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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Sin of Mana

    Hi I just noticed a bug in game, the second character just moves like the first one does. he do the same things in battle too, it disturbs battle cu he doesnt attacks by himself '-'. sometimes i also notice critical damge is too high. for example, in the first Duran's battle i did 72 critical dmg in that solider as normal atacks just hit like 4 dmg by hits. Aw i also have a doubt, i noticed that when you atack an enimy it has a cooldown so we can atack again, is it 3 or 2 seconds ? or it depends on your char? Thank u
  2. Hi I have a new problem when I get in Maia after defeat golens I reach main meaning go to Forcena, the line is I have to talk to some people in Maia the go to the cave and talk to the statue and then use light spirit to open the cave and get in. But when I go to talk to the statue it simply ask me to save the game instead of open the dialog with fairy to use light spirit. I tried everything.
  3. Hi I'm playing on Normal mode difficult and I see when in battle I can't use my recovering itens like Candy or Chocolate. Is this a bug? It makes battle some hard to handle against bosses, no problem in normal enimies though.