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    So now that I've restarted this on Hard Mode, thought I could shed light on a couple things. For one, Chest 6, the one outside Daisy's Room, has an Ultra Shroom Shake-3 in it (since the guide on ID doesn't say what's inside it). And for another, you can jump ontop of it while it's still hidden. Awesome.
  2. So first, you gotta go to Monstro Town and rest at the Inn. Then, you'll find Azelf at the end of Bandit Way, Mesprit in Tadpole Pond where Toadofsky used to be, and Uxie at the "Left Left Straight Right" screen of the Forest Maze. Then, you can find them in their hideyholes, in the last pipe of the Ice Cave, down the pipe in Mushroom Way, and the tiny nook in Booster Pass. After that, Dialga and Palkia can be found at the beanstalk path (the alternate route where you can find the Hyper Wrist), Giratina can be found at the secret entrance in Nimbus Land where the Fertilizer used to be, and Arceus can be found in the last screen of the castle, the one where Mario plummeted through clouds. Kyogre's at the last screen of the Sea in the newly-made entrance down below, Groudon's in the Barrel Volcano, and Rayquaza is found upon revisiting Bowser's Keep and defeating Magikoopa, where jumping on the spring will take you where you need to go. Then, Latias and Latios will appear in the Random Encounters that enemies like Tonberries or Amazy Dayzees hide. The trick is to get into an encounter, then run away, stay in the same spot, and repeat until Latias and Latios show up. Then there's Celebi, which can be found the earliest, but is the hardest one to catch (use the Master Ball on it, unless you want a challenge). If you go to Nimbus Land and buy the Dream Cushion, you might see a dream with Celebi with it where a three-digit number between 000 and 255 will appear, with a question asking if you'd like to accelerate time (which boosts the number by a certain amount, I forget what amount it is; surpassing 255 takes it back to 000, so be careful). In the Forest Maze, if the number is 255, then Celebi appears, but the number will only increase if you use the above method, enter a place with a random encounter, or get into a random encounter. Thus, your best bet is to raise the number to around 250 using the methods above, use a savestate, go to the screen before the Maze part of Forest Maze, alternate between the screens four times since the random encounter Brachiosaur is there (254), then get into a random encounter (255), and you should see it.
  3. smrpg:a

    So I've got pictures of all the Hidden Chests. 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60
  4. smrpg:a

    So I was looking for chest number 52, and it seems pretty straightforward; go to the room with three doors in a row, find the chest in the top-left corner next to the bird cage... But it's visible when you enter the room. And when I checked beforehand, the guy says there's 9 chests left. And when I checked afterward, it still said 9. My only guess is that it might not be the right one, since the guide says a Frog Coin comes out even though it's actually a Flower. Otherwise, it might just be that this is the same thing with Chest 36, and it requires me to save Nimbus Land first so it can be in the right map. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Dang. Is there any way to at least hack/cheat in the item you get from her at least?
  6. So the last time I played Armageddon for Version 8.0, I stopped playing for two reasons. A. I was missing one hidden chest I couldn't find no matter how many times I looked at the guide. B. This weird glitch that wouldn't let me beat Valentina. Part of B.'s problem was that the Snifits had this weird graphical glitch. One frame, they look normal. The next, they'd look really weird. I thought things would be different this playthrough... but upon looking at the "I wonder when my next bride will fall from the sky" scene, I guess not. Is there any way I can fix this, or has this problem already been addressed?