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  1. Fanatic's Tower Bug?

    Ohh, i see. Thank you for responding so fast.
  2. So I'm nearly finished with this rom (which has been enjoyable thus far), and all I need to do before going to Kefka is climb the Fanatic's Tower. However, I believe I found some sort of bug along the way. In the first treasure room, you need to press A directly right of the chest to cause the screen to shake and open a hidden room on the floor below. At least, that's how it works in the original game. However, when I do it, nothing happens. No screen shake, no hidden door, no nothing. I pressed A on every wall in that room, and still nothing. This means that not only is the treasure chest in that room is unobtainable (which apparently contains Crusader now), but also the Dragon as well. I looked up multiple playthroughs, and none of them have any problem opening the door. I have to chalk this up to some sort of bug in the game. I also noticed that the bouncing guy on the first floor of the tower is just gone. It's not a sprite error, his hitbox is gone as well. There's also apparently a guy who tells you about Crusader, but all he says to me is "good luck, we're all counting on you." If I did something wrong please feel free to tell me what. I don't want to have to do the game all over again for one or two magicite, but I also want to finish this 100%. Thank you for your time.