Reis' abilities and compared to Ramza. I realize Reis has limited range to 2/2 and Ramza's Chant has 1/3 range. So I changed Tailwind and Steel with range 1 and vertical 3 so Time Mage's Quick can use with better range. After reaching to chapter 3, I realized how gun didn't perform as I hoped for. I thought changing back to WP is all it took but it seems to generate random damage from 24-80 in Orran's battle. Not that gun's damage can influence's Orran's survival significantly but this isn't how I intend to make the gun work and it'd be worse than fixed WP^2 so I changed gun's damage formula back to default including magic guns. Aside from that, I also realized I forget to fix Chaos Blade to be forced two hand and not throwable like other Fellswords. If you have any comment about improving game's balance or glitch to fix, please let me know. 1.4.2 -Added equip Axe to Ramza's Squire job -Changed Gun's damage formula back to WP^2 and magic gun will use original formula too -Changed Tailwind/Steel to have range 1 with vertical 3 and can't cast to self -Fixed Chaos Blade's weapon equipment to 2H as Fellsword -Fixed Tailwind allowing to cast on self to endless movement You can read full information about this mod from here. >=== Download ===< My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics. FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4.2 (PSP USA) - FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4.2 (PSP EUR) - I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again.
  11. FFT: WOTL Valeria 1.4.1 is out now with re-balance updates on physical jobs and items Hi everyone. I hope you like FFT Valeria 1.4 I released on another day. After playing for a while with new changes I made, I realized something about power balance of physical jobs not being distributed properly. After nerfing Ninja's PA Multiplier a bit, I realized Knight is actually the strongest hitter and also the best tank with Knight's Sword + Shield. I thought about nerfing tanking capabilities but it won't be consistent with Dragoon. I also looked around magical jobs and found Orator didn't get PA Multiplier raised too. After re-evaluating and did some test runs with my save files, I made some adjustments as below. Squire: Change Focus Strike to Weapon Strike performing unevadable attack with full weapon potentials Knight: Decrease PA Multiplier a bit for re-balance purposes Monk: Decrease Speed Multiplier a little Orator: Fixed forgetting to increase PA Multiplier in previous patch Geomancer: About right but little more evasion won't hurt. Dragoon: Decrease HP Multiplier and evasion a bit for offensive job. Ninja: Increase PA Multiplier back to 1.3 version and add 5% evasion bonus to NinjaBlade Most changes in PA distribution won't affect gameplay much but it should help balancing role distribution among physical jobs better. Aside from improving stats distribution between jobs, I also improved items re-balance a bit in this update too as below. -Added bonus +1 PA to Air Knife -Added Dark element attribute to Kotetsu weapon -Changed Fire Shield's attribute to halving Fire damage only -Changed Gaia Gear's attribute from negating to halving Earth damage -Changed Ice Shield's attribute to halving Ice damage only -Decreased MA bonus (2 -> 1) and evasion rate on Runeblade (15 -> 10) -Increased bonus evasion on NinjaBlade items by 5 The idea of negating damage seems to be ridiculously powerful so I changed negating element to halving only and remove additional element bonus on Fire/Ice Shield. Runeblade having 2 MA bonus leads to some broken build with Dual Wield so I nerfed MA and evasion bonus a bit. Now you can combo with Aegis Shield without trying Dual Wield for extra +2 MA. Since it seems Runeblade is still way too powerful comparing to other weapons despite being nerfed, I also added +1 PA to Air Knife and 5% evasion bonus to NinjaBlade weapons. The goal is to get every job and items being useful in about same tier and we're getting closer now. If you have any suggestion to improve, please let me know. 1.4.1 -Added bonus +1 PA to Air Knife -Added Dark element attribute to Kotetsu weapon -Changed Flame Shield's attribute to halving Fire damage only -Changed Focus Strike to Weapon Strike performing unevadable attack with full weapon potentials -Changed Gaia Gear's attribute from negating to halving Earth damage -Changed Ice Shield's attribute to halving Ice damage only -Decreased Evasion on Dragoon job (15 -> 10) -Decreased MA bonus (2 -> 1) and evasion rate on Runeblade (15 -> 10) -Decreased PA Multiplier on Knight job (120 -> 110) -Decreased HP Multiplier on Dragoon job (120 -> 110) -Decreased Speed Multiplier on Monk job (105 -> 100) -Fixed Weapon Strike's animation glitches -Increased bonus evasion on NinjaBlade items by 5 -Increased Evasion on Geomancer job (10 -> 15) -Increased PA Multiplier on Ninja job (100 -> 110) -Increased PA Multiplier on Orator job (75 -> 85) [Fixed Missing] -Ramza equips Battle Axe in tutorial battle (for demonstrating Weapon Strike) Download FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4.1 (PSP USA): FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4.1 (PSP EUR): I'm also recording my gameplay in this YouTube channel below.
  12. Glad to hear you like my mod. I changed speed stat boosting to instant quick to fix abusive speed buff in certain fight. Since Ramza is our protagonist, I believe it's OK for him to have and upgraded Quick is harder broken on my gameplay. Changes in Ramza's abilities are based on Reis' abilities which were adjusted to work with human too.
  13. DAY 1 PATCH UPDATE WAS APPLIED: First Aid will apply Regen to self and remove CT of Focus Strike attacking without evasion and randomized damage in calculation. You can re-apply patch and play on your current 1.4 save file as these changes won't affect save data.
  14. YouTube introducing tutorial battle is uploaded now.
  15. So far story battles remain as vanilla except recruited guest units can be controlled and and bosses are buffed a bit. I intend to keep the vanilla play style but knight, archer, mages receives a lot of improvements so they won't be like original game play. As for JP boost, I don't consider removing it but I wouldn't go as far as adding as an innate ability. Player can choose to take advantage of support skill or JP Boost which seems to be fair enough. With JP Boost, you can unlock Samurai/Ninja job in chapter 2 when their items becoming available without grinding required.
  16. FFT: WOTL Valeria 1.4 is out now with new mechanics and re-balance improvements Hi guys. It's me again who developed Valeria project for Final Fantasy Tactics. My mod aims to keep Vanilla play style with proper re-balance based on Tactics Ogre and later Tactics series. This isn't a difficulty mod but it will not allow you to cheese your way out like before so you may need to try little harder to beat the game with either good tactics or over-leveling them. Since this Valeria project took me almost 2 years of developing now so there's massive changes and improvements through job's stats, abilities, and its equipment too so I highly recommend to read full release post for details. For version 1.4, I started from where I left off with changes in 1.3 that needs adjustments but I ended up making some more mods and improvements as below. 4-tier spells will start from single target and keep expanding I always find first tier spell being wasteful and bothersome when I only want to hit one enemy but need to use spell for area making magic becoming a bit unreliable to use at times. So I changed tier list from this: Tier / Multiplier / Radius / Vertical / CT 1 / 14 / 2 / 1 / 4 2 / 18 / 2 / 2 / 5 3 / 24 / 2 / 3 / 7 4 / 32 / 3 / 3 / 10 To new scaling like this: Tier / Multiplier / Radius / Vertical 1 / 15 / 1 / 1 / 4 2 / 18 / 2 / 1 / 5 3 / 23 / 2 / 3 / 7 4 / 30 / 3 / 3 / 9 This scaling is for Fire spells with decreased MP cost to 4/8/16/32. For Blizzard, it'll have more multiplier at 16/19/25/34 with increased MP cost to 5/10/20/40. For Thunder, i will also have decreased CT by 1 with original MP cost. Cure spells will also be affected with new area scaling healing 35/50/65/100% with regen status added as before. These new mechanics will affect strategies with Black/White Magicks a lot so please make better uses of them. Squire and Chemist getting uber upgrades (Not to Ramza's UberSquire level though) Original Squire was quite useless with tactless abilities that can't be useful after chapter 1 except for grinding. Now Squire gets all abilities revamped and upgraded for better uses in in its own job and others too. Focus: Changed to "First Aid" healing self with 20% of HP. Rush: Changed damage formula to PA/2 * PA for more reliable damage without triggering reaction ability. Stone: Changed to "Focus Strike" dealing weapon +1 damage with 3 CT similar to Holy Knight's ability. I recommend to try with Axe weapon. Salve: Added Oil status to be cured too. Immobilize/Disable should be healed with Esuna (decreased MP cost), Purification, and Remedy (decreased price). Randomized damage weapons like axe will become much more useful with new Focus Strike ability as it will deal CONSTANT damage with CT 3. Axe weapons will also have chance to inflict slow status too. As for Chemist, I already explained before in 1.3 release but I'll summarize again with new updates here as well. First of all, Auto-Potion is gone in 1.4. It's heavily used as cheap tactics and cripple X-Potion too much. Potions are now re-balanced to 30/60/120 as I hoped to do without Auto-Potion. Price of Potion will be increased to 80 and X-Potion will be decreased to 500 to make the game more balanced and challenging. I also changed Golden Needle and Maiden's Kiss to provide Protect/Shell buff to a single target. Chemist can also learn Equip Gun without going through all the way to Orator now. And here's the catch for important notes about stats growth, both Squire and Chemist will no longer suffer from PA/MA Growth anymore so you can safely grind abilities without worrying about poor stats on level up now. Equipment changes and upgrades Since some people abused absorbing element as healing so they can use offensive spells to heal friendly fire hit, I fixed changes related to elemental as below and also give some buff to some items too. -Added attritbute on Nu Khai Armband with strengthening Dark element -Added bonus +1 Move to Hermes Shoes -Added chance to inflict Slow status on Axe weapons aside Slasher -Changed Chaos Blade's weapon type to Fellsword -Changed Excalibur/Chameleon Robe's attribute from absorbing Holy to halfing damage -Changed Fire Shield/Ice Shield's attribute from absorbing the same element to negating damage -Changed Gaia Gear's attribute from absorbing Earth to negating damage -Changed Gun's damage formula to PA*WP -Changed Juravis' rare poach to Winged Boots -Changed Rubber Boots to Soldier Boots with bonus +1 Move and +1 PA, price increased to 10,000 and available in the last outfitter along with Thief's Cap -Changed Stoneshooter's effect to have chance to petrify unit on hit -Decreased MA bonus of Wizard's Robe (2 -> 1) -Decreased MP bonus (60 -> 50) and PA bonus (2 -> 1) of Lordly Robe -Decreased PA/MA bonus of Tynar Rogue (3 -> 2) -Decreased PA bonus of Bracer (3 -> 2) and price (50,000 -> 30,000) -Increased weapon power of polearm items by 1 except Javelin II (16 -> 18) Most items are nerfed for re-balance purposes but you also get some buffs and rework like Hermes Shoes having +1 Move, Chaos Blade is now Fellsword for Dark Knight with 18 WP, and Rubber Boots was reworked to Soldier Boots with +1 Move/PA. Job's stats and abilities re-balance After releasing 1.3 and playing for a while, I realized some changes I made affected game balance so I made some adjustments on those jobs to work more properly. Squire: abilities reworked for better uses (No more Focus and Stone abuse) Chemist: Auto-Potion removed and buff X-Potion, MA Multiplier increased, and no PA Growth penalty Knight: Rend abilities are buffed and have re-balance applied Archer: Removed CT from all abilities, change Leg/Arm Shot to have 65 + Speed success rate, and can no longer equip knife White Mage: Cure spells are reworked, support abilities are buffed, and Wall will actually cast Wall status for 16 ticks Black Mage: Fire/Blizzard/Thunder spells are reworked, chance based spells has success rate increased Monk: Can no longer equip Pole Thief: Steal has original success rate except Shield and Accessory without Shirahadori, PA Multiplier increased Orator: PA Multiplier increased Dragoon: Polearm has weapon power increased by 1 Samurai: Chirijiraden's Iaido ability power decreased Ninja: PA Multiplier decreased Arcanist: Changed innate abilities to Defense Boost/Arcane Defense, fixed Lucavi skill learning bug, MP Multiplier increased, MA Multiplier decreased, Migardsomr's ability power decreased Dark Knight: Vehemence is innate only, PA Multiplier decreased Ramza: Can equip Fellsword in chapter 4 Mustadio: Skill set changed to original Aim Agrias: PA Growth/Multiplier increased Orlandeau: Skill set changed to Duskblade/Shadowblade/Aegis/Dispelna/Chant/Holy, PA/MA Growth increased Beowulf: Chicken will temporary add Chicken status Dragonkin: PA/MA Growth decreased Cloud: PA Growth decreased After numerous tries I went for perfecting the new balance, some jobs have improved stats and abilities and some received nerfs on stats and abilities. Please read full changelog for details. Toughen up some boss fights and also with more rewards In version 1.4, I buffed one additional support ability from Attack/Defense Boost and Arcane Strength/Defense to appropriate bosses. They'll become a bit harder to bit but shouldn't impose significant difficulty for bonus rewards. -Toughened up Aliste with Arcane Strength but you can also steal his equipment and get Genji Glove as War Trophy -Toughened up Argath with Arcane Defense but you can get Chaos Blade from treasure hunt -Toughened up Bremont's Dark Dragon form with Defense Boost but you can also get Lordly Robe as War Trophy -Toughened up Elmdore with Attack Boost but you can also steal his equipment Since you can steal items without worrying about Shirahadori now, I believe this will justify the challenges in gameplay a bit more. You still can't use Rend abilities on bosses with Shirahadori though. That's all for the summarize about 1.4 release. I know it's pretty long and you can see why it's that long from the changelog below. 1.4 -Added attritbute on Nu Khai Armband with strengthening Dark element -Added bonus +1 Move to Hermes Shoes -Added chance to inflict Slow status on Axe weapons aside Slasher -Added equip Fellsword to Ramza's Squire in chapter 4 -Added/Updated missing information in ability/item description -Agrias equips Defender and Gaffgarion equips Chaos Blade in tutorial battle -Changed Arcanist's innate abilities to Defense Boost/Arcane Defense -Changed Chaos Blade's weapon type to Fellsword -Changed Chicken ability to temporary inflict Chicken status -Changed CT of Fire/Blizzard spells to 4/5/7/9 -Changed CT of Thunder spells to 3/4/6/8 -Changed Cure/Fire/Thunder/Blizzard spells with new effect area-vertical to 0-0/1-1/1-3/2-3 -Changed Cure spells' healing factor percentage to 35/50/65/100 with CT 2/3/5/7 -Changed damage factor of Fire spells to 15/18/23/30 and decrease MP cost to 4/8/16/32 -Changed damage factor of Thunder/Blizzard spells to 16/19/25/34 -Changed Excalibur/Chameleon Robe's attribute from absorbing Holy to halfing damage -Changed Fire Shield/Ice Shield's attribute from absorbing the same element to negating damage -Changed Focus to First Aid to heal self with 20% HP -Changed Gaia Gear's attribute from absorbing Earth to negating damage -Changed Gun's damage formula to PA*WP -Changed Juravis' rare poach to Winged Boots -Changed Machinist's skill set to original Aim up to Aim +7 with 10 CT -Changed Migardsormr to have damage factor decreased (22 -> 20), and MP cost increased (0 -> 30) -Changed Nanoflare's damage formula to (MA+8)/2 * MA -Changed Rend MP to decrease damage percentage of MP (50 -> 35) and increase success rate (50 -> 65) -Changed Rubber Boots to Soldier Boots with bonus +1 Move and +1 PA, price increased to 10,000 and available in the last outfitter along with Thief's Cap -Changed Salve ability to also cure Oil and no longer remove Disable, Immobilize status -Changed Steal/Plunder abilities to not be affected by Shirahadori and have success rate from original Steal except Shield and Accessory -Changed Stone ability to Focus Strike dealing PA * (WP+1) with CT increased (0 -> 3) and can be learned without JP cost -Changed Stoneshooter's effect to have chance to petrify unit on hit -Changed Sword Saint's skill set with Duskblade/Shadowblade/Aegis/Dispelna/Chant/Holy -Changed Wall's status to Wall for 16 ticks, hit rate increased (140 -> 200), and increased CT (4 -> 5) -Changed X-Potion to heal 120HP with price increased (400 -> 500) -Fixed bugs in some Rapha and Marach's abilities that won't hit randomly -Fixed Meltdown/Tornado/Quake appearing in Arcanist's skill list before learning -Fixed Undead Archer using original Aim abilities -Dance and Song abilities can no longer be mimiced -Decreased CT of Meditate ability (6 -> 5) -Decreased CT of Ramuh ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased damage factor (22 -> 20) and MP cost (24 -> 16) of Ifrit ability -Decreased damage factor of Chirijiraden ability (24 -> 20) -Decreased damage factor of Migardsomr ability (24 -> 20) -Decreased damage factor of Titan ability (25 -> 24) -Decreased MA bonus of Wizard's Robe (2 -> 1) -Decreased MA Growth on Dragonkin job (38 -> 40) -Decreased MA Multiplier on Arcanist job (150 -> 135) -Decreased MA Multiplier on Squire job (80 -> 75) -Decreased MP bonus (60 -> 50) and PA bonus (2 -> 1) of Lordly Robe -Decreased MP cost of Esuna ability (18 -> 8) and increased hit rate (190 -> 200) -Decreased MP cost of Shiva ability (24 -> 20) -Decreased PA/MA bonus of Tynar Rogue (3 -> 2) -Decreased PA Growth on Dragonkin job (39 -> 42) -Decreased PA Growth on Soldier job (42 -> 45) -Decreased PA bonus of Bracer (3 -> 2) and price (50,000 -> 30,000) -Decreased PA Multiplier on Archer job (110 -> 100) -Decreased PA Multiplier on Dark Knight job (110 -> 100) -Decreased PA Multiplier on Ninja job (110 -> 100) -Decreased success rate of Rend Speed/Rend Power/Rend Magick abilities (70 -> 65) -Increased damage factor of Meteor ability (40 -> 42) -Increased damage factor of Unholy Darkness ability (37 -> 38) -Increased MA Multiplier on Chemist job (80 -> 90) -Increased MP Multiplier on Arcanist job (80 -> 100) -Increased PA Growth on Bard job (65 -> 50) -Increased PA Growth on Chemist job (65 -> 50) -Increased PA Growth on Holy Knight job (50 -> 48) -Increased PA Multiplier on Orator job (75 -> 85) -Increased PA Multiplier on Thief job (100 -> 110) -Increased Potion's price (50 -> 80) -Increased Speed Growth on Machinist job (100 -> 90) -Increased success rate of Assassin's abilities to 65% + Speed -Increased success rate of Death ability (100 -> 120) -Increased success rate of Leg Shot/Arm Shot abilities to 65% + Speed and will not be evadeable and affected by Shirahadori -Increased success rate of Rend Helm/Armor/Weapon abilities by 5 -Increased success rate of Reraise ability (140 -> 160) -Increased weapon power of polearm items by 1 except Javelin II (16 -> 18) -Lucavi bosses are immune to Stop/Slow/Immobilize -Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja won't hit enemies and Slowja won't hit allies with decreased JP/MP cost -Recruited unit can be controlled as a guest during sidequest battles -Removed Auto-Potion as learnable ability -Removed CT on Poison Strike/Oily Strike/Leg Shot/Arm Shot -Removed Vehemence from Dark Knight's learnable ability list (Innate only) -Reverted changes on Cyclops ability -Reverted equip Knife on Archer -Reverted equip Pole on Monk -Reverted PA/MA Growth on Sword Saint -Reverted Speed Multiplier change on Machinist job -Toughened up Aliste with Arcane Strength but you can also steal his equipment and get Genji Glove as War Trophy -Toughened up Argath with Arcane Defense but you can get Chaos Blade from treasure hunt -Toughened up Bremont's Dark Dragon form with Defense Boost but you can also get Lordly Robe as War Trophy -Toughened up Elmdore with Attack Boost but you can also steal his equipment Download My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics. FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4 (PSP USA): FFT WotL - Valeria 1.4 (PSP EUR): For full release information, please check this link below. I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again.
  17. Fixed some bugs I forgot and re-uploaded. Please download and apply the patch again.
  18. Hi. Today I've finally finished updating my Valeria 1.3 version. It's like creating a new patch with everything changed. If you play this mod before, I recommend to start over and enjoy the whole new experience again. >=== Download ===< My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics. WotL - Valeria 1.3 (PSP USA).ppf WotL - Valeria 1.3 (PSP EUR).ppf I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again.
  19. It's unheadered. I'm having fun with higher replay value now. I hope you'll enjoy my mod. It's re-balance so there's no challenge like hard type but it removes easy mode out. I'm thinking about bringing stats tabs back and reduce speed further. It'll make early game's difficulty harder and may need to plan for character's growth properly.
  20. Chrono Trigger is considered easy for vetarans due to core characters having high speed making random encounter and boss fights becoming less challenging especially with haste for 24-26 Speed (excluding +3-6 speed items buff). This re-balance mod will focus on utilizing roles based on utility and speed. I'll fix other issues too so let's address issues aside the speed with each character unit in Chrono Trigger below. Crono Issues: His magic is low so Luminaire has OP power to compensate and can be broken with Magic tab. Some gameplay can be easily be done with magic tab and Crono spamming Luminaire with GoldenStud. Resolution: Fix his magic inefficiency by adding +4 Magic to one of his Sword like Frog and reduce Luminaire power. Marle Issues: Her heal is very strong to the point where Cure 2 isn't needed at all in late game. Her saving grace Haste will be obsolete with HasteHelm. She's the only one who doesn't have AoE heal too. Resolution: Reduce healing power and make Cure II as a party heal with reduced power. Make HasteHelm with reduced armor and +2 Speed instead. Lucca Issues: She's slow and her early abilities aren't really useful enough so people often use her has dual tech linker or item user. Resolution: Buff magic a bit so her usefulness will improve a bit and make buff affecting whole party. Frog Issues: His Heal ability is too OP. Aural Whirl needs Crono and Marle to perform with 2+1 MP and he can do that with only 2MP alone and can act fast. Resolution: Increase MP consumption and reduce healing factor to balance things out with Aura Whirl. Robo Issues: He have slow speed (just like Lucca) and abilities to compensate for slow speed is too OP especially healing. Not to mention he'll gain +3 speed in later side quest making him faster than Marle. Resolution: Reduce his speed by 1 so he'll truly be the slowest unit and nerf his healing teches with magic tab in consideration. Ayla Issues: She doesn't have major issues to deal with except Kiss that can make her a bit OP with magic tab. Her dual teches are quite OP too. Resolution: Reduce healing factor and other based teches for reducing dual tech damage a bit. Magus Issues: He's a solo unit without dual tech so he's pretty balanced. Nothing to be fixed Resolution: No need though I'll nerf his Dark Matter a little. Character speed re-balance If you group characters based on speed into slow/normal/fast, the pacing will be 6/8/12 making fast characters being too fast and make the game unbalanced. I will reduce speed on fast characters to make the game moderately more challenging with balanced pacing with 5-6/7-8/9-10 instead. It took me a long while to find optimal speed re-balance in various scenarios. I find it has pretty good pacing through the game without imposed difficulty. Character teches re-balance It always troubled me why Frog's Heal ability can perform healing as effective as Aura Whirl with just 2MP while Aural Whirl needs Crono-2/Marle-1 to perform the similar effects when dedicated healer like Marle needs someone to perform party heal. Robo's healing teches will easily be over powered with some speed and magic tabs so healing re-balance is the the main reason I started this mod. Slurp and Kiss can be over powered with some magic tabs too. While working on teches re-balance, I find dual malee teches being more effective than dual malee + magic teches as tier 2 spells are under powered too much. So I'll re-balance between malee and magic attack power for dual teches better. After a few test runs, I believe this tech re-balance shouldn't break the original game mechanics and improve usefulness of Marle/Lucca through the game better with improved crowed control teches. You can still beat the game with any party combination but using proper strategy and planning will be more important to win the game without imposed challenge. Items Re-balance The main reason I started items re-balance started from fixing HasteHelm that makes Marle's Haste ability being useless. I later added some bonus in some weapons helping the game balance and bring back removed items as enemy's drop at appropriate time. I tried to fix stats abusing but the only way to proper fix is removing them. I made some adjustments in items to help the game instead of those boosted stats. This mod isn't hard type mod so any player can enjoy this mod without feeling challenged or have grinding required. Please apply this IPS patch below on original unheadered ROM file to play. Download: Chrono Trigger Valeria 1.0
  21. It's been a while since last release and I've been testing and working on re-balance and improvements on various jobs. 1.3 will have a big update with real effort to keep things more balanced and improve enjoyment. Since there's a lot of changes going on in 1.3, I'd appreciate if anyone can test my mod before releasing. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send current Valeria 1.3 update for you. -Archer will have abilities similar to aim with status infliction added -Some spells has been adjusted and reworked -Monk has some offensive abilities reworked for situational use and adjusted support abilities not to render spells useless -Summoner receives magical attack and spells boost now -Holy Knight and Sword Saint abilities is now nerfed to be more balanced -Some adjustments on items making ranged weapon be more useful and balanced This new patch will totally change the way you play the game since tutorial. Ladd can be hit by Archer. Sword skills won't work right away and hit weaker. It may raise the game difficulty a little but also make some fights easier too. Please let me know what do you guys think about these changes and have fun.
  22. He asked me "What is the purpose of including abilities that people shouldn't use in a game? Why have that ability at all?" That's out of topic question from 1.3 development. It was part of my suggestion mixed with my opinion that I felt that lower RNG isn't something to be used strategically (and everyone in here also agreed from what I read). It has nothing about defending when I answer his question that it's my opinion. if Administrator think it deserves down voting due to misunderstandings or whatever, fine. I don't care anymore at this point.
  23. So I got down voted from expressing my opinions and got warned to stop talking about 1.3 updates due to misunderstandings. Nice. I wish you luck from now on. I'm done.
  24. What? I got told to avoid speaking because I disagree about their ideas about 50% RNG? Are you serious? I already told them I'm on the same boat about their opinion but we should respect for people who have that taste about RNG elements for making 1.3 better. Fine, I'll leave this 1.3 improvements stuff and wait to see its outcome from the sidelines. I hope it's not all about talking and do something real to make 1.3 better so I can actually play and see.
  25. For better reason, lower RNG gives you more variety sense of adventure. If you want to make your own mod for realist with real world's strategy, it's fine. I'd love to play your finished work too. I'm speaking in topic about making 1.3 better in this regard.