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  1. Mod Information & Translation

    Wait a moment... is FF6 T-edition actual translation happening?
  2. Site is lagging?

  3. Site is lagging?

    Hi! just to be sure... is the site having a problem? when i enter the site it's more or less in perma-lag condition You might argue that i run a potato, and probably that's not too much distant from the truth... still all the other similar sites i lurk around don't have this problem. Even in case i'm an isolated case, what could be the reason for me lagging when i log here?
  4. check it out for Grandia Redux, a goddamn masterpiece
  5. BNW Randomizer

    ah, maybe i got it... since vanilla RNG sucks, that option might allow to use an actual RNG: i know there are 1 or 2 patches that tweak vanilla RNG, still i don't know if in this case Abyss used his own RNG customization though.
  6. BNW Randomizer

    Abyss never jokes around, he just makes awesome stuff
  7. Useless rank-ups?

    Oh i see... i noticed also that, while summon materia have 1 star to prevent duplication and more than one cast for battle, master summon hasn't it. That allows to cast KotR endlessly, so i'm confused... i thought that was exactly what you were going to avoid in this mod
  8. Useless rank-ups?

    @Sega Chief uhm... there's a problem: my bro entered inside the cave in Sleep Forest that tosses you inside Midgar(is that the dark cave?), well when he goes inside the church there are 3 shinra troopers in the flower area, but when he gets closer they disappear and it's not possible to access to the rear of the church... which means he's stuck forever inside the cave, appearently. All what i know is that he spoke to the debug guy inside Highwind and set Aerith "alive" flag for a moment, then he put it back to "dead" and proceeded with the game normally. Is that a known issue? Any wayout? EDIT: crap, my bad... my bro said a bullshit, he actually was able to proceed through the cave
  9. Useless rank-ups?

    Well yeah... keeping them in sleep is a strategy, AoE insta-kill(with counter denied) is cheese. Respawn sounds fair enough, maybe only the bombs who didn't explode with death counter
  10. Useless rank-ups?

    I guess i might use this topic also to pinpoint some weirdness of my bro's gameplay: i saw him fighting against king(macho) bomb... the one inside quadra magic cave, nice gimmick... the 4 bomb can't be killed or you'll be sorry... right? well they will kill you even you sneak attack AoE like ultima and them make the boss finish 'em off with chained blast as soon as the battle starts, which makes me think that the modder DOESN'T want the player kills the minions. Well, if Cloud uses finish touch they disappear and won't counter at all... and the gimmick is gone forever. the fight is trivialized and the boss use some attack that would never make sense(at a certain point of the fight) unless there are his minions. So i wanna confirm... does the modder want that? if no it might be a good idea to add them the immunity to that type of death. PS. i didn't tested it, but it might happen even with similar effects(maybe Flash command?)
  11. Hi!! my bro is playing the mod as i speak, i noticed the Mr. smile gimmick(Mr. smile NPC is priceless ) still i noticed what looks like a flaw among the rank-up options... for example Cloud's EX-SOLDIER option doesn't look very good, if you ask me(+5 to 3 parameters), especially if you consider that if you compare getting EX-SOLDIER option twice with getting both the 2nd and the 3rd options once you can notice that basically the choice is among +5 to SPR and +5 to 3 parameters, which i think is quite unconvenient. my bro told that even other characters have a weak option too, so i wonder... are we missing something about those options?
  12. New FF8 Mod (New Threat) - Discussion Thread

    What about removing the absorbed spell from Draw list? like when you do it with GF... so that you also have to decide whether to cast free spells or stack some of it(mostly before landing the final blow) Monsters basically become living Draw sources packs
  13. HTTPS connection to the site

    sorry if i'm out of topic, still... it's just me or even the others see a nasty black bar in the middle of each post?(the bar with quote button on the right)
  14. Difficulty Scope and Difficulty Curve

    i thought you already knew it, i'm italian