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  1. i feel ya. maybe we'll revisit this in another three years. hahahaha. i have plenty going on as well and probably shouldn't be devoting any more time to games in general... so if i drop off the grid on this one, it's been good getting to at least connect briefly and attempt to tie up a loose end from the past. ya'll are good guys. hopefully i'll see you around again at some point. cheers fellas.
  2. thanks fellas. 5 days left on that drop canvas before it expires. happy to reupload if it were to come down to it, but not the best at remembering to check in on this site. if nothing else i wish someone would at least give monks a runthrough just so i can get my card punched
  3. Thanks boss. Here it is: http://dropcanvas.com/su30s CONTENTS: - The patch I was playing, for convenience ( unless I'm mistaken) - The dated file: the save state immediately prior to attacking Bethla Garrison's North Wall - "Bonus" battle for reference: The Monks/Sacred/Trees fight at Delta, with the ridiculous infinite-Gollum problem. (Still curious-- this just started popping up halfway into the game. Is this deliberately difficult, or a bug? Anyway, I successfully beat this fight, for those who have been giving me sh## So this is available as a bit of a litmus test for those curious.) (There are two files, one before going into the fight at Delta, and one as it begins, as there are a couple different options you may draw from the deck.) For anyone interested in giving this a shot: As stated above, the idea isn't just to SURVIVE North Wall, it's to steal all the bows and the Rubber Costume, without losing anyone. You can change all the job classes and builds as you desire, but you can't go farm any elixirs. Bonus points if you can crystalize and eat everyone's soul. And yes, if anyone manages to do this in under 15 minutes in video, send the paypal link and lunch is on me.
  4. Word. I mean I get that, across the board. This was just me finally getting through a locked door after years and responding to the damn thread I started a little late too the party. And by late I mean like Captain America being thawed out of ice. Bummed that it's too late for anyone to give a rip Ohhhh welllll.
  5. i'm thinking @Kyrios is the one i'm looking for in the transfer over from ID. if this is still worth anyone's interest. if not, what's the song lyric, "things change, people change?" haha. either way, cheers.
  6. Yeah not surprised, it's been awhile. FFT Monsters... that's... extensive. I'm dizzy just reading the posted description of the 3.0 updates. Very interesting.
  7. (I know, we're on, like, 2.6 now, right?) ALRIGHT, first, let me say, this post is intended with *massive respect* to all parties, and any snark anyone picks up from me in this or in future posts is intended to be benevolent and upbeat. I feel like I just got out of a freaking time travel loop guys. You may remember me (somewhere in the farrrr back of your minds) as Hezekiah from this post originally on ID: [Link to ID post] Well I got locked out of that account, and in the midst of all the ID admin problems, THERE WAS NO ONE TO LET ME BACK IN. Like, for years, guys. Years. I was thinking about trying to bother someone on their youtube account to get in touch with someone FOR me so I could get back on. Maybe there was a better way to get in touch? Some forum somewhere that would've told me? IDK guys, I don't have time to read everything or hunt; life is busy. Too busy to be playing video games honestly... but here I am anyway. It's been forever and a day, but I'm still down to upload my save state, along with the version of FFT it correlates to (title says 1.3030). I know this is an old version with way different parameters than some may be used to currently. As you may gather, I'm also NOT a major tech guy. Coding, patching, even the best way to upload files... ionno mang. I just play the games, I don't work on them. But I'm not the noob sauce ya'll seem to think I am. I swear this fight ain't easy. All that being said, Advent, I'm calling you to reassemble the Super Friends from the first thread and get this thing going. I want to pick this up where it left off. I want to deliver on a years-old promise that probably everyone's forgotten. Maybe I'll get schooled hardcore. Maybe I'll get a sprinkle of respect. Who knows. I want to find out. I want you all to know though, whoever does get pulled back into this, that my reason for posting in the first place, was because obviously we all love this game. Maybe a little too much. It wasn't to try to measure dicks with anyone, to noob-rant, to complain that the game is too hard or sucks or whatever. I swear some stuff was glitched-out or broken in places in this version and I played through it anyway. I have mad respect for how much more LEGIT and AMAZING this game was made vs the ridiculous brokenness of vanilla. So as long as you guys can appreciate that my perspective and posting this is out of a place of like, "dang, this pizza is crazy, you gotta try a bite cuz I know how much you love pizza," and not "GUYS, I'm the shizniiiiit," then I think we can all appreciate this together. OR someone is just gonna WRECK me and then fine, it's been settled. I appreciate Archael pointing out that I had special parameters for this fight. I'm not just trying to beat it. The way I played this playthrough was EVERY fight, EVERY piece of rare gear had to be lifted, and ideally, every opponent crystalized and absorbed. So, here's the criteria I'm looking for: 1) You must steal all six of their bows, and the Rubber Costume. 2) Ideally, all enemies must be crystalized and absorbed. 3) You have to work with what's on hand. I am 100% confident I could fulfill these requirements if I had a decent stock of elixirs-- maybe a dozen? But you get what you have on hand: 3. 4) Goes without saying, but you can't lose any characters or gear. It''s been years since I've even touched this save state. I will surrender that I have grown in my knowledge of deeper game mechanics, concepts and strategies far alternative and apart from my normal "style" of play, etc. Maybe someone will just take me to school here. I recognize that possibility. But, after so much ado, I feel it's necessary to finally get this up. Finally, I did NOT name my characters Tara, Tiara, and Dick, so don't give me hell for that. They showed up like that in the first fight. I was like "Seriously guys, seriously???" But that's the 1.3 experience in a nutshell. **********As a bonus, I'll put up the hardest fight that I DID successfully complete, the Monks+Sacred Delta fight, with the ridiculous Eternal-Gollum thing that I still never really knew whether was deliberate or a bug. As stated to Advent below, the first person who completes either of these in 15 minutes with the given parameters, I will paypal $25 for lunch on me. Now, is the easiest way to do this just to hit "attach files" to this forum? In response to the original posts, since I can't respond on ID: QuadPolar: Parameters clarified above. (As for the grinding to 99, I just took it in one shot. I had no way to know 40 was as far as you had to go. Fun fact, when I was playing this? I was trapped in the desert outskirts of El Paso/Juarez Mexico, with no internet or tv or cell reception. Magical days. No access to any information, just playing blind.) Ludovician: Definitely an old version. Again, trapped in the desert. I didn't even know what patch the thing was on, I just had it on a drive. I was of the mindset not to update the patch but beat it as it was. I figured updating the patch may make things different or easier, and I just wanted to headbutt my way through it. Advent: Rude. Haha. I'll say this: if anyone can beat this with the parameters below in 15 minutes as you say? I will paypal you $25 for lunch on me. Straight up. Gonna need a video though. Bishop: gosh I wish I knew what that image was. Philsov: Thanks for being super helpful. Nefarious: If that works as well as it sounds I'm gonna owe someone lunch. Appreciate the response. Emmy: Agreed and understood. When I was playing this, and posting at this time, I didn't understand there were ongoing revisions and rebalances based on feedback. I just thought, you could hang, or you couldn't, and I wasn't going to complain about anything. I just thought that maybe it was meant to be like, "You're dumb for attacking from the front, so now we will punish your dumbness with this miserable battle from hell." Archael, if you ever happen to see this: You caught what I was saying about stealing their gear. Maybe this just somehow reaaaaally played to my weaknesses, but I beat South Wall on the first try, and came out of it with a nice Rubber Costume and a Faith Rod, which was wildly important through the rest of the game for me. -- Also, if you ARE reading this, massive appreciation and respect for this crazy machine. Remaking this is, like, way out of my pay grade. Thanks for everything, here and on ID, etc. ZaFire: I leveled everyone as a total scatter as I just went for JP and expanded job classes. I'm sure in the land of 1.3 this was a major mistake and hurt my stats.