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  1. Finally beaten the game, LV99, better equips and without see the strategies, I used 1 save state because guard daos killed me, he put his AGL so high, make the endless battle depends of luck and if maxim can save the day using the pearl equipment IP. Maybe it's more easy using any different strategy, I used mainly Bunny sword with selan and arty IP 1/4HP, and trying to survive, in the vanilla game I never use Miracles and here a lot lol My valoration it's a good hack, I prefer less dificulty and the enhancements you did, the game's actually requires know everything of everything, and the difficulty goes "start a bit hard, turn easier using blue chest equipment after Gruberik, you reach the final battle and it's brutal, so there's a part of the game that isn't hard at all"
  2. ok about the magic, actually I'm in the area of Lexis and ship thing so I didn't know it After level up in AC sometimes the DFP of some characters appear as 999 but its false, after a battle or go to stairs its show the true value. BTW ok for now and continue playing. That thing of Caron using warp instead the Karlloon name also same a Vanilla bug, that was fixed in the spanish version. About the 200 gold when start, it's easy search with windhex "120" in rom and change it, another dialogues are hex values of 1-2 bytes harder to modify. That thing of MTE or something, I only got part of the tbl from the spanish version
  3. There's a random chest in AC that give you the magic BETA, with description TODO description CM sometimes want always the same item, after fight or sleep want the same but sometimes if you give em the item he doesnt want it CM usually show values after Maxim level up of FFFFF in hex that return to normal after see capsule monsters in menus and changing to another map and looking it again btw works fine the level up, its ignorable that values
  4. Interesting hack, thanks Did you included the glitched shrine fix and area names? There's a topic in with a lot of fixes of the US version, fixxer deluxe and others