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  1. The tip for any future attempt, for the OP or anyone else reading, is to not ever use ePSXe for any bug testing and go with pure mednafen (just fyi, there are add-on guis for mednafen out there, like mednaffe to name one). Choice of format is not an issue, bin/cue vs iso makes no difference. However, know what version you are modding. I can't remember which version that is most common, but I'm guessing ntsc-u release.
  2. Good Morning or Whatever!

    Just swipe my post left or right, whatever tickles your tingle.
  3. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    @nightmare9913256 -- He is referring to this guide, which is in the file you download to get the patch:
  4. Any mirror may go offline at some point, but made one nonetheless. Xenogears Hardtype 4.1 edited 10/10/2019
  5. Interest check - 1.3 Tournament 2017

    I think you took that a bit too seriously. @Mishrak can speak for himself, but my guess he just found it amusing, or at least that is how I see it looking at his post. This community is actually very alive and healthy, but it is now a days primarily experienced on our Discord server, with the homepage more acting in a supporting role, albeit an important one. You are not being shut down. :]
  6. FFT 1.3 hello

    If anyone felt like creating 1.4 and base it on 1.3, I would suggest starting from scratch and then manually porting over the changes, instead of trying to rework the existing 1.3 patch. But however you look at it, it's a whole lot of work, and I doubt any one would be willing to see such a project through.
  7. Older versions of fft 1.3

    If memory serves me right, you achieve this with FFTOrgASM: http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/FFTOrgASM
  8. FFT 1.3 hello

    This. The PSP version started off fairly faithful to the PSX version, but turned into a different beast over time.
  9. FFT 1.3 hello

    Amen to that, bruvva...
  10. Interest check - 1.3 Tournament 2017

    I wouldn't mind
  11. Discord Shenanigans

    Knowledge about FFT needed to understand the joke
  12. Tactics Ogre: One Vision

    I recommend Keka for 7-zip extraction in macOS, if the built-in tool doesn't work (don't use macOS on a daily basis, so don't know if the built-in tool added 7-zip somewhere along the way). Keka --> https://www.keka.io/en/
  13. Yeah, that could possibly be the case. Try another ISO to begin with, and make sure it is clean (that is, not patched with anything else prior). :]
  14. NG+ Member Pictures

    My son is not a member of the site yet, maybe he'll sign up when he does more than eat, shit, sleep and make uncontrollable noise from various holes.