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  1. I know I wanted to keep it a secret
  2. 1 door - Hatsune Miku 2 Found Illusion - Luka Megurine 3 Found Illusion - Rin Kagemine (but its name is spelled wrong, the internet says its spelled Kagamine) 4 Found Illusion - Len Kagemine (same as 3) 5 ??? - Oathkeeper
  3. armageddon

    oh i didnt know that
  4. How the hack to you beat the golden flower HP 30,000 has the ability to heal by 9999 after you atk it How do you beat it
  5. help

    LOL C++ is for the weak i want to just god made skip eazy mode no but thanks for the help i will just keep asking around i am loading how to use C+/C++/Lua/Json but even then i only new the basic of it
  6. help

    Thanks for the help i will leave this open for anyone to try and see what they can do btw do you think you can help me with something i really love this game (not the rom hack {i really hate how hard it is but i know that when i got it}) do you know of any good place that can help me with Lazy Shell.exe i have 4.0 but i dont really understand how it all works... it used some type of "Jump to this code" function that i dont really understand and no i am not tring to edit this rom hack {I see you over there} i would like to learn more about coding and how it works
  7. help

    yes and thanks
  8. help

    it just say V8 Hard mode
  9. help

    i am not sure hold on let me see
  10. help

  11. do you think you can help


  12. help

    as you can see it is there in the game it just dont load
  13. help

    yes and if that is what it is there anywany to get it to reload of readd it
  14. When i get to this part and go down it softlock as you can see i can still press the buttons but mario wont move