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  1. Hello All

    I have been informed that that's not the Angel from ID, which is who I thought it was. My bad, y'all. lmao
  2. Hello All

    Except for Angel, tho. Fuck her.
  3. Hello All

    Angel, Xif, Elric, and Raven? What's going on, dudes? Welcome! We're glad to have you!
  4. Admin Checking In

    What's up, guys? I'm your friendly neighborhood Admin, Kyrios, known back on InsaneDifficulty as Advent. Just thought I'd make a post real quick. I'll go into more detail about myself later, even though most of you probably know me pretty well by this point anyway. It's late, came straight home from working overtime to finalize the site launch. So I'm off to bed. Peace.
  5. Admin Checking In

  6. Merry New Website...

    Love you too, beautiful. <3
  7. Getting Your Own Forum So, you've got an awesome project you're working on, or maybe it's already finished, and you want your own forum for it. Well, how do you go about getting one? I'm glad you asked! Have A Following This one's pretty simple. Of course you're going to need to have people who want to play your mod, and can vouch for it. There has to be a decent amount of interest in your mod. Boards simply do not thrive with one person. Your project can be in the beta stages; it doesn't need to be complete. Brainstorming and debate is something we thrive on. Be Capable Of Maintaining A Subforum Running your own subforum is hard work. If you don't post any content on it, or if there's nothing interesting to talk about, it simply will not get used. If it's already seeing a lot of traffic, it needs to be properly moderated, and so on. Make sure you're interested and capable (in terms of time and whatnot) of managing a community. Getting a forum isn't just about getting your project's name on the forum index, but about creating a community around that project. Without a community, your project can and will die. If this sounds like you, then shoot me a private message. If you don't want to send it to me, then just hit up your favorite Regulator or Administrator. They'll make sure you get taken care of.