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  1. Well I assume arrange is a reference to RE1 and it's hard mode, and I always put every game on hard mode so arrange it is for me. FF7 is my favorite of the main series games, Sephiroth is even on my logo, so I'm looking forward to replaying a revamped version of one of my old favorites. I'll be going at it hard over the next week or so, with some gaps for getting drunk and watching shit explode for the 4th of July. 'murica.
  2. Arbitrary difficulty (sponges) doesn't really interest me. Fights that make you think rather than endure are more what I'm seeking. BNW did a good job of that, Nowea's patch helped make it a lil more extreme. Something masochist but also well done is what I seek.
  3. I guess I didn't emphasize enough that I like a challenge, normal mode is not for me, unless that is their hard mode.
  4. So I enjoyed BNW with Nowea's patch enough that I knocked it out in about a week. I'm interested in other difficulty enhancing rebalances of my childhood. I see a lot of them on ngplus (the FF7 New Threat caught my eye) but I thought before I invest into another game I'd try asking the community. Which of these mods out there are on par with BNW? EDIT: Obligatory self-promotion.
  5. I finished it. Wasn't too brutal with the speed increase once you build around it and prepare to take a lot of hits and do a lot of pre-heals.