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  1. Any update to the mod?
  2. Thanks for the hint! Also, after I defeated Lich I teleported back to wine cellar (blackmarket savepoint). The door was marked as closed on the mini-map, but I was able to open it. However, I haven't found neither monster, nor a closed chest inside. Possibly a bug as well.
  3. By the way, I've just encountered a bug: when I defeat the Air dragon (the one after Earth elemental fight), I get teleported to Godhands workshop and cannot move there. Hopefully it gets fixed before release.
  4. So, I've just passed Snowfly Forest. The lizards are tough, I'm looking for a reliable way to deal some 20+ damage per hit to them (tried polearm + gem, sword + gem, break-arts for both, no results so far). No hints please, I'll figure it out myself A couple of questions: 1) Do I have to start a new game once a final build is out? 2) Have you considered rebalancing/revamping offensive chains? Due to heavy shot and life drain presence (for fighters specifically, I know that there're other chains for mages), I think that they lack a bit of variety. 3) How about adding RISK to magic usage? (equal to MP usage for example?) Investing in INT heavily seems a bit OP if you know where to look for certain spells (especially that you gain now single-hit spells in addition to AoE) and have a suitable weapon to chain MP.
  5. I've just beaten Duane with this mod. Looks very challenging so far! Love the increased drop rates (currently equipped with hagane guisarme & scorpion) and increased monster power (dragon dealing 250+ damage with tail attack is nuts, not a fan of random status effects tho). The mod is fantastic, keep developing it please!