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  1. I love you and appreciate you. <3
  2. I literally went back and checked the posts. We don't downvote for dissenting opinions, but rather for the content of said posts. That "I said it's my opinion" post deserved to be downvoted into oblivion. Your posts that were downvoted had poor points, and thus poor content. Stop pitching a fit over it. 5 negative rep is very easily regained. It's not that serious. Clearly you do care because you keep responding. This is the second time you've said that.
  3. No, you got downvoted because your logic is flawed, your points were silly, and when pressed, you tried to defend yourself by saying it was an "opinion." Who cares if it's an opinion? We know it's an opinion; that does not mean you shouldn't be defending it. It being an opinion and not fact does not save it from being criticized, which you took to poorly. No, you were warned because you were one step away from insulting someone over a simple disagreement in game tactics. And it wasn't even a warning, it was me asking you to take a step back. Your negative rep came from three posts before this one where you threw your hands up like an infant and stormed out. You're not being bullied. If you don't want to be treated like a child, then stop acting like one.
  4. So let me just say that none of these things are actually a problem with 1.3. As a matter of fact, I would argue that the AI uses the new abilities better than players generally will. The amount of times I've seen someone caught off guard and got three of their units wrecked with a Chain Lightning is staggering. The biggest problems with 1.3 are what Quad and Emmy have mentioned. Also I'd like to point out something: it seems you're trying to make sport out of Augestein by insinuating he's a bad player. You're gonna have a bad time with that, bud. You seem to be getting more aggressive as more and more people disagree with you. I would caution you against this, as this thread is going to end badly for you. Nothing being said here is personal, but it looks like you're taking it that way with how defensive you're getting. Take a step back, my dude. It's nothing to get heated over.
  5. My name is Kyrios and I approve this message.
  6. The level cap raised. Shit just got real.
  7. HNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG Boutta fuck this dude up, fam. Next up is Ultira Town.
  8. So I made some progress. I don't really remember exactly what changed since last time BUT after facing a big baddie My party looks like this. Now I have to fight a Mega Legendary. So, there's that. More to come. I'll put the fight in spoilers.
  9. I can tell you right now that a Hard mode playthrough with 0exp is literally impossible without extreme amounts of RNG fuckery.
  10. Do you not know how an IP address works? I can see your entire IP. I blanked it out in the screenshot I posted, you ignoramus. Part of me wants to ban you, but you putting your idiocy on display like this is far more entertaining.
  11. There were a few members of the staff who wanted me to do just that.
  12. @JKnox This is your one and only warning: Creating a dummy account for the purposes of double dipping on neg rep will land you in a place you do not want to be. The rep you have changed with this alternate account will be reverted and the account will be banned. Next time it won't be just the alternate account. Edit: I also unlocked the thread for the sake of dialogue.
  13. That's exactly what it is. There's a learning curve. Respecting the lock now.
  14. The quoting system is fine outside of mobile, where you can't move the quote boxes. It's a learning curve, though.