Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

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Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 is a wonderful Mod that breathes new life into a classic game. The game has been rebalanced, including the removal of abusable skills, and the addition of new skillsets for formerly bland classes (I'm looking at you archer!). If you loved the original tactics, but have found it to be too easy after countless play throughs, then this is the Mod for you. You are constantly challenged to think outside the box, and adapt your strategy to the specific map and enemies that you are facing. A lot of hard work went into this mod, and it certainly shows.

If you love Final Fantasy Tactics, then I would highly recommend playing this Mod!

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[caveat: i would give this 4 stars because some elements of it seem to be clearly fundamentally unbeatable, and only in later revisions from the version i played supplied items necessary to beat what appear to be some kind of gag-superboss (cough kanbabriff) on the version i had.  but, then again, everything this game has done to me-- i mean, taught me-- points me to believe, maybe there really was some hidden path forward, that i just wasn't able to find.]

well.  this game too me seven years to beat.  i matured as a PERSON through the course of time this game took.  i say this in no way to brag, but just as context: i pulled a 145 on the IQ test and a 99 on the ASVAB.  this was unironically the most difficult and confounding thing i have ever completed in my life.  i don't know if something was glitchy in the patch, or i screwed something up mapping it onto a clean copy, but the things this mod puts you up against are utterly asinine.  the 5 v 10 madly overpowered archers in deep dungeon, the absurdly powerful archers at the wall of bethla garrison, the stacked-to-hell colliery, the team of 10 monks and monsters that cast a *permanent* gollum summon... i can't tell you how many times i hit a fight in this game that i chalked up to 'impossible,' 'hopelessly broken.'  one specific fight (bethla garrison, actually) was optional, as you can take the other route-- and for five or six years i thought it was a prank-- deliberately unbeatable.  finally i found the only way to get around it was to cast berserk on your own character so the AI de-prioritizes killing it, then buff and heal it as your life depends on it, while the spked berserk PA steamrolls the terminators you're fighting for once.  some of the newly-invented end boss abilities are abysmally destructive to your entire ability to even control your characters, and so many things are so bloody difficult that this game is ALMOST unplayable.  almost.  a-l-m-o-s-t.  and it's in that tiny, helpless, dim, asphyxiated little sliver of desperate helplesness on the very edge of death, that you will spend your whole existence in this game.  barely, barely, barely surviving.  working out the gears of not just every possible character build, but gear-character-team-range-tactic-movement-rhythm-order-cycle conceptualization and implementation that you can possibly wring your brain out to get the last little bit of juice for.  this game is exhausting, absurd, difficult beyond reason or measure (--and i'm pretty sure they made the post-boss floor of deep dungeon literally and actually unbeatable just to spite you and show you who's still daddy-- which was one last little squeeze of lemon juice in the eye at the end of it all).

the final boss?  has to be the most masterful and brilliant creation of any enemy/enemy team i have ever seen in any video game, period.  the way they integrate, the abilities, the threat they pose... an absolute masterpiece.  i am still in awe of just how impressive it was, and what an experience.  AND HOW EFFING DIFFICULT THIS WHOLE GAME WAS, did i mention.

the sense of satisfaction is proportionate to the challenges and absurd difficulty that is presented.  many fights in this easily took me six hours.  finishing it was a bittersweet mix of, "wow, that was an insane accomplishment" (and lives up to the name, insane difficulty), and "wow, that was an insane and astronomical waste of my time."  i totally got sucked into this so many times, when i was in the headspace of playing a leisurely hour of FFT as i may have once remembered from the original... instead baited and taunted by it's difficulty, feeling 'certainly a solution must be within reach'-- only to lose... way too much of my time and life being egged on by this game.  so that's my honest warning to you... this can be MORE than a time suck.  a soul suck.  a mind splitter.  i began when i was trapped in the el paso desert wilderness without any kind of cell phone, internet, television, roommates, neighbors, people... (it's a long story)  and few things to do other than read, write, work out, or play this maybe-slightly-cursed little ditty.  at the very end, being so close to finishing it, this strange game continued to taunt me and pull at me-- i had to beat it.  but the final fight easily took three weeks of............... way too much time every day, frankly.  like i said, it's *thus far* been the most difficult thing i can remember completing in my life, eveyrthing else included.  so it leaves me with this strange mixture of, an extreme sense of accomplishment, and.... an extreme sense of time wasted, O.o

my exact version played was 13030.  i know there have been some clean ups and patches and improvements and additions and.... it seems like the thing was never truly 'finished' but just continued evolving.  it's on my thumb drive in a file titled F://JUMANJI , because that's literally what this is.  it's maddening, potentially deeply satisfying, and most of all, maybe just slightly cursed.  (i also heard the RNG was kind of bugged on it; i can't tell you how many times i've been chain-spanked on getting clapped by something with 3% ten times in a row while whiffing 92% odds as many times.  but who knows.  everything you know to be true about math or life will be in question when you're done with this if you pick this thing up.)


thank you for coming to my ted talk.  after all this one put me through, it's kind of cathartic to be able to come here and give it a eulogy.  it took everything i had to murder this game, and even then it still has a few fights that appear to be unbeatable.  i chalk those up to either being literally broken beyond belief by accidents and overlooking, or just sadistic eternal snark left as an enduring memorium of Archael.  i never met the guy, but he was clearly a genius for having built this-- and maybe a little mad, as well.  like i said, it lives up to the name.

i just qualified for Special Warfare in the US Military.  they say to make it you have to be pretty sharp, exceptionally stubborn, never know when to get up, and a high-capacity problem solver against 'impossible' problems.  i like to think the little slice of logic-strategy-and-tactics-hell this game put me through helped further build my confidence in solving problems in the face of what seems to be sheer impossibility, and find the faintest glimmer of hope from which to hammer out the slightest excuse to win-- as a habbit.  God knows i spent probably a little too much time growing that ability with this thing.

as a famous man once said,

... Jumanji.

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