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  1. To kick off the thread, KainStryder is currently streaming FF6 T-Edition: http://twitch.tv/kainstryder
  2. @Yuyu Asking for you to anticipate the question I'm about to ask, to make you answer whatever question you think is needed for you to share the considered information about the pictures posted by you.
  3. Yay!
  4. Glad to see you join us here at NG+!
  5. I've fiddled with the settings. See if you can change your poll vote now.
  6. Me, riding the punani.
  7. Yo! Welcome to the new site. Check the attached image for the preview button.
  8. Summer Games Done Quick

    https://gamesdonequick.com https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
  9. Ain't nuffin' new 'bout dat.
  10. I'm unsure if we can stoop that low...
  11. Ain't gonna have a popcorn moment in here, no sir.
  12. We have had a few interactions before, over at FFH. Feel no pressure to remember me back, however. Can't say I've been a major contributor. x] Glad to see you around these parts!
  13. The Kaffe Myers 1.3 LP

    My old, at the time, unfinished LP of 1.3.
  14. I gave you a minus one, ninja. Someone's gotta do the hard work around here.
  15. Hey! I'm very happy to see the site launched. Glad to see so many people already! I'm one of them pesky administrators, and a remnant from Insane Difficulty.