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  1. *prays for zero gamebreaking bugs*
  2. No. This is not the official 1.8.6 release.
  3. Updated to add the Quicksteal patch.
  4. Like the other Steal patch, this is the result of a drunken Nowea, half mad from sleep deprivation, pitching an idea half almost entirely in jest, which upon closer examination actually turned out to be rather good. After Nowea sobered up, he pitched it to BTB, whose fancy was also tickled, enough so that he wanted it included in 1.8.6. I'll accept a modest credit for actually coding it, but otherwise, blame Nowea, that lovable idiot savant of accidental game design. So what does it do? Nothing fancy - it simply makes it so a successful Steal attempt doesn't cost you a turn. It works with Mug (and Switchblade) too, so it actually improves Mug to the point of almost being useful. This is scheduled for inclusion in the upcoming 1.8.6, but if you'd like to test it out right now, I'd appreciate the bit of extra QA. Get it here: header | non-header Finally, from the shit nobody cares about department, here are (spooky voice) Tales From Dev Chat. Although the idea arose from a joke about Steal buffing Locke with Quick, it has nothing to with Quick; that poor, disease-ridden mechanic was taken out back and shot long ago. It doesn't stop time or anything; just prevents the ATB gauge from resetting after a Steal turn, keeping it in the golden "ready" state. If you're super interested in the mechanics: the Steal function now sets a flag upon a successful Steal attempt, which is later checked by the function which increments the ATB gauge. If the flag is set, it skips ahead to the part where it sets the character into the "ready for action" state. If you know how to code, you can make any attack set this flag... Fun fact: the original name I came up with for this patch was inspired by the colloquialism used by Magic: the Gathering players to describe cards like these. It was promptly shot down by BTB (deservedly so, I'll admit). Nowea suggested Stealing Is A Free Action as a replacement, which I kind of like. In the end I think Quicksteal has a nice, simple elegance to it. Call it what you will, at least Steal sucks a little less now. We know you are sensitive about your art, Locke. Code:
  5. Just something I've had lying around for a long while, and finally decided to clean up and release. Something for you lazy Gau lovers out there. This patch has pretty much equal functionality as Think's Learnable Rage patch, with the exception that you still actually have to Leap Gau to learn Rages. The kicker is that you can do so anywhere, and Gau will be right back in your party after you win the battle. You will still only be able to Leap enemy formations that actually appear on the Veldt, but you no longer have to hike all the way out there to do so. Consider it a middle ground between Think's patch and vanilla BNW behavior, although it's still cheating, since you're getting Rages early. You cheater, you! Get it here! Headered and nonheadered patches are included. See the documentation (leap-anywhere.txt) for version A/B differences. Should work with both 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 pre-beta. Let me know if it breaks the universe or something. Non-obligatory but still well deserved plugs: Rage Reference Sheet by @Nowea Learnable Rage by @Think0028
  6. What Think said. Also, because you asked in chat, @BTB, if you try to Leap a lone Gau, one of two things will happen, depending on which version of the patch you use. You'll either get a message saying you can't, or you'll get a nice, well-deserved Game Over. >:)
  7. Here's me and @Kaffe Myersat summer camp-...err, a Swedish juggling and firespinning event called Camp Burn Yourself. I'm the one to the right.
  8. Meanwhile, here's Think's code for the X-Fight fix.
  9. Hey, looks like it's patch day errday, err... today. Nowea suggested. BTB approved. I coded. Here you go: Master Thief! What this does is allow a character's Speed to raise the chance of gaining the rare Steal from a successful attempt. Formula is (Chance rare item slot will be checked) = Speed / 256. Code:
  10. Man, I should have named this Pickpocket instead, since it totally doesn't grant a 100% Rare Steal. Is it too late to change it?
  11. Hello folks, here's a new patch that's in consideration for the upcoming version 1.8.6, that's in need of beta testing. Nakar recently brought up the issue that, at battle start, the initial ATB gauges of characters and monsters are really inconsistent. This patch changes the initialization of ATB gauges for characters and monsters to be more in line with their Speed and reduces the randomness. In effect, faster characters will more often start off their ATB gauges at full or near full, while slower characters will more consistently have a longer wait for their first turn. You may consider this the complement to Nowea's Speed Rebalance patch; while that patch buffs slower characters and nerfs faster ones, this patch does the opposite. For an example of the patch in action, have a look at this stream by Nakar. Here's the patch: Headered Unheadered And here are the details: New formula: Initital ATB fill% = ([(Speed * 2)..(Speed * 3 + 29)] + [(0..9) * 4] + G) * 256 / 65535 Where G = (10 - Number of entities in battle) Original formula for comparison: Initital ATB fill% = ([Speed..(Speed * 2 - 1)] + [(0..9) * 8] + [G * 16]) * 256 / 65535 And the code:
  12. Hello folks, I just wanted to drop in with an update on the situation. Today, friday, dn will hopefully be arriving without issue in Seattle. I've made reservations for him at a shelter for the night - after tonight he'll be able to make his own reservations, and with the help of a friend, make himself acquainted with the various shelters and services for the homeless that King County has to offer. The donation drive has been a huge success! So far we've raised around $557 (Madsiur can update us on the exact numbers), enough for our two goals of purchasing a bus ticket to Seattle and a care package for dn once he gets there. A rather large part of the donations ($348.75) have been used to order a big box o' necessities off of Amazon. The order has been shipped and will be delivered sometime during the weekend, to Kjata who has graciously agreed to deliver it to dn in downtown Seattle as soon as possible. I won't list the entire contents of the shipment, but rest assured that it contains a significant portion of what a person on the streets could conceivably need and still be able to carry on his back, including the backpack itself. Amongst the goodies are a prepaid phone, basic medical and hygienic supplies, a repair kit, clothes, and some other useful odds and ends. Most of the remaining funds will help pay for dn's bus ticket to Seattle. Please note that dn fronted the ticket cost himself with his last cash reserves, and that the vast majority of remaining funds comes from a single large donation. The donor has agreed to let us wire the entirety of this donation as a cash reimbursement for dn. Any remaining funds after that will go towards covering PayPal fees, and if there's anything left after that, I'll take suggestions. My own suggestion is that we donate it to the shelter in Hot Springs, AR, that took dn in after he lost his home. We will continue accepting donations for dn up to and including Sunday, on the FF6hacking PayPal. If you want to make a donation, but am unable to until after Sunday, Madsiur will still accept donations for dn if you label your payment "for dn". Please note that any donations sent after today will be wired to dn in cash, since we have already reached our goal of paying for a care package and the bus ticket to Seattle. Thank you so much for your kind support, everyone! I'm proud to be part of this community. EDIT: Here's a link to Madsiur's post on FF6hacking with details on donations.
  13. Thank you BTB, I'm happy to see such support from everyone. As the coordinator of this effort, I want anyone considering making a donation to know that all of the money donated will go towards giving DN a head start on his effort to make a new life for himself. The idea is that this small gift will be a show of support in troubling times and ignite hope where things may feel hopeless. I'm keenly aware that cyberbegging and online scams are a thing, and I want to make it clear to anyone who is considering making a donation, but who feel wary of such issues, that we will not be handing over cash. The money will go towards a bus or plane ticket first and foremost, to get DN to a safe place where he'll have the best opportunity to start a new life. Any money left over after that will be used to buy the necessities of life, such as food, clothes, hygiene products, a prepaid phone card, etc. It is unfortunate this is the way this must be handled, because everyone needs money, but I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable with donating. To that end, I encourage all donations, whether they be anonymous or not, however big or small. Everyone's financial situation is different and we all have different priorities. Nobody will judge you on the size of your donation. Even just a few words of encouragement is helpful to someone in DN's situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support!
  14. That Kagenui patch looks like it changes a lot more than it should. These ones only change the 4 relevant bytes. Non-headered Headered
  15. For Synchysi, here's a description of the cause of the bug, and code for the hotfix. The hook at C2/418F is supposed to point to free space at C2/5141. Instead, it points to C2/08BF, causing crashes. Furthermore, the dice bugfix code is supposed to be inserted to the free space at C2/5141. Instead, it is inserted directly into the code following the function call, overwriting part of the Dice function. I won't speculate too much as to the cause, as I don't know your build process, but if you merged code patches into a larger assembly file, it's likely that the org !freespace line was omitted. It's also possible that my generic define and function names (!freespace and newfunc) somehow conflicted with other defines or function names in your code, but in that case your assembler should throw an error. I don't know what you use, but my code is written in xkas 0.06 syntax and assembled with xkas 0.06 for testing. Hotfix code
  16. Found the culprit. It's a build issue that causes the Dice code to jump to the near-end of the battle initialization code, and overwriting a fair chunk of the Dice code in addition. This is a rather large bug that will cause random crashes whenever Dice is used. Until it can be fixed in the next release, I'll upload a hotfix. It will be removed once the bug is fixed in the next version. Apply directly to Brave New World 1.8.5. For headered ROMs For non-headered ROMs
  17. Thank you for your report. I'll look into it.
  18. Update: I've made a new version of the patch that doesn't affect monsters at all, to guarantee compatibility with current monster scripts. The patch is available for testing here: Headered version (for BNW 1.8.5) Non-headered version (for BNW 1.8.5) The code rewrites the Battle Time Counter function at C2/09D2 and incorporates changes previously made to that function by Synchysi. Everything should be nice and compatible. Code:
  19. I've had great fun with the LoZ randomizer in the past. Due to its open ended nature, it's a game that lends itself particularly well to that kind of mod. I hope the dev will add a procedural overworld generator one day. As for procedural map generation, the Secret of Mana ancient cave does exactly that, which is awesome. Edit: I just now saw that a new version was released which does seem to procedurally generate dungeon maps. Not sure if the rooms themselves are procedural, but that's cool!
  20. Update! See this post. Hello folks! I know nobody asked for this (except me) but me and Nowea did some work this morning and figured we would release it to any interested parties. We made an eye candy patch. Terra casting Rasp on a reflective Relm, and using an Ether on Cyan (and yes, I made these using vanilla saves, hence the insanely high numbers which you would never see in BNW) This patch (re-)redecorates the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing Rflect barrier that results from using Imzogelmo's Color-coded MP Digits patch. The barrier is now a pleasant blue recolor of the green vanilla version. As a byproduct of eliminating the dark grey color from the palette, the MP healing colors (blue) look somewhat brighter and have a nice glow to them. The MP damage numerals (pink) were recolored to match. It has been (very, very briefly) tested with Brave New World 1.8.0 and vanilla FF3us 1.0. Please report any bugs you find to Seibaby on the ID Discord channel or here in this thread. Please be especially on the lookout for anything that is pinkish-maroonish but looks like it should perhaps be a dark grey. Thank you for downloading this patch and please enjoy! -- Seibaby (aka Cakes) Gonna post this up for testing or something? I demand top billing -- Nowea (If you're wondering about the distribution of work here - Nowea did all the creative stuff and Seibaby did all the hacking stuff - yay teamwork!)
  21. Someone beat you to it, Nowea!
  22. Update! A palette conflict caused character's shadows to turn dark red, which can be seen in the screenshots in the original post. As a fix, we decided on changing the HP healing numerals to match the MP ones instead; to minimize other potential palette conflicts, we made them brighter to boot. I've updated the link in the original post. Here's the new look: Please be on the lookout for anything that is dark green but looks like it should perhaps be a dark grey (edit: or anything that is green that looks like it should be a brighter green, lol). If for some reason you want the old patch, here it is. "apparently greens are MUCH BRIGHTER than blues" -- Seibaby "You asked me to pick a new color for the border lol" --Nowea (If you're wondering, which I'm sure you're not, Nowea was not consulted for his choice of words in the readme which were skillfully quoted out of context)