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  1. how to get super ribbon
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/lesseri Hi im currently streaming this game on twitch join plz
  3. how dafug can i survive it
  4. dafug is this i cant get in there it rejects me
  5. oh youre that guy who speedrunned v8 i watched the WHOLE stream
  6. OHHH she is a girl didnt know oof ok ty for the info
  7. ik where you fight him but how can you trigger the fight?
  8. how do you fight xion after?
  9. will you come watch? i got everything fixed and i got things working like latest follower and chat Edit: ps: youre the latest rn i see yo in my obs
  10. I'm going to be continuing to play this mod on my twitch channel today : https://www.twitch.tv/lesseri I'll be starting the stream 1 hour after this post. I'll be streaming today and tomorrow at the same time.
  11. i played v8 when i sent the post and im starting v9 now
  12. Good job i learned alot from this
  13. oh okay thanks
  14. do you mean the long gui?
  15. I found one my first trapezohedron from the place you fight the damn fake elder after johnny and i used the trapezohedron to the magikoopa to upgrade my diamond mail and i lost it. how can i get more?