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                    Counter to the above, which sells stamina as an alternative attack stat
                    with some defensive capabilities, we wanted a way of meshing it with the
                    other stats in a meaningful way. It was thus decided that it should be
                    tied to two equipment-enabled abilities: cover (synergizes with HP) and
                    counter-attacks (synergizes with vigor).

                    As was the case in vanilla, characters with "true knight" equipment will
                    always take hits for allies who are at "near fatal" status, even if they
                    themselves are also at critical HP. Now, in addition to that, guardians
                    who are not in critical status may also take hits for *healthy* allies.

                            Cover% (healthy allies) = Stam / 192

                    To balance this, characters can no longer cover AT ALL while in the back
                    row, evasion is halved for any attack that he or she jumps in front of,
                    and covering an ally will break a character out of the "defend" status.
                    Interceptor will also not protect Shadow if he's covering someone else.

                      (See "Smart Cover" below for further changes to the cover mechanic.)

                    For the "spank" half of things, the game's original counter-attack rate
                    was 75%. We found this to be excessive once we got other things sorted
                    out (see "Parry & Counter" below), so we opted for a new formula that
                    bases the counter-attack rate on stamina (starting at a floor of ~50%).

                            Counter-Attack% = (Stam + 32) / 128



  2. Download Brave New World Here

    (New to Brave New World? Want to know what it's all about? Check out the Readme here or our list of Frequently Asked Questions.)

    It's that time again, my friends! After a beta cycle that went on much longer than we were expecting, Brave New World 1.9.0 is officially released today. The major features of this update include tying the game's cover and counter-attack mehcanics to stamina (the 'ol tank & spank) courtesy of Seibaby and one of the holy grails of FF6 modding in the form of GrayShadow's in-battle spell patch. There's also a lot more goodies in the Unlockme, including boxart courtesy of Shane at RetroGameCases and a little something special to snap into from our good friend and partner in crime Bauglir.

    As always, many of the changes in this update are largely inspired by the feedback I get from players who stream on Twitch or post videos on Youtube. I take something away from every playthrough I watch, and more and more with each passing update, Brave New World truly is the work of the amazing community that surrounds it. I can honestly say that the humble project Synchysi and I began work on over six years ago would never be what it is today without all of you, and for that and much else I am eternally grateful. I don't know what the future holds for this mod, but I am certain that you all will be a huge part of it.

    What's new in 1.9.0:


     • Added new hacks which allow stamina to influence counter-attacks and the possibility of "true knight"
       characters taking hits for healthy allies (critically-wounded characters are still always protected)

     • Fixed a bug where stamina would not protect against status ailments set by enemy "special" attacks

     • Added a hack to condense the in-battle spell menu (removes all empty spaces)

     • Fucked around with the spells that each character learns again (highlights: Relm gets Life and Stop,
       Mog picks up Haste, Celes learns Demi much earlier now, and Warp is again pushed back to the WoR)

     • The Life spell now revives to 250~500 HP instead of 1/4 maxHP; Phoenix Downs now revive to 1 HP

     • Raised Cyan's base stamina; lowered the power of the Dragon and Eclipse bushidos to compensate

     • Raised the chances for the Dragon bushido to set Stone from 50% to 66%

     • Raised the power of the Aurabolt blitz and swapped the levels at which it and Mantra are learned

     • Edited the GP Toss formula to do 50% more damage (note: edited Katanasoul's stats to compensate)

     • Lowered the power of the Blackjack and Solitaire slot spins

     • Lowered the cost of several spells, including Demi, Rasp, Dispel, and SleepX

     • Lowered the hitrate of several magical attacks to help make magic evasion more useful

     • Reworked & rebalanced swords to offer more (and better) choices for vigor-built characters

     • Swords that consume MP for critical hits now respect the "1/2 MP costs" effect of the Gem/Soul Box

     • Spears now inherently possess the "may guard allies" property instead of random counter-attacks

     • Adjusted the properties of the Wind Slash and Aero procs from the Kazekiri and Mutsunokami

     • Removed the Kagenui's speed boost and slightly adjusted the boosts on Shadow's other weapons

     • Changed Setzer's dice to boost stamina instead of magic and vise-versa for his other weapons

     • The Morning Star and Kusarigama now ignore defense instead of being anti-undead

     • The Demonsbane is now anti-undead in addition to holy-elemental

     • Raised the proc rate of anti-undead weapons from 25% to 50%

     • Fixed a bug where using items on undead characters would randomly kill them

     • Renamed the Diva Brush to Dali Brush and the Magic Brush to Monet Brush

     • Changed the animation of several weapons; also swapped the animations of the two "Blizzard" attacks

     • Corrected the Stormfang menu description

     • The BatPwr of the Soul Sabre and Omega Weapon now display correctly in the item menu

     • The Soul Sabre/Blood Sword are no longer ignored by the "Optimize" routine; the Omega Weapon now is

     • Switched the Colosseum opponents/prizes for the Masamune and Kagenui (and a few others)

     • Celes now starts with an Iron Cutlass instead of a Mythril Bolo

     • Gogo can now use Throw even if Shadow is dead

     • Interceptor now sets Sap

     • Lowered Golem's defense from 192 to 128

     • Made several changes to the Battle of Narshe

     • Made an important update to Atma Weapon's script

     • Fixed a bug in the Soul Fire script (Wrexsoul fight)

     • Enabled/disabled random encounters on a few maps for better consistency

     • Aquilas no longer have any MP as they do not use any attacks that use it

     • Phunbaba and Doom Gaze now give 10 spell points when defeated as other bosses do

     • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to run from all of the enemies in the New Mines

     • Rewrote Gau's tutorial to match how Leap now functions; also added a new line of dialogue for Gau

     • Added more screenshots, boxart with cart label, and enemy graphics to the unlockme image gallery

    Brave New World is now available as a reproduction cartridge courtesy of our good friends at Retro Circuits. And if liking things on Facebook is your bag, baby, then by all means go nuts.


  3. I simply don't have any interest in further delaying 1.9 over something so trivial. If removing D's hack will result in the desired behavior, I say let's test it real quick and be done with it. If not, I really have no qualms putting it on hold and dealing with it whenever someone figured out how to make the Atma/Omega Weapon respect Jump.