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  1. Congratulations! Yaaaaay release party! It was so awesome to work with you two on this project. I hope the project will be influential and get the attention it deserves.
  2. I know I don't know you... I am glad to hear you're ok. Dude I'm sorry for your loss. Us guys hadn't heard back from you after the stream, we got worried and searched for you online any way we could. No word since, until now! Thankfully. Hey, I want you to know we've got your back and acknowledge how you feel. I know it's tough, just know there is a silver lining there. A lot of people feel exactly like you do. Reach out. As for the project: Doomsday and Darkkefka will keep you up to date on what's going on. I too am streaming, however we can use more hands on deck! I'm getting bodied badly and need help.
  3. I Bestow My Wish Unto You... Mushroom Soup is a full hack I am developing for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I'm trying to roll out eventually. So far, just need to make the battles. So far in the development of the project... I have been working under the hood, changing up the battle system. Please, take a look at this screen shot. This isn't a doctored screen shot. It's from the actual hack--And I'm quite proud of it! There new main additions to the game. They have all been implemented, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Star Bits System: If you've played any of the Mario RPGs, you know about Flower Points, or FP. In this hack it's replaced with the SB system, or Star Bits. It works like FP in that it's used for Spells, but with a new rule: The player cannot gain any through items, at least it's not planned. To recover SB, the player must have timed an attack with some P-Gauge. What's P-Gauge? The P-Gauge System: In the above screen, you can see the P-Gauge under the character's HP. The purpose of the P-Gauge, or Power Gauge, is to "power up" the character as the battle goes on. The character can gain P-Gauge by 1a) attempting a physical attack on the opponent, 1b) timing the physical attack, 2a) being hit by the opponent, 2b) blocking a hit by the opponent. These work hand-in-hand with eachother, so by the attempt and the timing, you can gain up to +2 P-gauge per event! Each character is designated an Elemental Power--For example, the yellow Yoshi's power is Thunder, the blue Magikoopa's power is Ice, and the Toad's power is Heart, only trait left missing in the screen is Fire. The details on what they do are listed below. Thunder: 100% hit chance, refreshes "Fast" buff (two commands in one turn) Ice: Immune to ailments and criticals, refreshes "Shelled" buff (invulnerable to all damage/ailments for 1 taken hit) Heart: Current HP can go up to 150% MaxHP, refreshes "Regen" buff (heals the target at turn start one time) Fire: P-Gauge cannot be reset, refreshes "Charge" buff (deal 100% critical, or 150% damage, on next attack) To lose P-gauge, the character would need to wait two turns without gaining P-Gauge with one of the explained above methods. Some moves allow the player to "spend" the entirety of the P-Gauge for an ultimate move... this feature hasn't been developed yet, but will be in the future. With the Star Bits and P-Gauge combined, the player can recover more Star Bits the more P-Gauge they have. In this screen, you can see the buffs on the character's UI bar. (oh, Yoshi is defending by the way. Haven't made a frame for that yet) Here is the Yoshi attacking: I think that's all I want to show for now... Will keep this post updated!
  4. So I'll scrap that one... work on something else. Hehehee
  5. I made this! I'm not sure if this is a good start or not. This was me trying to use 3D Builder/3D Paint to make a logo for the first time. Go ahead, you can tell me what you really think about these.
  6. Yeah, the proposition was something I sort of just tossed up in the air. I was hoping to change the title font to something else that felt more official and original to be part of a big hack like this. The original title does not do it justice, even if it is the original game with extensive original content. Let me try to whip something up. And I am not trying to "one up" you Fein-Life, haha.
  7. I'm offering some help on making a nice, cool looking title screen if you guys are interested. Please reply to this thread DK and/or Doomsday, I'd like to know your thoughts. I am limited only by the resources LazyShell provides! Things like making custom font on the title, custom tiles (like for L1/L2/L3/Sprite stuff) are in my capability. I'm sure you guys can whip something stellar up, so no doubt there. Just wondering if you would like little ol' me to do it. I'd post my portfolio but I don't really want to advertise, do you'll just have to take my word for it that I make neat art made for SMRPG.
  8. Well if I may chime in, the original devs of Mario RPG intended for Mario to be switched out, and their sprites would be changed on the overworld by default. However, like Doomsday mentioned, the game would break because the character would be different from Mario. Like for example, if Mario was value 0, Mallow was value 3, the game would break because we need Mario (who is value 0 in this case) to be on the overworld for the event to function. As far as the code is concerned, use C3627500+C3628600. That does what I talked about above, where Mario can be switched but it breaks overworld events. There is some hacking magic that DK used to get the overworld sprite to not change for Mario, so... good luck on that!
  9. Your patience are both amazing, darkkefka and Doomsday. Dk, if you are so patient with your project, we should be eager to wait for it too. However you plan it, be on your schedule. You'll get there, when you get there. In all goodness your time should be respected, because of the talent and effort you put in this game is what we're all waiting for!!
  10. Oh dang, heya DK! Glad you made it to the party, we've all been waiting for you! I'd love to see a demo!
  11. Pretty sure Doomsday is the only one to have that version. He can confirm.