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a bug and few questions

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first of all, thanks for the mod, i find it way better than the original...


also, Makami Full Kagutsuchi ¨boss fight¨ does always the same attack pattern, he cast dragon eye,fog breath, x attack but then randomly runs off the fight... i don't know if you know this so, i report it to you,


also, there's a point in putting points in ag as a magic/support mc? since the only thing that affects is turn order (i think) and luck is used for magic accuracy...

also,while i played this game for like 30 hours the first time, then i losed my save and started a new game with the mod, i never finished the game but i played all the persona games so i understand the system, should i go for TDE in the first time or just enjoy the game and left it for the next playthrough as a ¨challenge¨? i'm just looking for the best way to enjoy the game actually... i'm new to megami Tensei.


So, thats everything... Thanks for the mod again.


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Agility will not be as useful for you as if you were playing with a physical build, but you may still need the evasion. I remember that against Aciel, for example, my battle plan relied on the main character being able to consistently dodge physical attacks. I couldn't have relied on that with a low agility.
Even aside from boss fights, a decent agility will always increase your chance of surviving a random encounter with the enemy having the initiative.

Regarding your last question, I would say you might as well go straight for the True Demon Ending.
This game isn't as dialog-intensive as a Persona game, as you may have already noticed. It isn't like in, say, Devil Survivor, where each ending has an entirely different scenario. Here, aside from a very few lines, all endings are essentially the same. Therefore, there isn't any reason not to pick the most interesting one game-play wise, especially in Hardtype, where the TDE final boss is extremely powerful.

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Regarding what to do if it's your first time plot wise what I actually recommend is play the game normally don't aim for the TDE, because TDE ignore all of your choice so just play normally (just fight the fiends when they are available they will be more fun to fight this way) until you unlock the Final Dungeon (trust me you will know when that happen), then just do a save before entering the final dungeon keep this save on store, do the final dungeon, see the ending you have get, then you can just reload the save and do the Labyrinthe of Amala then redo the final dungeon to face TDE Final Boss, I also recommend that because TDE final boss is potentially a gap in difficulty that you may not like as a first timer (I personnaly reach him at LV95 but I had to redo my all team set up to beat him) if you don't care about the plot then just go for TDE

As far as stat are concern few thing to note :

-As you realise Agility in a magic build isn't usefull heck I barely increase it in my playthrough for Magic build Magic and Luck are the 2 most important stat tough you may want increase Vitality to increase the survivability of your MC since if he dies it's Game Over.

-Also if it's your first time I don't know if you know this but even if you play a Magic Build you should at one point increasing Strength up to 25 (Magatama bonus doesn't count) as it is necessary to get one of the Magatama and you need all magatamas to unlock the ultimate magatama which is pretty much require for TDE final Boss, increasing Strength will also help by allowing you to break the larger obstacles in Hell Vault in Labyrinthe of Amala which will help for money farm (and you will need it for buying Magatamas and Demon Fusion)

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