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  1. Beta Testing Inquiry

    Sure. I wouldn't mind doing feedback if you need some. Just post it sometime, and I'll get around to it eventually.
  2. The lesson here is be smart and read. Don't assume. It makes you act like a complete dumbass.
  3. I have to say, the extra battles are kind of addictive in a way, but I really should move back to the main story again.
  4. Monster Trials are a different beast altogether. Instead of fighting a wide variety of enemies, you are instead given one enemy type to fight, and in that same enemy, one of them is a guest. It's a great way to get a semi-challenging fight as well as see what the monsters can do without any other assistance from other monster types. It also results in generally getting a pretty decent version of that monster. While they don't have anything special necessarily, they can still be fun battles.
  5. Oh man, I'm going to have to keep an eye on this! Good stuff!
  6. This was is actually pretty easy, but I do happen to like multi-enemy fights more interesting than single boss fights. I'm glad there are so many in this mod.
  7. That's interesting to note on that one. Yeah, I can definitely see how the fight is more experimental than anything else. I just thought it was insane how one charm on it just basically wrecked the whole thing. I'll grant you I got lucky on the charms, but man... That was just shocking to say the least.
  8. There's not much to say about my fight, I think it might win as my least favorite fight in the mod so far. Very short, and kinda easy if you get a charm off. I think the problem is that it's too centralized on one unit here.
  9. Final Fantasy 5: the brainstorming

    Crud, I'm thinking of FF6. Yeah. Yeah, you're right on that. And those nerfs are crazy. I'm down with that. Alright, if the leveling is like that, that's fine then. Seems I need to play the game again, I've forgotten stuff about it.
  10. Final Fantasy 5: the brainstorming

    1) Alright, that makes more sense. I see what you're saying now. 2) That's fair for ASM. Honestly, there wasn't terribly new items for the most part, but it did have some extra summons (like Leviathan for instance), but those could honestly be added later on. As for the sound, you're right, it is worse, but there's actually a restoration patch created to help that. It also fixed some damage formulas that acted a bit weird in the SNES like blood suck. Documentation is probably the biggest reason though. If that's the way classes are done with equipping all items, that will help with equip problems as some classes have really bad equips like Geomancer but have okay abilities (Elemental isn't terrible but it's not great either). X-Fight, dual wield, Spell Blade is one of those things that are a little too good, I agree. I think humbling them isn't worth the time, but keeping a person from getting all 3 is a must. Seems we both thought of the same thing there. But for growths, I guess I'm just a little worried on the account that someone might want to be a physical unit for awhile, and then have a hard time with that and try to switch to a mage, only to be kinda lame on it, and the big draw to the job system is being able to switch classes on the fly. 3) For Mix / Drink, you could have the items that you combine for mix / Drink act like a tier of item. IE, something like Potion + Potion acts like the cool down of a High Potion. That might be a bit difficult / tedious to do for all items, but it's a thought that could help. It'd also stop someone from being a mix machine as they'd have to have something to do in the meantime. 4) Sounds kinda Saga Series inspired honestly. Some of them were just plain better as some were Defense and others were Defense +. I just remember the remaking trying to make all of them have some sort of viability though. 5) Nah, you're right. Only Left and Right hands can be switched in combat. It sucks, but that's how the game rolls. And that's fair, it's still something worth considering at moments depending on what class you are and what you're doing. After all, if your spear heals someone, it really doesn't matter if Jump is going to do less damage with a sword. You can actually damage it in that scenario. 6 and 7) are QoL additions that would always be welcome.
  11. Final Fantasy 5: the brainstorming

    Man. How did I miss this wonderful topic? FFV is one of my favorites and I just let this topic get ignored without saying a thing! 1) This sounds interesting, but I'm curious about this: if I guard for instance, and then I attack, does that mean that I'll act like I'm under the quick status forever? I'm not sure I completely follow this at all. That said, I do like the idea of being able to guard and recover MP. I think that's a really good idea, it makes guard a bit more useful for mages, and in addition to that, it lowers the need to spend a ton of money on items / ethers. Especially because MP usage basically forces Mix to be used as the best alternative for MP restoration in the late game. 2) I'm curious why you wouldn't use the FFV: Advanced version for this on this note. If you haven't started already on the SNES version, I'd think it would make more sense to do it there because it has extra jobs, which means that you can make each person have more jobs if need be. That said, I'm fine with the SNES version, but I do prefer the cleaner official translation over the dry SNES one or the "interesting" PSX one. For jobs, I'd probably break them down based on how the character's bases were in the original game. Bartz: Bartz starts the game with higher strength than anyone else in the game, so naturally, we'd make him have a bias towards physical attack. But since he's afraid of heights, he won't be acting like a Dragoon any time soon. He's also pretty clumsy with handling of animals, so he doesn't have any sort of ability to tame or communicate with them. 15 Jobs per character? Physical: Knight, Monk, Berserker, Mystic Knight, Ninja, Thief, Samurai Magical Nuke: Red Mage Support: Dancer, Geomancer, Bard, Mime, Blue Mage Defensive Magi: Time Mage, White Mage, Lenna: The princess of Tycoon. She's very kindhearted and talented mage to boot. She's also good with animals, and the affinity shows with her choices of jobs. Physical: Thief, Mystic Knight, Beast Master, Ranger, Magical Nuke: Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, Defensive Magi: White Mage, Time Mage, Support: Chemist, Bard, Geomancer, Mime, Blue Mage, Dancer Galuf: A veteran warrior and an amnesiac. There's more to this hardy old man than meets the eye. Physical: Monk, Knight, Ranger, Samurai, Dragoon, Beast Master, Thief Magical Nuke: Black Mage, Red Mage Defensive Magi: Time Mage Support: Chemist, Mime, Geomancer, Blue Mage Faris: A pirate that decided to join the adventure. Has an arsenal of adventure skills from experiences at the sea. Physical: Thief, Ninja, Ranger, Beast Master, Monk, Berserker, Samurai Magical Nuke: Summoner (if only because it makes sense for a certain plot point), Black Mage Defensive Magi: White Mage Support: Blue Mage, Mime, Chemist, Bard, Geomancer They all get Blue Mage because unless you can make learning apply to just seeing the move done, this is a nightmare no one should have to deal with. I'm not sure how I feel about the growths being on the job though, especially if there are no multipliers. I'd rather have both tbh. And yeah, if you're planning on making every class able to equip everything, Mime pretty much makes Freelancer pointless, as the biggest draw to Freelancer was the fact that they got bonuses for mastered jobs and could equip everything. 3) Items This is an interesting idea, I'm just curious how this would work with mix too. Would it make both items fall on a cooldown, or would it work on its own. That would certainly humble mix to have a cooldown on multiple items. Not sure how much that would nerf it, but it certainly wouldn't be nearly as busted, that's for sure. For free heals after combat? That'd be a nice idea all around for both HP/MP. Maybe not to full health, but certainly enough to where it can help with the item changes. 4) Relic System Could be interesting, but what exactly do the relics do? Are they just relics that give extra passive abilities like "Blind immunity," while giving more accuracy, or are they going to be things like "physical damage -25%?" Because with a relic system, I really don't like the idea of relics become obsolete like standardized equipment. 5) Elemental. That sounds... Fine actually, especially sense you could change weapons whenever in 5, there's absolutely no problem with this.
  12. I have an idea for one. Mounted combat enemies. That way you can have 2 forms of enemies that all attack you, and even if you got some super AoE nuke that could hypothetically do the entire lot in, you'd have to be able to pull it off twice in rapid succession for it to work.
  13. Yeah, and I really appreciate the fact that I don't have to keep the guest alive. Believe me.
  14. Not a bad fight. Much harder than Vanilla's portion.
  15. just for formality's sake

    Sounds awesome. I hope you get to finish a LLG this time around. I didn't get to see all of it, but from what I saw... Man... You are good.
  16. Oh really? That's nice. I'm glad to hear that. As that makes a big difference with how a person approaches the start of Chapter 2. It's sort of like how people that start with good soldiers at the start of FFT / FFT 1.3 have a much easier time dealing with things as opposed to someone that gets a bunch of bad/worst compatibility with bad brave and/or possibly faith values. Yeah, this is a good point. It's a shame that the PSX version of Monster Tactics has this hardware limitation. Perhaps in the future you could have a Monster Tactics PSP version? Just something worth noting if you think it's worth the time, although I can imagine that the ASM could be a bit hellish in that regard, I never checked on how different things were from PSX -> PSP in that regard. And I'm fine with sacrifices on the player end if it means that we have more enemy variety. Variety is good as well. Especially if it means that we have to think of more combinations to use what we're given to overcome challenges. That's sort of what I was getting at in the video. There's enough variety even within the confines of redundancy to allow this. That could work. It's just something I noticed, because a non-offensive AoE that is from the target itself is very difficult to use. And not in a good way. It's fine when something like Meteor with Amplify is difficult to use because of how devastating it will be when it lands, but something like status cure can be rather problematic just because of the nature of how the game works.
  17. Not much to say here, just a bit of post commentary.
  18. Fair enough. I have a playlist, I guess I'll just post a summary of my thoughts from now on rather than have a ton of videos like I was doing before.
  19. Oh, would you prefer that to be done? I can do that for future videos as well.
  20. Next up! The final boss of Chapter 2. This fight actually isn't too bad, and despite its length, it doesn't seem to drag on too much as I find that there's enough back and forth here to keep it interesting.
  21. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    I have to ask, what difficulty would you recommend for a person that hasn't played this game in ages and would eventually like to play it again? Obviously "Psychotic chaos mode of doom" doesn't seem like the right one, but "easier than Vanilla" seems... Not very fun.