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  1. So BTB has gotten me convinced, and now I've committed to the idea of "translating" Brave New World into a fresh new hell of engrish. I'm ready to put a wonderful new spin on such classic lines like "Well don't that just beat all...", "General Leo, I will avenge you.", and literally every other line of dialogue in this game. It's all getting restructured, and I wanna see how long it takes until I snap. I'm absolutely up for ideas on specific scenes or characters. Naturally, engrishy is better, but humor is always appreciated. Let's do this.
  2. I feel so loved <3
  3. Pretty fly for a rabbi priest
  4. "Pump him with Stamina and a Life Bell and you won't even NEED Terrato. " Why not both 25 Terrato Sabin is a magical thing
  5. the man the myth the legend (until Kain superceded me) the doc for those of you who are new to NG/ID, I'm Doctor Letha, Doc, Doc Letha, Leth, and That Unorthodox Fellow On The Discord Server. Ignoring the fact that I'm legally obligated to inform you that I am not a certified doctor (yet, give it a year or so), I'm the local maniac with regards to doing dumb things in NG/ID romhacks, and I do dumb things because I like to make others enjoy my adventures through said dumb trials and tribulations. I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and playing shoot'n'loot games with a certain kaffesque overlord once in a... however long it's been since our last excursion into Elpis. If you know me, it's probably due to my detailed and unfortunately-unfinished LLG run of FF6:BNW that ended due to a corrupted save file, and the dozens of walls of text that I created during that LLG's run. I love romhacks, I love it when fans put their heart, soul, and coding expertise to the mettle as they create something out of raw passion and curiosity, and I love sperging out over little details that people put into their hacks to show their devotion and level of care. I also have two pets that I constantly bombard the server with photos of. You know them if you've seen them. I don't know why I'm making this. it's 10AM.
  6. I've stated before that if I leaned towards the male end of my bisexuality, BTB would be prime manmeat material. Oldie but a goodie of me and my (now deceased) little princess Edgar. I don't take pictures much, and I have since lost my long luxurious locks to charity, twice.
  7. gonna lift my post from ID to further cement my firm stance on strago: hope y'all like big, thick, girthy walls of text as much as I do.
  8. Strago.