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  1. Just now, Nesouk said:

    I got this on RC 20 litteraly just recruit him before going to Thamasa open the menu and saw he has 999MP Max.

    When did you start your save file? The problem was related to his MP being affected whenever certain attacks were used, so it could have been affected long before you ever reached him.


  2. Hey, there everybody. As most of you are aware, Brave New World 2.0 has been in development for awhile. And now, the beta is finally here. This is a thread specifically for the testing process and to track the bugs that occur. If you are interested in playing the 2.0 beta please hop into our Discord and request the tester role - you'll be notified when the beta is released and the role can be used to report issues/concerns and communicate with the other testers. Otherwise, the CURRENT STABLE VERSION OF BRAVE NEW WORLD IS STILL 1.9.

    CURRENT BETA VERSION: RC-26 --- (check the pinned post in Discord for a link)

    (NOTE: editing the ROM in FF3usME disables all custom event scripting within a certain range at the end of bank CC, causing game crashes - DO NOT EDIT THE ROM in usME)


    Intangir's (AKA "SrBehemoth") mid-battle switch can crash the game if the "esper" spell select is being loaded at the same time (fixed in RC26 - need confirmation)
    • Tier 3 in the final battle has the incorrect stats, making death mostly an inevitability (fixed in RC-25)
    RC-22/23: The fight ends prematurely during Intangir's transition to Intangir Z (fixed in RC-24)
    If Intangir is imped when transitioning to Intangir Z, the latter's sprite will not properly load and can cause softlocks (can't be duplicated)
    • RC-21: Steal does not seem to be working properly (fixed in RC-22)
    • RC-19: Mind Blast is looping for every possible status, making any boss that uses it (Atma Weapon) essentially unbeatable (fixed in RC-21)
    • RC-19: the Imperial Camp sequence is (practically) unwinnable due to Soldiers having corrupted stats (fixed in RC-20)
    • Cleave and X-Zone were very buggy and could potentially softlock the game (fixed in RC-18)
    • Rages are not listed alphabetically in battle and some are not displaying out of battle (fixed in RC-18)
    • Sap damage is much lower than it should be on player characters (fixed in RC-18)
    • RC-15 would crash if the Imp effect was ever applied (fixed in RC-16)
    • RC-14 was missing an important piece of code for bosses (fixed in RC-15)
    • RC-13 was cursed (solution: skipped ahead to RC-14)
    • All outgoing damage from players is ~10% higher than it should be (fixed sometime between RC-11 and RC-13)
    • Items are sometimes not dropping from enemies as they should (fixed in RC-13)
    • Unusuable "dummy" items randomly populate in the player's inventory (fixed in RC-13)
    • Damage/healing numbers occasionally/frequently do not show up (fixed in RC13)
    • There appears to be some pretty heavy lag after most/all attacks (fixed in RC13)
    • The third fight with Ultros is unwinnable due to an error in his script (fixed in RC-12)
    • Game just crashes in battle for no reason (RC-9 only; fixed in RC-11)
    • Blackjack (the slot result, not the airship) crashes the game (fixed in RC-11)
    • Enemies do not seem to be taking extra damage from fire elemental weaknesses (elemental mixing hack removed from RC-9; re-added in RC-14)
    • The game softlocks after any battle after obtaining espers (RC-7 only; fixed in RC-8)
    • Game is randomly(?) softlocking after battle (fixed in RC-7)
    • Terra softlocks the game in the intro flashback sequence (fixed in RC-7)
    • Regen ticks are very low (fixed in RC-7)
    • The crane battle never ends, thus softlocking the game (fixed in RC-6)
    • XP gains are lower than they should be, significantly so at higher levels (fixed in RC-6)
    • "Slots" crashes the game when used (fixed in RC-5)
    • Whatever the fuck is going on here (fixed in RC-5)
    • Damage is VERY low (ex. Dadaluma) in some cases (fixed in RC-5)
    • The in-battle status display is incorrectly reporting several statuses (Muddle -> Rerise; Shell -> Stop; Haste -> Sap) (fixed in RC-5)
    • If you save at the point after the minecart ride and relaunch the game entirely, everyone gets innate slow (fixed in RC-5)
    • Characters seem to be taking much lower damage in battle than intended (fixed in RC-4)
    • Melee counter-attacks are not correctly targeting the attacker (fixed in RC-4)
    • Drain effects are not working properly (fixed in RC-4)
    • Goggles (possibly other status relics) are not blocking the intended statuses (fixed in RC-3)


    • Some formations will look weird as pincer attacks (please post any that you find)
    • When the Rage status is removed via a Green Cherry, status resistances are not properly recalculated (we have a lead on a fix, but nothing solid yet)
    • Aurabolt/Empowerer are not doing halved damage from the back row as intended (likely not to be fixed; will need to examine any balance issues and readjust accordingly)
    • The Ragnarok equip bonus (+25% magic output) is not functioning
    • Jackpot and Stray are not correctly targeting dead allies
    • Seraph is not properly blocking the "Zombie" status
    • Fenrir incorrectly adds +1 M.Evade
    • Dying the Guardian as Leo still results in a game over (may not fix)
    • X-fight is disallowing MP auto-crits (i.e. Daryl's Soul cancels the special effects of the Viper Darts)
    • The Demonsbane and Tarot "kill undead" procs are not using the correct animation
    • It's still possible to enter the South Figaro basement early (we have an idea on how to correct this - may or may not actually do it)
    • The Ancient Castle Basement is still locked by default (will either fix or make the hidden switch visible)
    • Puff Goo incorrectly hits itself when blinded
    • Face and Short Arm (final battle, Tier 1) have swapped positions
    • The in-battle "Rage" scrollbar stops one quarter of the way down the window (will be fixed in RC-27)
    Edgar, please, not in front of the children (fixed attempted in RC-23 - still seems to be an issue)
    • The solution to the Tombstone Puzzle in Daryl's Tomb is backwards (fixed in RC-26 - but most of the wrong answers are still fucky)
    • Mudcrabs are not properly flagged to not appear on the Veldt (fixed in RC-26)
    • ??? is not properly flagged to ignore defense (fixed in RC-26)
    • Intangir Z is dropping 2 Kagenui's (fixed in RC-26)
    • Behemoth/Diablos are incorrectly vulnerable to Bserk (fixed in RC-26)
    • Chimera/Manticore/Sphinx are incorrectly vulnerable to Sleep (fixed in RC-26)
    • Scan will sometimes spit out garbage after appropriate scans (could not replicate)
    • Ultima hits itself with Full Force (fixed in RC-25)
    • The "unequip" NPC in the scenario select screen does not unequip Cyan after Sabin's scenario
    (fixed in RC-25)
    • Final Kefka's script has an error causing his counter-attack routine to cease after the first cycle (fixed in RC-25)
    • The "Blind" status is causing the "Jump" command to do half damage from the back row (fixed in RC-24)
    • Imped enemies are not properly reverting to their original sprites when cured (LeetSketcher's hack was not working; removed for now - NOTE TO SELF: FIX THIS MYSELF)
    • RC23: the Noiseblaster is (randomly?) Chainsawing enemies to death
     (fixed in RC-24)
    • Bouncy Balls do 0 damage (fixed in RC-24)
    • An error in their scripts cause Asura and Isis to never enter their final attack phases (fixed in RC-24)
    • Landslide will still inflict the "Slow" status on floating targets that it misses (fixed in RC-23)
    • The "Hobo" line of enemies may attempt to use a Tonic on dead allies instead of properly re-targeting (RC-23 has healing items re-target on death)
    • The Soldier rage has Cure 2 as the uncommon attack instead of the common (fixed in RC-23)
    • There is a small error in the Sphinx enemy script that affects its behavior (fixed in RC-23)
    • The Diablos enemy in Kefka's Tower is using the incorrect targeting for Cyclonic (fixed in RC-23)
    • Inferno's arms are less aggressive than intended due to a scripting error (fixed in RC-23)
    • Incorrect dialogue appears in the Guardian and Final Kefka battles (fixed in RC-23)
    • There is a small error in Kaiser's script which may make it more difficult for players to figure out how to fight him (fixed in RC-23)
    • The "unequip" NPC in the scenario select screen appears on the same tile that Mog spawns on (fixed in RC-22)
    • The Tzen relic shop has the wrong wares in the WoR (fixed in RC-22)
    • The Tentacles will not correctly update the position of characters when grabbing them and will drop them off to the top left of the screen (fixed in RC-22)
    • The chest that should contain Setzer's Viper Darts instead contain a second Tarot (fixed in RC-22)
    • Tentacle B has the wrong elemental settings (fixed in RC-21)
    • 024 does not properly respond to having Dispel cast on it (fixed in RC-20)
    • The Atlasphere enemy is not correctly updating its AI (fixed in RC-20)
    • The Royal Jacket still blocks fire damage (fixed in RC-20)
    • RC-19: a certain zone in the (WoR) Serpent Trench has no enemy encounter data (fixed in RC-20)
    • The Haste status (invisibly) cycles through with the Safe/Shell/Reflect statuses (fixed in RC-19)
    • MP damage is incorrectly triggering melee counters (fixed in RC-19)
    • The select button acts as L/R for multi-targeting (vanilla behavior, but it conflicts with the HP/ATB view hack; fixed in RC-19)
    • Exploder is randomly targeting the entire party when Gau rages Bomb and is also doing the wrong amount of damage (fixed in RC-19)
    • The Bserk spell animation is slightly buggy (fixed in RC-19)
    • Green-D's timed attack is misspelled (fixed in RC-19)
    • Antlion's special attack is not correctly flagged to deal no damage (fixed in RC-19)
    • The 777 Slot spin has the incorrect name (fixed in RC-19)
    • Lv. 9 Mages, Didalos, and Phunbaba have no Sketch attacks assigned (fixed in RC-19)
    • Tiny Tims have no common steal set (fixed in RC-19)
    • Banshees have the incorrect status immunities (fixed in RC-19)
    • The Mantra formula is broken (fixed in RC-18)
    • The Monet and Dali brushes have the incorrect spells (fixed in RC-18)
    • The armor shop at Thamasa sells two sets of Gold Armor (fixed in RC-18)
    • The 7-7-7 Slot spin is not targeting live characters as it should (fixed in RC-18)
    • Chesticle incorrectly drops two Frostgores (fixed in RC-18)
    • The guest in the Wrexsoul fight incorrectly spawns on top of a Soulblazer (fixed in RC-18)
    • A bug in Zone Eater's AI causes it to hit itself under certain circumstances (fixed in RC-18)
    • Mind Blast was causing issues with turn order after being used (hack removed from RC-17 for debugging)
    • Chesticle has no MP to cast its spells (fixed in RC-17)
    • One area of the Serpent Trench has the wrong pack assigned and another zone near Kefka's Tower has none at all (fixed in RC-17)
    • The "Empty" inventory command did not work in RC-16 (fixed in RC-17)
    • Shadow initializes with 999 MP (fixed in RC-13- will require a new save to be effective)
    • The 3x Wasp formation is improperly flagged as leapable (fixed in RC-13)
    • Bedevil (dance step) is missing the "redirection" flag (fixed in RC-13)
    • Terra's attack in the flashback sequence has no name (fixed in RC-12)
    • Fire Dance engulfs the targets in a cleansing warmth that soothes their wounds (fixed in RC-12)
    • Two NPCs in the Beginner's School are calling the wrong captions (fixed in RC-12)
    • Terra uses weird/wrong attacks in the flashback sequence with Kefka (fixed in RC-11)
    • Terra and Celes learn several incorrect spells through leveling (fixed in RC-11 - will require a new save to be effective)
    • The Rizopas fight can be trivialized by paralyzing with Suplex (fixed in RC-11)
    • “Gauge: Off” config setting doesn’t work in battle (maxHP shows briefly, then switches to ATB gauge as default) (fixed in RC-9)
    • The new save point in the Ancient Castle has no assigned sprite (basically: it's functional, but invisible) (fixed in RC-9)
    • The Ancient Castle basement is still "hidden" and needs to be opened via the secret event tile (fixed in RC-9)
    • Weird graphical errors with the Bushido meter flashing (fixed in RC-7)
    • The second (new) save point in the Cave to the Sealed Gate does not work (fixed in RC-7)
    • The Apocyllumina event is broken due to a blank caption where a choice is supposed to be made (fixed in RC-7)
    • Fanfare music plays in Terra’s flashback after killing soldiers (fixed in RC-7)
    • Cyan cannot equip Crusader; can equip Alexandr instead (fixed in RC-6)
    • Ghost Rings/Ribbons do not protect against Stop as they should (fixed in RC-6)
    • Empty enemy formations appear in the Serpent Trench (WoR) and Cave to Figaro Castle (fixed in RC-6)
    • The Magitek menu (appears in the first fight) has a bunch of "???????" options (fixed in RC-5)
    • Antlions (enemies outside Figaro Castle) have no regular battle script (fixed in RC-5)
    The Shell spell sets Stop instead of Shell (fixed in RC-5)
    • Fire Dance (Blitz) does nothing (fixed in RC-5)
    • The special attack on Gau's "Soldier" rage does nothing (fixed in RC-5)
    • Kefka uses the wrong line if beaten at Narshe via an alternate win condition (fixed in RC-5)
    • When Giants use Magnitude on death, the targeting is incorrect (fixed in RC-5)
    • The armor shop at Narshe starts selling Antidotes post-IMTRF (fixed in RC-5)
    • Banon is wearing a "dummy" item instead of armor (fixed in RC-4)
    • Zeigfried is dropping a "dummy" item after he dies (fixed in RC-4)
    • Several NPCs in Mobliz are exhibiting... odd behavior (fixed in RC-4)
    • Spirit Claws are randomly casting Stop instead of Slow (fixed in RC-4)
    • Characters with the "Vanish" status may have it randomly removed for no reason (fixed in RC-3)
    • Terra, Biggs, & Wedge do not properly have the MagiTek status in the game's intro (fixed in RC-3)
    • The config menu is displaying the wrong version (BNW 1.9.0) (fixed in RC-2)


    • All of the special MagiTek commands are gone except for Tek Laser and Heal Force
    • Whelk dies in one round; there's no need to drag this fight out to "teach" players about ATB
    • The ATB bar no longer turns yellow when full; rather, the design of the end-caps will change
    • Enemies beyond the ones outside of Narshe/Figaro Castle no longer counter Steal by murdering Locke
    • You no longer wear MagiTek armor in the third segment of Cyan's Nightmare
    • The Cranes have no death animations (RC-24 adds text boxes to indicate that they have been disabled)


    • Banon will show up in the back row if Wedge was placed in the back row during the opening sequence
    • Rizopas can be skipped entirely if the last Piranha is killed with a counter-attack
    • The "shop preview" hack looks a little wrong for tools and causes some slowdown
    • Enemies will not counter dual-wield melee attacks if one of the weapons involved ignores row
    • The random encounter rate sometimes skyrockets right after the Mine Cart Ride for about eight battles
    • The new save point at the Ancient Castle is grey for some reason
    • Certain enemies can die individually under certain circumstances instead of simultaneously; can be annoying if they appear in large groups (*)
              *This is fixable but requires scripting space; therefore, only the most egregious cases will be addressed; please post any that you think need it


    • Shadow is a tough sell for Zozo because of the hiring cost (may consider lowering his asking price)
    • Intangir's tendency to counter with Meteo can be bad if the RNG is streaky (will look into eventually - curious if anyone else had problems with him)
    • The Autocrossbow's low hitrate makes it scale poorly in the later game (proposed solution: Schematics to also set it to perfect accuracy)
    • The Ninja / 2x Dactyl formation on the Floating Continent has too much AoE damage (RC-26 lowers Dactyl's magic power)
    • Atma/Ultima counter Raid/Osmose/Empowerer as they would any other MP damage (addressed in RC-26)
    • Dullahan's S.Cross does a lot of damage (RC-26 lowers Dullahan's magic power)
    • Enemies on the Southern Continent are overtuned (Wyvern and Chickenlip are nerfed in RC-24)
    • Kaiser can be (somewhat) cheesed through a particular strat (fixed in RC-24)
    • Heartfire casts Regen on itself, but cannot be sapped (fixed in RC-24)
    • Ultros 2 may need lower HP (declined)
    • The Flan rage needs nerf
    (RC-23 changes the secondary attack from Life 2 to SlowX and move the Flans to after the Ifrit/Shiva battle)
    • Celes can be back-attacked during her solo segment of the WoR (addressed in RC-21)
    • Back attacks and pincers are still very overpowering even without taking extra damage from behind (RC-21 increases party's starting ATB in pincer/back attacks)
    • All incoming magical damage is lower than it should be (this was an error with in my damage calculator, RC-19 adjusted enemy magic power to compensate)
    • Shiva and Ifrit use Ice 3 / Fire 3 too frequently (addressed in RC-6)
    • The Telstar fight is a PITA (addressed in RC-11)
    • The Phantom monster-in-a-box in Locke's scenario (addressed in RC-5; further edited in RC-6)


    • RC-26: Enemies that can counter ANY attack no longer counter Scan


  3. 7 hours ago, Bropedio said:

    I noticed that the updated ReadMe no longer lists the following bug as a "known issue", but also does not mention it as being fixed in the version history:

    I only ask because I recently stumbled onto the cause of the bug, and wanted to share it (in case it hasn't already been fixed). I believe it happens in the subroutine that adds the "miss when protected from instant death" flag to any monster special effect with the "death" status. I don't have the address for BNW handy, but in vanilla, the address where BNW jumps to the new subroutine is C2/334B. In the BNW (1.9) subroutine, the status byte is checked for #80, and if set, it adds the "miss when protected from instant death" flag. The problem is, the status byte stored in the accumulator could be any of the 4 status bytes (indexed by X). That means any attack with Death, Sleep, Reflect, or Float will miss targets immune to instant death.

    Well, if that's the case, it should be pretty easily checkable since instant death and sleep are different immunity packages. I can't say for sure thinking back to 1.9 if that's the entire issue or if it seems like there's something else... definitely something to add to the testing notes, though!


  4. Just an update to anyone who doesn't hang around in our Discord... the beta is still forthcoming, pending getting all of the very many external hacks tetrised into place and some initial checks to make sure nothing is making the game crash. Hopefully it won't be too much longer - thanks everyone for your patience.

    If you are interested in joining the beta, please hop into our Discord and request the tester role - you'll be notified when the beta is released and the role can be used to report issues/concerns and communicate with the other testers.


  5. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the mod. Let's see what I can say about a few things...

    Despite what I will say in-game to justify its existence, the "no exp." option exists solely because of LLG crazies (although veteran players also seem to like capping their levels at 30). It's not something I'm fond of, but it is an option I just like to pretend doesn't exist.

    I'm... not really sure how you missed the three items specifically that you mentioned, since none of them are particularly difficult to locate. The Thief Glove is behind the clock puzzle in Zozo (the time is unchanged from vanilla; the switch to roman numerals was strictly a space-saving measure in the dialogue bank), while Umaro's relics are in Gogo's Cave/Mog's Cave, respectively.

    The Hero Shield requires 64 battles to uncurse in BNW instead of 255 in vanilla (this is what the guy means when he says "power of six").

    Dispel DOES help against Atma Weapon...part of the changes in 2.0 are to make its effects a little more transparent.

    For that matter, pretty much every boss in the game got rewritten either a little or a lot for 2.0, and Kaiser was by far the biggest rewrite of the bunch. I wasn't happy with any of the Wallchange bosses as they were in 2.0, but I especially did not like Kaiser.

    Wrexsoul is annoying, yes. It's because of this that he has an alternate win condition in BNW - just kill the soul fires. 2.0 will add ina  way to make the "intended" way of killing him less annoying, as well.


  6. 8 hours ago, MorteTheSkull said:

    It occurs to me that, given the nature of this game having 2 more characters than you necessarily "need", an "optimal" run is one where you let Shadow die, isn't it?  Assuming every character is viable, and having 12 characters is effectively the same as having 14, having one character get a significant upgrade by losing another one seems like a definitively stronger move.

    Obviously I'm talking pure numbers here; I would never let my good good ninja friend die like that.

    It's something that I've thought about before - one of the reasons that Shadow is top-tier DPS and good support.


  7. 2 hours ago, SWhite said:

    Can I give a suggestion? Recently I tried FF6 - the eternal crystals... while the hack is absolutely unbalanced to the point of Reeeeeeeeeee, it had a cool feature, Locke could throw knives.

    To me, it makes perfectly sense that a thief treasure hunter can throw a knife, and given that a lot of enemies carry mithryl knives, and stealing refills Locke's atb, it can be a very nice strategy to steal an enemy's knife and then "give it back" to the owner LOL.

    Also it makes sense due to Locke's dual wield that gives him something in common with Shadow, the only issue would be making Shurikens and scrolls inaccesible to Locke cause he's not a ninja.

    That's definitely a neat idea, but I can't really figure out a good way to implement it mechanically.


  8. Well, Synchysi has all of the patches sorted out so now we're just in the process of alpha testing to make sure there are no crashes find as many crashes as we can and fix them first.

    In the meantime, I think y'all have waited long enough... how about some official 2.0 documentation for ya:

    (Note that the Unlockme is complete save for updated screenshots, which we obviously can't get yet! It does contain a LOT of other goodies, though - check out the BNWCP!)

    Also, one last little surprise for y'all... @Deschain and his Mrs. have been working on a graphical version of the Readme in the style of the original manual. It's very much a WIP at this point (again, screenshots), but it's looking damn good from what I've been seeing.


  9. 1 hour ago, NGPGamer said:


    Hey, glad you're enjoying things.

    There are several items in the game that aren't mentioned in the Printme - think of them as "secrets" :P

    The "dodging while asleep" thing is a weird bug from vanilla that rears its head every now and then here. Thankfully, it's pretty rare from my experience.

    If Shadow dies on the Floating Continent, he actually moves over to Relm in BNW instead of just being inactive for the rest of the game. Otherwise, he sticks with Shadow.


  10. 2 hours ago, ff7hero said:

    I'd say it has more to do with an increase in general balance.


    Yep, that's the idea! The entire point of this poll was to help me identify which characters needed buffing and which didn't, so the ultimate goal is a wide variety of responses.


  11. As a beta looms nearer, I'm going to supplement my list of things to look for with a few things I want specific feedback on.

    __ Random encounters and enemy behavior (obviously), as well as boss fights (double obviously)
    __ Hints about beating bosses from NPC - did you notice any? Did you TAKE that advice?
    __ Watch out for erroneous "EP gain" messages that appear after the Battle of Narshe, but before you get espers: we need save data to examine this bug
    __ Play with Setzer's Dice; does the damage suck? Do we need to fuck with the odds any?
    __ Give us a few basic level benchmarks, specifically for the FC and the end of the game. I'm curious to see how often players will overlevel without deliberately grinding