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  1. On 3/10/2018 at 8:55 PM, A Dummy said:

    He doesn't use Elixirs when you play to his elemental gimmick, or at least he's not supposed to at any rate.
    If you're not sure about what his current weakness is when he does a barrier change you can always just use Scan to check it, but even if you do throw a "wrong" spell at him the worst that should happen is it just does no damage. (Or does it absorb? I don't quite remember at the moment.)
    I could be wrong on this, but I think you can also technically use non-elemental magic without him using an Elixir, but he does counter stuff like that with a strong attack (Overkill I think?) since it's circumventing his gimmick, so don't use stuff like that too much or you'll die from all the counters. (Though maybe he does still use an Elixir? I don't quite remember in this case.)

    MagiMaster responds to any non-elemental damage with Overkill+Elixir. In his second phase, he will start using Overkill to counter *any* damage.


    He also stops countering non-elemental damage with Elixirs at that point, too.



  2. 1. Not really. Aside from the fact that the spell index is full, part of balancing out the eight elements is the differences in availability. Having access to water damage, for example, is part of what makes Strago and Shadow so unique amongst other mages.

    2. Initially, in order to make the Life spell preferable to Phoenix Downs, I widened the gap of effectiveness to 1/16 max HP for Phoenix Downs and 1/4 maxHP for Life (both were 1/8 in vanilla, rendering the Life spell fairly useless). I ultimately found that 1/4 maxHP still wasn't really having the desired effect since it still wasn't enough for a lot of characters to be able to survive a single hit after getting back on their feet, resulting in my request to switch it over to a set amount of HP. As for Phoenix Downs, the change to 1 HP was mostly symbolic since there's no effective difference between 1 HP and 1/16 maxHP because neither will allow anyone to take a single hit in pretty much any situation.

    3. Possible? Probably. This isn't a question anyone has ever asked before, and I really don't have an opinion on it.

    4. I think my only objection to that would be that giving them a value makes the ones you find sellable for lots of cash. Also, they currently fill a "rare expendable" role that very much needs filling. As far as late-game cash sinks go, the intent was for that to fall back on Potions and Ninjatos.

    5. There's really not much I can envision to spice up what is essentially the game's "tutorial" phase without going massively off of the rails of what the mod aims to do.


  3. Yeah, I do need to ask right around where you're at in the game, since pretty much everything up until the Battle of Narshe is tutorial mode and there's not a whole lot you can do to keep an RPG consistently mechanically interesting throughout a period like that.

    In any case, I think a lot of what you've said can just be boiled down to scope. There's a lot of interesting things that I can imagine for a combat system and a lot of flaws I can easily see, but the ultimate question is what all can actually be done while working within the confines of the engine we're working with or without turning FF6 into a completely different game.

    Good points, nonetheless.


  4. So, there's two answers to that question.

    One, I try to avoid having certain "back-and-forth" Colosseum trades since it basically forces one of any point in the trade as a final piece of equipment. The Apocalypse and Illumina, for example, used to trade back and forth until I realized that it was really limiting possible end-game weapon options for either the Apocalypse or Illumina to be a given. So now they trade for a Minerva and thus give the player more options by allowing the Apocyllumina to serve as something other than an MP-hungry sword. The Soul/Gem Box have a similar problem where I have no interest in making either/or a "forced" relic.

    The second answer is that I'm personally not a huge fan of the EL reset. I come from an older time where decisions you made were decisions you were stuck with unless you started a new game, and that's where replay value came from. Putting him in was a point I conceded to after Synchysi and the community convinced me that it was a good idea given that many players are not likely to play through a ROMhack multiple times. Plus, it was an excuse for me to write some more lines for Ultros.


  5. Where'd you stream it at?

    Your endgame levels were on the low side of average, but still pretty average.

    I don't really know much about most of the other hacks on this side, but it's where I'd recommend starting if you're looking for more like BNW. We've also got a Discord if you want to come and talk with us about it.

    Thanks for playing!