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  1. Defeated Mt. Koltz at lvl.7, whole team. tl;dr, aside from nasty AoEs, I overprepared and played it cautiously. More importantly, Gale Cut can be dodged now! Huzzah!! Lete River will be more challenging.
  2. Aesthetically, a 50 or 100 HP revival would look better while being roughly the same. Could counteract this by raising the GP cost of Phoenix Downs? I notice all of your examples are of the tutorial (pre-Zozo) portion of the game, which I would think would be the point of the game where a cheap revival is least needed. Though Phoenix Downs are still needed for Zozo & IMF though, as you don't really have Life users until after the IMF. I do agree with SirNewtonFig though: I do like how the "1 HP" change encourages thoughtful party composition later on.
  3. That too, aside from Cyan & and maybe Locke & Gau, most characters' good builds are good throughout the game. vig Terra, HP/MP Terra, Kirin Locke, any Edgar, vig Sabin, mag Celes, (possibly vig Celes, pretty soon), Shadow doesn't care, Bank Setzer, mag Strago, mag/spd Relm; all are good in WoB and WoR. With a few of the builds I haven't mentioned being bad builds for the WoB and WoR.
  4. I expect that the hardest part of NHT is going to be the early game. Once I get past Dadaluma, I think things will get simpler. Who knows though, maybe I'm in for a world of hurt. What constitutes LLG-level strats? I would figure grinding for 99 Slim Jims would constitute as one.
  5. I actually listed that above as Celes' Red Mage build. To be more precise, I listed one of Ramuh/Phantom + one of Siren/Crusader (iow, Vig + Spd) as the cornerstone of a hyb Celes build.
  6. Played a bit of RC14 Nowea Hard Type. Had a near wipe on the pincer introductory Narshe Fight. Bad luck would've wiped one or both of Biggs and Wedge. Yikes. Had to actually Cure between battles for insurance. Whelk also killed me once because I underestimated how many Beams I could fire off before he went into his shell. Nothing truly scary, but a wake up to call that I was playing Nowea Hard Type. Figaro & Figaro Cave are same, essentially. Around Figaro Town & Mt. Koltz though, things get scary. First and foremost, Rock. That move is horrible. High damage, no defense against muddle, limited Remedy supply, and I'm worried that such enemy speed will make it a matter of luck as to whether or not I can endure Mt. Koltz at decent levels. Other physicals & magics are bad too, but Rock is the worst. Edgar is going to have to go all in with speed (Iron Cutlass, Knight Cape, Buckler instead of Iron Shield), lest I fall behind on NoiseBlaster control. Terra & Locke will both need Boomerangs for the damage output, so I'm going to have to grind a bit for GP; I don't think I can turtle forever with such fast enemies. Might also grind GP for Remedies & Brawlers for Slim Jim (with EXP turned off). That's it for now. Might get to play some more tomorrow.
  7. X-Zone not preventing dead enemies from counterattacking is strangely fitting. Hmm, was planning to abuse Doom Rod Mogoon shenanigans for randoms weeping. Extra counterattacks will be frustrating. All the more reason to grab Terrato early I guess. (Running Terrato Sabin).
  8. In 1.7 or 1.8, Crusader's on-equip bonus was the Power Glove bonus (Physical Damage +25%), but Crusader was also moved until later. Crusader couldn't be obtained until after beating Holy Dragon, as opposed to the first floor of the Fanatics' Tower. While it's a nice boon to vig Celes' endgame power, the endgame has always been vig Celes' strong point anyways. (Mass Alexander ELs + Illumina = Win). So I don't think 1.7 / 1.8 really solved vig Celes' problems. 1.9 is introducing some new and better early- & mid-game weapons for Te/Ce: a WoR Rune Edge, a couple of spd+ dual-wield swords, and defense-ignoring flails. It's also giving Phantom Celes a reason to finally exist with stamina% Cover/Counter. While her major stat advantage over vig Terra (HP) is still backloaded (requires beating Wrexsoul), I think vig Celes should be in a much better place come 1.9 release.
  9. I agree that Celes is easily the hack's most versatile character. For almost any given team for almost any given situation, you can never go wrong picking Celes. Rather, the real question should be, why isn't Celes on the team? In many, many cases, a team without Celes is inferior to a team with Celes. Mind you, that's all with mag Celes. Vig Celes is solid in the endgame, but otherwise is iffy. Though 1.9 my finally change that.
  10. Whelp, took your advice GamingFiend. Terrato Sabin is now his own build.
  11. Updated the Build Guides and Reference Text. Biggest new thing is Terrato Sabin has his own build now. I'm sure BTB is rolling his eyes at me.
  12. Early Christmas gift for everyone. I updated the Reference Text & the Build Guides to include Terrato Sabin! Still requesting that, for 1.9, people test out X-Mog with the new Haste & Love Sonata, as well as test out Maduin Mog for Counter/Cover Rod shenanigans. Wow, have we really been waiting 4 months on 1.9?
  13. You put it quite well when you said that stamina's synergy with mg.def & regen ticks simply doesn't work without actual HP backing it (not even for strengthening Holy Wind, in my experience). I'd also add that stamina's improved odds to status evade works best with HP as well. After all, if you're building a tank, you want to survive both direct offense (HP) and indirect offense (status). HP also allows one to safely use the increased Cover chances that stamina affords. I'm certainly not asking for Odin to become an HP/Stam esper, no sirree, not at all, not me. >_>
  14. This is actually why I was thinking that maybe they're the same build. Both Terrati & Stray lead to a more tanky / support oriented Sabin. (In theory. In practice, Stray Sabin lacks bulk, which also hurts its damage potential, seeing as its less safe to be in the front row.) Mishrak even prefers a 10 Stray / 10 Terrato set-up for support Sabin. In some of my character guides, I consolidated various different builds into one archetype: like with Support Celes encompassing Crusader, Siren, and Shiva. Then again, I don't think I was perfectly consistent with that, was I?
  15. So...we're going to have Boomerangs always Throw when Jumping for Mog, right? >_>
  16. ...OK, now that I really look at Terrato Sabin, yeah, he should be mentioned in the guide. Thing is, where? I could mention him as his own build (20 Terrato), as a variant on support Sabin (15 Terrato / 5 Stray), or as a variant on vig Sabin (10 Golem / 10 Terrato). Kinda leaning towards mentioning him as a variant on support Sabin; so, support Sabin would be either heavy Stray (pure Chakra), or heavy Terrato. Thoughts, anyone? Especially those like @GamingFiend who have played Terrato Sabin?
  17. That's...kinda what I mean by too niche. Outside of Zozo, it's just a few randoms in certain parts of certain WoR dungeons. Which assumes you even have Locke or bring him along for those two mid-WoR dungeons. It's simply to small of a thing to seriously mention as a main feature of Locke or of one of his builds. At most, I could mention it as a "haha" in one of his strengths, much as I mention one of Sabin's strengths as "He's Sabin." Not sure I will do that or not though.
  18. Welcome Yeah, Morph's a tricky bugger, but great if you can pull it off. Golem & Smoke Bombs/Refract help a lot.
  19. While I haven't played it, I figure that a pure Terrato Sabin still falls under the category of "Master" (vig) Sabin. AFAIK, he's still played the same way, just with less vigor and a lot more HP. Which, I'm betting, makes him straight superior to Golem Sabin for the endgame. Guess I should update the "Master" build to include this. Unless I'm wrong in my analysis of what Terrato Sabin is all about. (@GamingFiend? @Nowea?) While I don't care for a dedicated Chakra set-up (stam Sabin), I do like the hybrid Golem + Stray. On a hybrid build, I do find extra power on Chakra to be quite nice. It's not a huge amount, no, but when you're talking low numbers like 30 vs. 40, it can be somewhat significant. Also, surprisingly, I didn't have too many problems with hyb Sabin's bulk in the endgame (3-4 Terrato ELs helps). So, I would consider hyb Sabin to also be purely superior to a pure Golem build for the endgame. (Stam Sabin can go cry in a corner).
  20. I don't mention the new Steal + Mug b/c I think it's too niche to mention. Zozo aside, it'll rarely come up. For Zozo, sure, strong, but then again, so are Edgar's Blasters.
  21. So, WoB Tier Lists are a lot simpler than WoR, but I figured I might as well. I'm ignoring any area where a character is forced. This is all 1.8.6. I'll try and mention areas where I think 1.9 might change a rank. Probably a lot of mistakes here. Terra, Narshe Fight - D(amsel in Distress) Vig Terra, Floating Continent - B. Solid fighter with heals, Storm, & Morph. Unicorn Terra, Floating Continent - B(+/-). Bulky healer with Storm & Break. Outclassed by Seraph Celes & Seraph Setzer though. Maduin Terra, Floating Continent - C(+/-). Straight inferior to Unicorn Terra. Not terrible, but not great. Lacks bulk. (I'm presuming the player took few Unicorn ELs). Tritoch Terra Locke, Narshe - Zozo - C. There's some important stealables, but overall, he's a fairly average thief. Not all that impressed with dual Butterflies / Full Moons. Kirin Locke, Late WoB - B+/A-. Solid paladin. Speedy too. Lacks Cyan's Empowerer (& Dragon) though. Still a really nice paladin. Vig/Spd Locke, Late WoB - D. Too frail without Kirin investment, especially when forced to team with Te/St/Re or with Shadow. (Kirin + Ramuh is same as Kirin. Ifrit + Kirin is probably a C or something). Phoenix Locke Edgar, Narshe Fight - IMF - A+. Best character here. Only thing preventing a perfect is weak ST damage & no healing. Still A+ though. Golem Edgar, Late WoB - A-. Bulky, has Golem, has good magics, can sword jump, still has Blasters. Golem is significant - 1.9's Golem nerf will drop this rank. Siren Edgar, Late WoB - B+. Not significantly different from Golem Edgar, really. Lower rank b/c of lower bulk, but early speed is nice. Stam Edgar, Late WoB - B/C? Inferior to Golem build, but it's still Edgar. I don't think 1.9 will change Unicorn Edgar's WoB rank. Hyb Edgar, Late WoB - A-/B+. Golem & Siren builds ain't significantly different, so hyb Edgar is clearly about where they're at. Sabin, Narshe Fight - IMF - A. Second best character here, and solid compliment to his brother (ST damage & AoE control). Early game is Figaro Bros. game. Vig Sabin, Late WoR - A-. Not as powerful as early game, but still has Golem & Suplex (slow) with good HP. Golem is significant - 1.9's Golem nerf will drop this rank (moreso than Edgar's rank too). Stam Sabin, IMF - Floating Continent - C. Straight inferior to vig Sabin, lack of HP really hurts. Still has Suplex & Golem though. (Remember this build being better in earlier versions). Hyb Sabin - Built purely as vig Sabin right now. He hybridizes later in the WoR, when he gets Chakra. Celes, Narshe Fight & Zozo - C. Healbot. Not a bad role, but with Dried Meats, not a necessary role either. 1.9's new flails may improve her rank. Fighter Celes, Floating Continent - C. Not bad, but not great. Strictly inferior to mag Celes. 1.9's new flails should improve her rank. New Cover/Counter should help too. Magic Celes, Floating Continent - B+/A-. Great magic selection for the Floating Continent. Speed is nice too. Best to take mostly Seraph ELs. Hyb Celes, Floating Continent - ??. Never played. Logically, somewhere in the range of her two main builds. May be too early to build a hyb Celes though. Cyan, Narshe Fight - IMF - B(-). Gets significantly better with Kirin ELs, but for most of this time, he's a fairly average fighter. Stam Cyan, Late WoB - A(+). It's stam Cyan. Vig Cyan, Late WoB - C-. Lack of bulk hurts, as does the high defense stats of a lot of FC bosses. Still better than vig+spd Locke though. Shadow, Zozo - B+/A-. Pricey, but high damage + Smoke Bombs is nice. Drops a bit if you forget Smoke Bombs though. Gau, Vs. Dadaluma - A. Conjurer Rage is highly desirable. Gau - C+/B-. Frail, but Brawler & Cephalid are nice. Gets better as the WoB progresses. Spd Gau Mag Mog, Late WoB - B+. Dances are in their heyday. Biggest weakness is lack of HP ELs, but he's naturally bulky enough to be work. Vig Mog Mag Setzer, Late WoB - A-. Seraph is better early on, but it's still Setzer. Why the high rank? Well... The Bank, Late WoB - A+. Bulky healer with spammable Black Omen? Why, yes, he is overpowered. Only a lack of buffs prevent a perfect rank. 1.9 will drop him a little bit. Not being able to use Slots drops him by a lot. Mag Strago, Floating Continent - C(-). Frail, and lacks his fabled support skillset. Still has Holy Wind, Aqua Rake, and Blowfish though. Rod Strago is more of a B- though, b/c of how powerful Rods are at this point. Stam Strago Mag/Spd Relm, Floating Continent - C+. Frail, but Sketch is a good command right now. Also has Rerise (and, soon, Life and Stop). Best to take a mix of Zoneseek & Ifrit for MP & speed. Stam Relm Hyb Relm - Can't hybridize until Starlet (stamina). Gogo Umaro
  22. Soul Fires regain full HP if Wrexsoul respawns. If he doesn't, however, you can kill both and win the battle that way. They will try and prevent it with !Condemned physical, Flare, etc, but not to the degree you seem to be suffering. If one is down, the other one gets a little fiercer, but again, not to the degree you seem to be suffering because of the script error. Sabin's Golem will shut down their !Condemned physical, meaning so long as you keep your HP above one-shot range from Flare/Meteo, the Wrexsouls should go down without too much of a hitch. Mog dances Water Rondo or jumps with Trident, Sabin uses either Bum Rush, Aurabolt, or his Ocean/Spirit claws (Soul Fires ain't undead, so the Drain proc won't hurt Sabin), and I guess Terra does Terra stuff (heals, swings a sword if she's vigor, otherwise casts Storm).
  23. +1. Not to mention that boosting one's HP leads to massive regen ticks just as / faster than stamina does (no HP booster / HP booster). +1.
  24. Aaaaaaaaaaand......someone opened the can of worms that is tier lists in this mod. Sigh. I've certainly given such an idea thought in the past, but refrained myself from talking about it. Guess I've got something to keep my busy for the next week or so. Looking over it quickly, in terms purely of endgame, I can't say I wholly disagree. I do disagree with only factoring in the endgame into a tier list. Really undersells the value of Kirin Cyan, vig Sabin, etc. Still, need to sit down with this one.
  25. Glad to see Cure taken off of the Shiv. Holy damage & anti-undead, huh? Sounds brutal.