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  1. Sure, that'd be interesting. I didn't think someone's first playthrough would be through my mod, I wonder how that could turn out. One thing is you won't have a basis for comparison, so you won't know what I added from what was already there. Although that's not really an issue since you can always go back and play the original game. More importantly, I hope you enjoy the story and music which are stellar even by today's standards. You could say the mod is for veterans in the sense that it adresses some long-time issues people had with the game. It's not so much a hardtype mod as it's a rebalance mod. My main goal was to make it more playable and interesting, instead of just harder; I wouldn't want people to drop it because of difficulty. I can't say it will be a walk in the park for you but I suppose I could give you some directions if you're struggling too much. There are only a few basic rules to understand, anyway.
  2. Hello everyone. Found this site via, so I thought I'd post here as well. I'm in the process of making a Vagrant Story mod that rebalances both skills and enemies, for an improved experience of the game. Original thread: These are the main features: REBALANCE - Break Arts are much more powerful and Ashley's top moves - Spell costs have been greatly reduced to make magic more viable - Some of the chain and defense abilities have been revised - 2-handed weapons are stronger and their Break Arts deal more damage - Staff Break Arts now use INT instead of STR - Some weapon grips have been changed - A few item consumables are improved - Drop rates increased - Enemies have been tweaked for a greater challenge NOVELTY - Quicken spell added - New enemies added to all areas, with emphasis on post-game - New enemy spells, some of which pierce through Magic Ward - New enemy melee attacks, which combine damage and status effects, inflict AoE damage, etc. - New Polearm grip MISC CHANGES - Escapeway area removed - Time Trials no longer available - All magic locks removed from chests - Unlock spell removed - Class dummies removed; affinity dummy moved to Godhands - Analyze spell hitrate is always 100% - Surging Balm regenerate speed 5x faster - Poison damage speed 2x faster - Crimson Blades' spellcasting greatly reduced - Grimoire item descriptions cleaned up - Misspelled room names fixed
  3. Not at all. If you're familiar with the original game, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the mod. And I appreciate all the feedback I can get. VS has always been a niche title, I'm glad there are people willing to re-experience it after all this time. I do hope you have a grasp of the underlying mechanics, though; otherwise you might find it too difficult. TBH the game never did a really good job of conveying some things to the player (how to deal damage effectively, for instance). In any case, I welcome the interest, so yeah feel free to do your thing if you feel like it.
  4. There was a link for the demo, but I can't recommend it at this point. The finished version should be out by the end of January. Yeah, this game is nearly perfect in my eyes. Probably the only one I'd put this much effort into.
  5. Starting my own thread for this cause I'm a narcissistic son of a gun. Upload takes forever so the chapters will be slow to arrive. Here's the playlist:
  6. New chapter added. I think I'll do a debuff/physical build, invest in Iyomante, get that Mind's Eye. That ought to increase my chances of survival. I'll also be doing the Yosuga route, since TDE has been done by everyone and their mother. Looking forward to Futomimi fight.
  7. Right now it's not playable from start to finish, as some areas are still being worked on. I intend to release v1.0 by the end of January, so I'd say wait for that.
  8. The mod has come a long way since my last post. Check the OP for the updated content list and previews.
  9. Hello there. I've been meaning to post for a while, and now that I got my Xbox360 controller working with pcsx2 it's much easier to play the mod. Using a keyboard for pcsx2 is just painful. Now that's solved and I have a much larger HD storage, fraps and v1.5.1 of the mod, I want to record my own little series of vids for hardtype. It will be a nice breather from my working on own hack too. I wonder if I should just record everything or be more selective about it. Hmm. @zombero: from what I've read of the comments, sounds like Mother Harlot is the Giga Mutant of this mod. Do I see a pattern with your hacks? haha
  10. IIRC, it cancels when a spell is cast on Ashley. That hasn't changed. It heals like 5x faster, though. @SquaresoftThe cheap tactics are being addressed. I agree they were a problem in the original. Here's the link to the development playlist.