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  1. I've had great fun with the LoZ randomizer in the past. Due to its open ended nature, it's a game that lends itself particularly well to that kind of mod. I hope the dev will add a procedural overworld generator one day. As for procedural map generation, the Secret of Mana ancient cave does exactly that, which is awesome. Edit: I just now saw that a new version was released which does seem to procedurally generate dungeon maps. Not sure if the rooms themselves are procedural, but that's cool!
  2. Update! See this post. Hello folks! I know nobody asked for this (except me) but me and Nowea did some work this morning and figured we would release it to any interested parties. We made an eye candy patch. Terra casting Rasp on a reflective Relm, and using an Ether on Cyan (and yes, I made these using vanilla saves, hence the insanely high numbers which you would never see in BNW) This patch (re-)redecorates the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing Rflect barrier that results from using Imzogelmo's Color-coded MP Digits patch. The barrier is now a pleasant blue recolor of the green vanilla version. As a byproduct of eliminating the dark grey color from the palette, the MP healing colors (blue) look somewhat brighter and have a nice glow to them. The MP damage numerals (pink) were recolored to match. It has been (very, very briefly) tested with Brave New World 1.8.0 and vanilla FF3us 1.0. Please report any bugs you find to Seibaby on the ID Discord channel or here in this thread. Please be especially on the lookout for anything that is pinkish-maroonish but looks like it should perhaps be a dark grey. Thank you for downloading this patch and please enjoy! -- Seibaby (aka Cakes) Gonna post this up for testing or something? I demand top billing -- Nowea (If you're wondering about the distribution of work here - Nowea did all the creative stuff and Seibaby did all the hacking stuff - yay teamwork!)
  3. Someone beat you to it, Nowea!
  4. Update! A palette conflict caused character's shadows to turn dark red, which can be seen in the screenshots in the original post. As a fix, we decided on changing the HP healing numerals to match the MP ones instead; to minimize other potential palette conflicts, we made them brighter to boot. I've updated the link in the original post. Here's the new look: Please be on the lookout for anything that is dark green but looks like it should perhaps be a dark grey (edit: or anything that is green that looks like it should be a brighter green, lol). If for some reason you want the old patch, here it is. "apparently greens are MUCH BRIGHTER than blues" -- Seibaby "You asked me to pick a new color for the border lol" --Nowea (If you're wondering, which I'm sure you're not, Nowea was not consulted for his choice of words in the readme which were skillfully quoted out of context)